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CQ Researcher Training Workshop Quick Reference Sheets.

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1 CQ Researcher Training Workshop Quick Reference Sheets

2 CQ Researcher is produced by Congressional Quarterly and is an independent research product. The reports are created by Congressional Quarterly.

3 The homepage shows Recent Reports produced by CQ Researcher.

4 The homepage also list reports In the News.

5 … and reports that are currently being produced entitled Coming Up.

6 There is a quick Search box on the home page for easy searches for reports.

7 The Quick Search produces a list of reports that keyword anywhere in the report. The list can then be sorted by the relevancy score, title of the report, the section of the report or the date. In addition, the user can mark reports for later use.

8 The User can select the “Advanced Search” feature on the left side of the screen.

9 In the advanced search the user can limit the search by date and using the drop down menu select “on”, “since”, “before” or “between” the selected date (s). Using the radio buttons the user can choose to search the entire text of the reports, or a section and sort by several options..

10 The user can also Browse by Date.

11 From the Browse by Date screen the user can select a year.

12 Then from this screen, the user can sort by topic, date or type of report.

13 The use can Browse by topic.

14 This list can be browsed and a topic selected. These are broad general topics when selected will list reports on that topic.

15 This then is the list of reports on the topic of Air Pollution.

16 The user can search by Issue Tracker.

17 The Issue Tracker is a more extensive list of subjects.

18 The Index is a list in Adobe format.

19 The Index list is a list of topics with a list of reports that apply to each topic listing the date and page of each.

20 When a record is selected for viewing the screen displays the entire report. The search terms are highlighted and there is a list of related reports that can be browsed.

21 The user can skip to specific section of the report using the options at the top of the screen. These are the sections of the report.

22 CQ Researcher gives the user the options of Saving the record to favorites to view and download the citation, and find the keyword search.

23 If the Cite Now feature is activated, the report citation appears in a pop-up box. The user can select the style of citation by using the links in the upper right corner.

24 Using the drop down box, the user can select where to place the citation.

25 The user can select records to a saved list and save the search.

26 After the reports have been selected the user has several options to save, download or print the reports.

27 Under Your Profile, the user can set a free account to save the reports selected

28 The user can log into his/her account and view Favorite Documents, Document History, and Saved Searches.

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