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Welcome to the Island Teacher Information

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1 Welcome to the Island Teacher Information

2 What is Study Island? Study Island is a web-based educational resource for instruction, assessment, and reporting built from state and common core standards.

3 What is Study Island? Study Island contains practice questions, accompanying lessons, and explanations to reinforce the concepts and skills taught in the classroom. Topics

4 Key Benefits for Teachers
Web-based Learning Access Study Island ANYWHERE from the internet. Real Time Reporting Automatic grading for immediate feedback. Diagnostic reports to better differentiate instruction. Parent Notifications Schedule s to be automatically sent to parents updating them on students’ progress and new assignments.

5 1. Go to
Where do I start? 1. Go to 2. Enter your Username and Password

6 From your Teacher Page you can:
Create a class in Class Manager. Schedule Assignments. View a snapshot of favorite reports from School Reports. Access Teacher Lounge tools. See Study Island announcements

7 Study Island Programs Select a grade level from the left side of the screen under your state programs. Select a subject. Select a topic.

8 Study Island Sessions Practice Mode Game Mode
Classroom Response Systems Printable Worksheet

9 Descriptions, Videos, Lesson Plans, and Digital Resources!
Helpful Hints Teacher Resources (available in select topics) Descriptions, Videos, Lesson Plans, and Digital Resources! (Available to teachers only)

10 School Reports Set up automatic emailed reports
Monitor Individual Progress With our RTI report Assess your students and receive Automatic grading with the Built Test Report Compare your School to the State performance

11 Motivating Students ● Create a 90% Club for students who achieve an overall 90% in Study Island ● Hand out Study Island Certificates Contact for more ideas to motivate students.

12 Interactive Animations:
Teacher Resources Teacher Toolkit: Teachers have easy access to lesson plans, flash animations, videos, science simulations, and project based learning activities. Khan Academy Videos: Reinforce middle and high school math lessons with embedded Khan Academy videos. Videos will give students a brief, step-by-step lesson of specific math concepts and examples. Interactive Animations: Reinforce instructional concepts with interactive animations. Use these animations for whole-class instruction or interactive whiteboards.

13 For most issues, contact
In Conclusion Log in at Explore your Study Island programs. Create classes in Class Manager. Check out School Reports. For helpful resources, click on the Help tab. For most issues, contact or call X3

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