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2 OHM MRO Solution & Improvement The OHM MRO (Maintain-Repair-Operate) / P.M. (Preventive Maintenance) software was developed during the 90 s by OHM Ohana Engineers consultants in partnership with the I.M.I (Israel Military Industries). and it has implemented there since 1997. The OHM Civilian version was implemented (& debugged) in the last 10 years in Haifa chemicals Ind. and in another 5 manufactories. The OHM Software is a Magic 9 /MS Windows Application.

3 A brief review. Ohana Engineers (established in -1990) Our main clients are: Israeli Government - major consultant engineers (. e.g. Maintenance and Outsourcing. P.F.I or B.O.T method) Israeli Sea ports consultant engineers. (.e.g. Ashdod / Elat / Haifa) Israeli Military Industry. Israeli Municipal Center (.e.g. cities) OHM - Ohana engineers

4 ISO TQM OHM MRO Solution& improvement

5 MRO (maintain-repair-operate)& P.M Module Preventive& Predicted Maintenance General Projects& Tasks The Outsourcing Module Outsourcing managing & Agreements. Budgets & P.Orders managing ; Human Resources ; Contractors The Inventory Info Module Facility Equipment data; Graphic Archive; Inventory managing; Equipment, sub assemblies, spare parts. etc OHM MODULES

6 OHM Solution & Concepts EXAMPLE : (Question & Solution Chapter.1) How has the implementation of TQM & ISO influenced the degree of the manager's freedom, to operate In the last two decades?

7 "The equipment is a customer" The management and quality methodologies (TQM, ISO) implement the principle that the factory equipment is a customer. As a customer, the equipment has its own needs which are translated into hundreds of weekly J.O s (Job Orders). e.g. preventive maintenance (P.M), calibration, etc. J.Os I AM A CUSTOMER ! ISOTQM

8 The classic MRO software which computerized the process, turned the equipment into a computerized tasks generator that created hundreds of J.O's. J.O s which are dictated by the equipment s needs (P.M) rather than by any human factor (managers. etc) As a result of the above described process, in the last two decades the MRO manager lost many of his degrees of freedom to operate. The Equipment = J.Os generator

9 Resolution - Diagnosis and Prediction The OHM software was developed with built-in tools and solutions, which optimize and upgrade the MRO manager s degrees of freedom to operate. The Built-in outsourcing option Built-in Default J.O S. reports Dashboard console OHM SOLUTIONS (EXAMPLES) Upgrading degrees of freedom J.Os Freedom ? Inventory info Module

10 OHM was developed with a built-in option of outsource any task. You can Outsource Performing of one Job Order (J.O), up to all of the maintenance tasks. (which directed to outdoor contractors). The Outsourcing Built-in Option

11 The Outsourcing Agreements OHM Built-in option of outsourcing Agreements.

12 OHM MRO software includes a complete built-in encoded database and parameters with resolution down to the smallest data/parameter Resolution - diagnosis and prediction This resolution is an essential tool for diagnosis, prediction and tasks improvement. which in return expand the managers degrees of freedom to operate.

13 Factory equipment usually creates hundreds of weekly tasks (J.Os). Reporting these tasks can be quite time consuming. Built-in default J.O s. report EXAMPLE: Statistically, only 10% of the weekly maintenance tasks/J.Os are not executed exactly as planned.

14 OHM software supports Automatic default reports of tasks. This functionality allows the manager to focus only on the 10% of the tasks that werent executed as planned. Built-in default reports

15 Inventory Info Module Graphic. Archive

16 Inventory Info Module SPARE PARTS AND DYNASTY

17 the OHM screens and menus are arranged as a dashboard console. The manager can customize the menus/icons on his desktop according to any desired structure. Dashboard console screens

18 Thank You OHM Ohana engineers

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