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Oracle Database Administration. Rana Almurshed 2 course objective After completing this course you should be able to: install, create and administrate.

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1 Oracle Database Administration

2 Rana Almurshed 2 course objective After completing this course you should be able to: install, create and administrate an Oracle DB configure the DB for an application employ basic monitoring procedure implement a backup and recovery procedure CAP 364

3 Rana Almurshed 3 DBA Course Info Website  Reference books  Oracle Database 11g DBA Handbook  Beginning Oracle Database 11g Administration: From Novice to Professional DBA grades  Evaluation 5%  Final lab 5%

4 Rana Almurshed 4 Outline Learn about Database administration  Database administration  Database administrator Task, Role, Skills… Identify the main DBA tools in the Oracle10g software suite CAP 364

5 Database Administration

6 Managing the Data is crucial IT 331 Rana Almurshed 6

7 7 Database Administration Database Administration: A technical function that is responsible for physical database design and for dealing with technical issues such as security enforcement, database performance, and backup and recovery CAP 364

8 Rana Almurshed 8 Database Administration  Size and Role varies from company to company  DBA’s function is very dynamic Distributed Databases Internet Databases Object Oriented databases Sophistication and Power of the DBMS packages CAP 364

9 Rana Almurshed 9 DBA A database administrator (DBA) is a person responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and repair of an organization's database. CAP 364

10 Rana Almurshed 10 DBA tasks Install and upgrade the DBMS software on the server Optimize database performance Create and maintain user accounts Monitor data storage space Start and shut down the database Perform backup and recovery operations CAP 364

11 Rana Almurshed 11 DBA tasks Install and upgrade developer client utilities Deploy finished database applications to users Assist developers in designing and creating database tables Assist developers in designing and creating form and report components and integrated database applications Assist in testing and debugging new applications Assist in training developers and users CAP 364

12 Rana Almurshed 12 DBA Role Liaison with: Management  enterprise objectives  time constraints for development  budget constraints  future plans  organizational changes CAP 364

13 Rana Almurshed 13 DBA Role Liaison with: Users  data requirements  application priorities  ownership of data  archiving requirements  documentation  response times CAP 364

14 Rana Almurshed 14 DBA Role Liaison with: Application Development Staff  security/privacy controls  education/training  data integrity rules  housekeeping programs  information about the database  test plans etc. CAP 364

15 Rana Almurshed 15 DBA Role Liaison with: Operations Staff  availability requirements  batch job priorities  security procedures  error recovery requirements  performance monitoring etc. CAP 364

16 Rana Almurshed 16 DBA Role Liaison with: Software Vendors  Education/training needs  Hardware requirements  documentation  service support & maintenance  utilities etc. CAP 364

17 Rana Almurshed 17 DBA Role Liaison with: Hardware Vendors  hardware capabilities  expansion capability  incompatibility with any existing hardware  servicing requirements  training  equipment failure CAP 364

18 Rana Almurshed 18 Knowledge and Skills DBAs :  keep up with the complexities of database technologies  have well-developed interpersonal and communication skills  have an ability to understand data and how it will be used  possess good process management and problem solving skills  enjoy working within a team CAP 364

19 Rana Almurshed 19 Knowledge and Skills DBAs :  are customer focused  enjoy troubleshooting  are critical thinkers and can use logic and reason to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems  are active listeners and can give full attention to what people are saying and take the time to understand the points being made CAP 364

20 DBAs possess good problem solving skills IT 331 Rana Almurshed 20

21 DBA tools in the Oracle10g

22 Rana Almurshed 22 Oracle10g The Oracle10g RDBMS software suite includes everything you need to build/maintain a relational DB The basic software:  Runs the database engine  Manages the data storage for all information in the database  Provides tools to manage users, tables, data integrity, backups, and basic data entry  Includes additional tools and utilities that help monitor the performance and security of the database CAP 364

23 Rana Almurshed 23 Overview of DBA Tools Many of these tools become integrated in:  Central workspace  Enterprise Manager console  Database Control  Grid Control Tools give you a way to work on the database  In a Windows-style environment You must also understand how to work directly from the command line CAP 364

24 Rana Almurshed 24 Tools for Administering an Oracle Database Oracle Universal Installer Database Configuration Assistant Database Upgrade Assistant Oracle Net Manager Oracle Net Configuration Assistant Oracle Enterprise Manager Server Control Utility SQL *Plus Recovery Manager Data Pump SQL *Loader CAP 364

25 Rana Almurshed 25 References ID=200707200948211895 ID=200707200948211895 Oracle 10g Database Administrator: Implementation and Administration Modern Database Management Database Administration A Guide to Oracle 9i Database Users & Administration Oracle 11g Student Guide CAP 364

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