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Sunday Business Systems SBS Vendor Management Features Benefits Set-up Use.

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1 Sunday Business Systems SBS Vendor Management Features Benefits Set-up Use

2 Sunday Business Systems ISO 9001:2008 Purchasing Requirements The SBS Vendor Management DB makes it easy to comply with the ISO 9001 requirements: Purchasing Process The organization shall ensure that purchased product conforms to specified purchase requirements. The type and extent of control applied to the supplier…shall be dependent upon the effect of the purchased product on…the final product. The organization shall evaluate and select suppliers based on their ability to supply product in accordance with the organization's requirements. Criteria for selection, evaluation and re-evaluation shall be established. Records of the results of evaluations and any necessary actions arising from the evaluation shall be maintained.

3 Sunday Business Systems Traditional Methods Excel Spreadsheets Paper files filled with Vendor Surveys, performance data On-time delivery reports Non-conformance reports Return to vendor Problems Time consuming Requires large storage area Difficult to manage Difficult to audit

4 Sunday Business Systems SBS Vendor Management Easy to use, menu driven Tracks detailed vendor information General contact information Allows multiple contacts for each vendor Vendor Type Vendor Status Define unique Qualification plans Different vendors may have different plans Record Qualification results Track re-certification status Full set of reports reports directly Export data to Excel for analysis Built using Microsoft Access Runtime version of Access is included No need to purchase Microsoft Access separately

5 Sunday Business Systems Preparation Vendors Develop a list of vendors Classify each as critical or non-critical (you may also create a new vendor type) Define the list of tasks required to qualify each vendor For example Must maintain a valid ISO 9001 registration Must maintain on time delivery of >90% each quarter Must maintain fewer than 1% nonconformance rate Must complete the vendor survey

6 Sunday Business Systems Login Screen The login process limits access to the database features The Demo version includes dummy data and employees Admin is the default login for demo versions (unregistered) Admin has full Database privileges Employee: Admin Password: admin All other employees password = pw

7 Sunday Business Systems Database Set-up and Configuration

8 Sunday Business Systems Easy Installation Download the demo database Save or copy the VendorMgmt.accde or VendorMgmt.mde file to a designated folder on your Network File Server Once purchased, register the demo database (enter the Product Key) Ensure all Workstations have Microsoft Access or the free Runtime version of Microsoft Access Read and write privileges to the designated folder on the Network File Server Note: The above graphic is for stand alone Access databases - SQL configurations are different

9 Sunday Business Systems Database Set-up Enter Company information Preferred freight carriers The vendor types Vendor status Vendor qualification plans Create qualification tasks Build a qualification plan from the list of tasks Enter Employees Define Employee specific training requirements Enter vendor details

10 Sunday Business Systems General Set-up Parameters Set-up parameters are organized into multiple tabs

11 Sunday Business Systems Set-up Parameters List all preferred carriers Special vendor types cannot be changed Special vendor Statuss cannot be changed

12 Sunday Business Systems Qualification Plans The qualification plan is a list of tasks Create a list of Tasks Build the qualification plan by selecting each task from the drop down list

13 Sunday Business Systems Using the Database Enter General Vendor details Key Vendor management parameters Allows multiple contacts for a single vendor Yellow background indicates a required field

14 Sunday Business Systems Using the Database Manage the qualification process Record complete Qualification history Define recertification dates Define due dates for individual tasks Scan and link supporting documents Record complete Qualification history Define recertification dates Define due dates for individual tasks Scan and link supporting documents

15 Sunday Business Systems Utilize the toolbar to improve efficiency Print Print Preview report as attachment Find a record Sort Records alphabetically Filter form by selection Advanced Filter Remove Filter For additional time saving techniques, See Access Tips and Tricks (download from

16 Sunday Business Systems Configurable Reports

17 Sunday Business Systems Summary The SBS Vendor Management is a cost effective tool to Ensure effective training compliance with ISO 9001:2000 AS 9100 TS OHSAS ISO Develop and execute qualification plans Maintain paperless quality records Analyze performance and develop improvement strategies Save time and effort Customization is available Talk to us about customizing the software to meet your needs!

18 Sunday Business Systems About SBS Sunday Business Systems is engaged in software sales and consulting services. Applies Lean manufacturing principles to Quality Management Systems Sells software solutions to small businesses which help them implement ISO9001:2008 compliant systems for Corrective and Preventive Actions Employee Training Control of calibrated equipment Customer Satisfaction Surveys Communication / Continual improvement Shop Floor Control Will customize the software for a particular Customer Offers full Training services customized to individual needs

19 Sunday Business Systems About SBS – Consulting Services Custom Database Solutions solutions for shop floor control/order processing bar code solutions Quality management systems Integrating quality management software with standard ERP software Database programming MS Access SQL Contact SBS for additional details

20 Sunday Business Systems Fueling Small Business Efficiency Visit Additional information Free product demos Pricing Links to purchase software © 2006 Sunday Business Systems. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Sunday Business Systems MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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