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OBP Research Oy for simpler creation of embedded systems.

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1 OBP Research Oy for simpler creation of embedded systems

2 Exceptional tools and services for Your exceptional success OBP Research specializes on embedded and real-time system and software development methodologies. We provide architecture and design automation products and services for software development. Our solutions are based on original research results and extensive experience on embedded system development.

3 Our values: Reliability and effectiveness Our tools and methods are intended to help building reliable and effective software. Our professinals have experience among others on military, industrial, and battery operated critical systems. We don’t trade our values for buzzwords and fancy & cool features.

4 History The scientific basis of the principal products of OBP Research were developed in late 80's and early 90's in Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) mainly by the founders of OBP Research Oy. Year 1998 Operation of OBP Research Oy starts. OBP Research Oy acquires ReaGeniX technology from VTT. 2000-2008 focus on in-house tool development and engineering subcontracting Currently focus on research and development on code generation and real-time kernel technology

5 Products and services System and software design method training  Reduces complexity, boosts productivity Software development tools: ReaGeniX generators  Speed up development cycle, improve quality Real-time microkernel ReaGOS  Easy to use safely and effectively In-house tool development  Automation of well defined tasks may substantially improve productivity Engineering and consulting  We understand real-time problems and can cope with them

6 System and software design method  Reduces complexity –Separate concerns are addressed in separate phases or in separate documents  Boosts productivity –Early testing of essential functionality -> cuts expensive quality issues at the end of the project –Fits to control systems –Hierarchical modules, state machines and dataflows are natural concepts for control and measurement systems –Modular design components can be reused

7 Software development tools ReaGeniX Programmer –Allows code to be designed and maintained as state machine diagrams and hierarchical architecture diagrams  Speeds up development cycle  Ensures that documentation is up to date  Generated code contains less errors – better quality –Helps validation of early designs by prototyping  Catch errors early and get substantial savings ReaGeniX Priorizer –Configures the ReaGOS R-T kernel according to a task diagram  saves time and prevents errors in applying an R-T kernel

8 Real-Time Kernel ReaGOS Effective, simple, and easy-to-use  Saves time in development  Saves hardware in manufacturing  Saves power in use Event based Run-To-Completion operating principle  Simpler and more reliable application programs Highly portable  Porting to your processor can be reasonably included to your development project Configured and generated from a design diagram  Easy to configure, easy to maintain

9 In-house tool development Design and implementation tools tuned specifically for the customer’s product and process can substantially boost productivity and improve quality. OBP has skills and experience for efficient development of in-house tools for our customers.

10 Engineering and consulting Needs analysis (QFD) –helps to build the right system that does its job and is accepted by important interest groups Systems analysis –results a testable model with the core functionality System design –consulting in implementation technology, hardware, and interface design decisions to ensure balanced and reliable entirety Software development –We have extensive experience with wide range of applications, technologies, languages, and methods. We are accustomed to fulfill challenging requirements.

11 Mission Our mission is to continuously simplify the development and maintenance of dependable embedded real-time systems.

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