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Spanish I -ar verb notes

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1 Spanish I -ar verb notes

2 Verbs in Spanish In Spanish, there are four types of verbs. -ar verbs
-er verbs -ir verbs Irregular verbs Today we are going to be learning about –ar verbs. We can tell if a verb is an –ar verb if it ends -ar

3 Hablar hablar habl Step 1
If you have an –ar verb the first thing that you do it take off the –ar. That will leave you with the verbs stem. Hablar to speak Step 1 Hablar hablar habl STEM

4 Step 2 identifying the subject
Look at your sentence and determine what is the subject of your sentence. Remember you should be looking for the subject pronouns or regular nouns. Find out this information will allow you to know how you are going to conjugate your verb. Subject pronouns Yo I Nosotros we Tu you El he Ellos, Ellas they Ella she Ustedes (uds.) you all(ya’ll) These are the subjects of the sentence that will tell you how to conjugate the verb….These are NOT verbs. Subject is who is completing the action of the verb I wash my hair.

5 Step 3 adding the ending So now you have just the stem of the verb, and you have identified the subject of the sentence. In Step 3, you will add an ending to the stem of the verb that corresponds with the subject. Yo -o Nosotros  -amos Tu -as El, ella, usted -a Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes -an You add the ending that matches with your subject.

6 Practice Yo_____________ mucho (hablar) Step 1 Hablar habl (this is the stem) Step 2 What is the subject of this sentence? The subject is yo Step 3 Add the ending that for yo to stem. Look at the chart. The ending for yo is –o, so I am going to add –o to my stem. Stem + ending= conjugated verb Habl + -o= Hablo  I speak

7 Answering

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