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Talking about the past using Irregular Preterite.

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1 Talking about the past using Irregular Preterite

2 Irregular verbs Verb Stem Andar anduv to walk Estar estuv to be Poder pud to be able Poner pus to put/place Saber sup to know found out Tener tuv to have Venir vin to come Querer quis to want tried/refused Preterite Endings -e -iste -o -imos -isteis -ieron

3 Irregular preterite verbs – Funky Stems – do not have accents!

4 More irregular verbs VerbStem Decir dij to say/tell Traer traj to bring Conducir conduj to drive Producir produj to produce Traducir traduj to translate Preterite endings -e -iste -o -imos -isteis -eron

5 Practiquemos 1. Mis amigos anduvieron por el parque. My friends walked through the park. 2.Yo pude salir con amigos el viernes. I was able to go out with friends on Friday. 3. No quisimos hacer esa tarea. We refused to do that homework. 4. ¿Uds. condujeron a California? Did you drive to California?

6 5. ¿Dónde pusiste aquella comida? Where did you put that food? 6. Elena tuvo que volver a la biblioteca. Elena had to return to the library. 7. Estuve en el cine ayer con Roberto. I was at the movie theater yesterday with Robert. 8. Trajisteis estas galletas y ellos trajeron esos pasteles. You all brought these cookies and they brought those pies.

7 Práctica con tablas I translated She drove We tried You-fam. found out They came I produced You all-form. brought You-form. were She refused You all-fam. put I walked You-fam. were able Traduje Condujo Quisimos Supiste Vinieron Produje Trajeron Estuvo No quiso Pusisteis Anduve Pudiste

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