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Sra. Medeles Herget Middle School

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1 Sra. Medeles Herget Middle School
Conjugating –AR Verbs Sra. Medeles Herget Middle School

2 What is an infinitive? The verb in its original form
Ends in –AR, -ER, or –IR In English, an infinitive begins with the word “to,” for example – to walk

3 What is conjugating an infinitive?
Changing the original form of the verb (the infinitive) to match who is doing the action (the subject) in the sentence. Example>> Tómas walks. We changed to walk to walks to match Tómas.

4 Verb Tenses A verb tense shows when an action is happening.
We will be learning present tense, which tells us an action is happening NOW.

5 Present Tense and Spanish
The present tense in Spanish can tell us three things. Example>> Nosotros estudiamos. We study. We are studying. We do study.

6 -AR Verbs Today, we will only be learning how to conjugate, or change, present tense verbs that end in –AR. To form the present tense of an –AR verb, drop the –AR off of the verb, figure out who is doing the action and add the appropriate ending from the next slide. HABLAR

7 -AR Verb Endings YO Nosotros Tú Vosotros Él Ella Usted Ellos Ellas
Ustedes -o -amos -as -áis -a -an

8 Let’s try it! I want to conjugate the verb HABLAR to say that María and I talk. 1st- I get rid of the –AR and I have HABL 2nd – I figure out who is doing the action. María and I = we = nosotros So we put together HABL + AMOS Nosotros hablamos.

9 Your turn! Now, try conjugating the verbs ESCUCHAR and TOCAR. Use the charts on your note sheet. escucho escuchamos escuchas escucháis escucha escuchan toco tocamos tocas tocáis toca tocan

10 Translate the sentences.
I speak English. Yo hablo inglés. Manuel rides the bike. Manuel monta en bicicleta. We rent a DVD from Blockbuster. Nosotros alquilamos un DVD de Blockbuster.

11 ¿Tienes preguntas?

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