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Quebec Interop 06 Tutorial Change Order Management Torsten Ihrig Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.

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1 Quebec Interop 06 Tutorial Change Order Management Torsten Ihrig Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

2 Overview Scenario What is Change Order Management Example What is possible with JDF –Job resend –Specific Change Summary What is possible with Prinect

3 Scenario MIS Production Controller ( Preset, Scheduling,..) PlateSetterProoferPress FolderCutter PrePress Press PostPress

4 What is Change Order Management Changes made to the job after submitting the JDF from the MIS to Production Changes to the job made in the MIS.. initiated from the customer... initiated from the operator. Changes made in Production.. because the planned Device is not available... Initiated from the customer by sending different content. Changes made at the device by the operator (post facto).

5 Example MIS creates the Job based on the specifications of the customer Saddlestitched Brochure A4 with 4p/4c Cover, 16p/4c Body The Production Job is sent to the Production Controller Production Controller starts processing the Job (Expanding GrayBoxes, Submitting Processes to Devices) Customer initiates change to his job through his CSR: 2500 Copies instead of 2000 Customer initiates change by sending the content for the cover pages with two additional Spotcolors.

6 Changes from MIS Production MIS resends the Job

7 Job resend ResubmitQueueEntry Only valid as long as the Job in the Queue is Held or Waiting Job not started in Production There is no information for the Production Controller what has been changed. All preset is lost.

8 Job resend AbortQueueEntry/SubmitQueueEntry Necessary when Job started in Production. Before the AbortQueueEntry can be returned all running processes have to be aborted. If only the Amount should be changed the running Body-Sheet on the press has to be aborted and then restarted. The MIS has to merge the Auditinformation from two tickets. The MIS has to set all executed Processes to completed and the produced Resources to available.

9 From MIS Production MIS sends specific changes

10 Specific Change ResourceCommand MIS can –Create new Resources –Update for existing Resources –Change the Amount Resource has to be known to Sender and Receiver The implications are often not quite obvious.

11 Specific Change NodeInfo JMF (JDF 1.2) Changes for the NodeInfo-Element Scheduling. - FirstStart - LastEnd - SetupDuration - CleanupDuration.. JDF 1.3 = Resource JMF with the NodeInfo Resource

12 Specific Change ModifyNode Activation Changing the Activation Attribute. CommentURL Changing the CommentURL Human readable digital Job bag NewComment Add, Modify or Remove comments in the Ticket at any node.

13 Specific Change UpdateJDF Complex Changes to the running Job possible. –Creation of new JDF Nodes –Modifying links in existing Processes CreateResource CreateLink MoveResource RemoveLink JDF

14 UpdateJDF Cutting SaddleStitch Flat Cover Folding Folded Cover CreateResource RemoveLink JDF CreateLink ResourcePool

15 Specific Change NewJDF Creation of new Jobs (Discouraged) Creation of new Processes. ( GrayBoxes Expansion) Production MIS If a new process is created and executed the Device sends Status JMF which will be received by the MIS. If the JobPartID is not known its difficult to handle those.

16 Summary Job resend easier for the MIS. only as long as the job is not running. Specific JMF Receiver can reject the change. MIS knows whether the change has been accepted. Production to MIS can use the same functionality. JMF can also be used in the Triangle MIS, PrePress Controller, Press Controller

17 Summary Change Order ICS –Workitem in the MIS WG –is not available yet

18 What does Prinect support? ResubmitQueueEntry ResourceCommand –Amounts –Media, Colors, Dimension, Device. ModifyNode –Comments

19 Thank you.

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