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1 Trueflownet JDF integration Rebecca Aquino Sr. Product Manager, Strategic Planning.

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1 1 Trueflownet JDF integration Rebecca Aquino Sr. Product Manager, Strategic Planning

2 2 What is JDF? Standard job ticket format for the Graphic Arts industry Key to automation - from print procurement to customer delivery Digital glue of all the production processes

3 3 What does JDF do? JDF bridges different processes JDF is a non-proprietary solution JDF is two way communication “JDF enables communication from quotation to delivery across the entire spectrum of industry manufacturers”

4 4 JDF Benefits Eliminates most re-keying of information ▶ Today's biggest and costliest source of errors in printing is re-keying information Information and process automation capabilities of JDF will increase speed and efficiency = profit

5 5 Average JDF install PressPostPress Prepress Simple MIS

6 6 CIP4 JDF View PressPostPress Prepress Print MIS JDF Manager

7 7 Screen JDF View PressPostPress Trueflow 3 JDF Manager Ritecontrol Print MIS

8 8 Trueflownet Ipex briefing 2006

9 9 Trueflownet Trueflownet is an umbrella term for a range of interconnected activities that move the printing industry towards a truly automated workflow

10 10 Products within Trueflownet Establishment of a common core design from which we will carry out product development for each printing market ▶ Rite Suite ◆ Customer Management ▶ Trueflow Suite ◆ Production Management ▶ Color Suite ◆ Quality Management

11 11 Rite Suite customer management Online communication tools for customer and print provider Content submission, collaboration, approval Online catalog and reprint Internet, Certified PDF and JDF

12 12 Trueflow Suite production management Print production tools Technology focus on standards in production ▶ PDF (PDF/X1a-PDFX3, Certified PDF) and JDF JDF Prepress Manager ▶ Production Planning Print production workflow Imposition, Trap and Trap editing for commercial and packaging

13 13 Tools for highest print quality output Implements standards and adds differentiation ▶ ICC, Screen, ISO norm printing support Supporting Rite Suite and Trueflow Suite Automated Managed + RGB to CMYK Colour proofing Hybrid and FM screening Up to 8 color conversion Color Suite quality management

14 14 Screen Trueflownet Workflow

15 15 Typical JDF Integrations Ipex briefing 2006

16 16 Imposed JDF Imposition SW

17 17 Describes the job with all its aspects JDF = 1.Customer details 2.Job content + detail 3.Job tracking + feedback (JMF) JDF Job Bag Customer quotation Sales Estimates Planning Production Shipment

18 18 Step 1: Estimate and send info to Prepress

19 19 Ordering information to Prepress Automatic transfer of customer and job information No more re-keying MIS

20 20

21 21 JDF Content Details: Section 1 has 4 pages Left Binding

22 22 Stripping Info:

23 23 Scheduling Information

24 24 Step 2: Content Submission

25 25 Online Content Submission Certified PDF creation Online JDF job ticket and upload JDF Workflow automation

26 26 Automated Content to Prepress Automatically receives job content from Riteportal SE and combines it with order information from MIS

27 27 Step 3: Prepress, Plate Making, Postpress Data

28 28

29 29 Step 4: Automatic Status Update

30 30 MIS JDF compliant DTC( or TF3) PT-R JMF JDF Ready CTP from Screen Every CTP device responds by JMF, status of registered file plate output

31 31 Summary

32 32 How to make profit Isn’t that what we are all looking for? Designers, Publishers and Printers

33 33 General ways to improve profit Squeeze more out your expensive equipment ◆ Reduce costs Prevent re-keying ◆ Productivity increase ◆ Reduce need for staff intervention Improve communication with customers ◆ Prevent unnecessary redo Cost control

34 34 In other words Automation Integration Communication Information Job Tickets JDF Internet MIS

35 35 Do it the Rite way Hall 6 Stand 06-B40 Automate for Profit

36 36 Do it the Rite way Hall 6 Stand 06-B40

37 37 Ipex 2006 Theme Customers are looking for Profit Automation is an important factor to improve productivity and efficiency All Screen hardware and software solutions have a certain automation factor Hence our theme: Automate for Profit

38 38 Screen JDF PressPostPress Trueflow 3 Print MIS JDF Manager

39 39 Step 1: Estimate and send info to Prepress

40 40 Step 2: Setup Job

41 41 Step 3: Send job content

42 42 Step 4: Process job & automatically send updated status back to MIS

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