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2 General Overview The system acts as a portal from which AUB students and administrators can access their facilities each with a different respective level of authority which conforms with AUB's hierarchy in procedures. As an overview, the web application deals with three major functions: first, handling events and activities, second, dealing with elections and third, consulting various career services. The system is built using Microsoft SharePoint integrated with an active directory to import users information and keep their profiles.

3 Voting System Student Features: 1-Nomination: Students can nominate themselves and add their electoral campaign through filling a nomination form and submitting it for the hosting administrator's approval. Students will receive E-mail notifications concerning their nomination submission, i.e. whether it is accepted/rejected. 2-Voting: Students can view the candidates electoral campaigns which include all information about the candidates. Students can vote for candidates which are nominated for their faculty and class according to the specified electoral seats. Administrative Features: Host an election thus specifying the period of nomination and the period of election. Approve/reject students' nomination forms and notify the students with his/her decision. Supervise elections and post results whenever he/she thinks is most suitable. Post announcements for students.

4 Career & Placement Services Recruiting System General Features: A Job Vacancy Form available for any person to fill and submit to administrators Career Events Form(to be added soon) Students Features: Students are able to: Edit their own preference(s) of job positions. View all available job positions and get notified when a new one is added according to their specified interest.(to be added soon) Upload their CV and Resume and have them approved by the CPS administrator for use. Apply online to any job. View the list of jobs he/she has applied to.( to be added soon ) Administrative Features: A CPS administrator is able to: Accept or reject submitted documents( CV/Cover Letter or Job Vacancies) and adding the reason in case of rejection. Post, remove and update job vacancies

5 Events System The following system is to be fully implemented in the near future. Student Features: Students will be able to: Hold, view, and participate in Events held in AUB through the Student Life Website. Take part in clubs where elections take place, and the club president has the privilege of scheduling club meetings, and posting announcements and news. View their team meetings, tryouts and games which are posted by their coach on their calendar if they are varsity team members. Administrator Features: Administrators will be able to: Approve/Reject and post events for students. Approve/Reject the creation of a club. Host club elections. Provide privileges to certain students such as the club president. Coach Features: Coaches will be able to schedule games, tryouts and meetings for their corresponding teams and post announcements for general students. Club President Features: Club Presidents should be able to: Create club events. Schedule meetings for club members and post announcements as well as news for them.

6 System Merits and Future Overview Our system may be adopted by AUB and thus integrated with its systems because it caters for AUB students needs alongside following AUB protocols The system is so important for students, it saves them from going from office to office doing paper work, getting approvals for events, standing in lines and waiting among crowds to vote. The system is important for the administrators because it saves their time and effort in keeping all documents in files, and eliminates the risk of documents being lost or misplaced. It also removes the trouble of counting the votes, and makes sure the voting results are precise. The system also helps the administrators because they no longer have to go through the process of checking every students CV, and sending him/her back a confirmation letter, then sending the CV to the specified firm. Using the system, they just confirm a CV once, and the system handles the application for jobs and sending notifications. Administrators will also no longer have to go through the trouble of sending specific jobs to specific students, they will only have to broadcast it; a students will have it available on his/her page if it matches his/her interests. The system is to be expanded to include all documents that a student might need to have from AUB, like transcripts, payments for cap and gown, clearance, petitions (general purpose petition, open-capacity, overload, duplicate degree, dual degree and Minor, etc.) Students in the current system have to wait in long queues for unacceptable long times, to get a paper signed, and then sometimes wait in another queue to pay for the paper expenses, then come again after a couple of days to retrieve the document. With our system, every thing is done online; All forms are available online, administrator-student and administrator-administrator workflows are maintained and managed online, money is also deducted from or added to the students account at AUB if needed. We could widen the radius of our users by making the system a general one; with a few customizations, it can be ported to institutions other than AUB that demand similar functionalities, for example: other universities and even any institution that wants to maintain inter-employee relationships and tasks distribution.


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