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University of Bedfordshire offers ECDL to students

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1 University of Bedfordshire offers ECDL to students
Learning Resources Centre

2 What is ECDL? European Computer Driving Licence
Outside Europe, it’s known as the ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) World leading computer application skills certification programme An internationally recognised qualification, which confirms IT competence to potential employers Fastest growing IT user qualification in the world – now available in 125 countries Currently has over 9 million candidates worldwide

3 For International Students
The International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) certificate can be awarded instead of the ECDL Please tell us you would prefer to be awarded the ICDL when you register If you leave the UK before completing the 7 modules, we can issue you with a record of achievement (this may incur a small charge)

4 What’s in it for me? Builds your confidence in the use of a varied range of computer applications Helps you to use applications more efficiently Reduces your stress and frustration when using IT to complete your university assignments Confirms your IT competence to potential employers Requires no previous knowledge of IT

5 Single Qualification - 7 Modules
Module 1 - Security for IT Users Module 2 - IT User Fundamentals Module 3 - Word Processing Module 4 - Spreadsheets Module 5 - Database Software Module 6 - Presentation Software Module 7 - Using and The Internet The seven module ECDL maps to the international ICDL syllabus with the exception of Module 1 which has been designed to meet UK standards.

6 How long will it take? Average total study time is estimated by the British Computer Society to be around between 3-6 hours per module Learn online at your own pace Take the tests when you are ready 3 years to complete the ECDL from the date of sitting your first test. If your degree programme finishes in less than 3 years, you can complete your tests at another test centre.

7 Support The ECDL course is primarily self study using an on line tutorial Additional support will include: Supplementary material available on BREO CST workshops for Word, Excel and PowerPoint Drop-in sessions and workshops for some modules will be provided if necessary The supplementary material available on BREO can also be issued as a library loan.



10 How much does ECDL Cost? The ECDL course fee is £120 which covers:
Registration with the British Computer Society Online tutorial 7 practice tests 7 tests Support and training Re-sits are available for both the practice and actual test at a cost of £10 per test.

11 Taking tests Test dates and times will be scheduled on BREO – sign up to the one most suitable for you The primary location for ECDL tests will be at the Luton campus LRC in Training Room 2 Level 0 Tests can also be taken at Polhill and Oxford House.

12 Taking the Tests Before sitting the actual test, you will need to sit a practice test Each test can take up to 45 minutes The pass mark is 75% If you don’t get 75% for the practice test, we recommend you do NOT take the real test until you have had a chance to revise Most people complete the practice tests and actual tests well before the 45 minutes allocated per test .

13 To Register Go to the Luton or Bedford LRC enquiry desks with:
The £120 fee Your completed registration form Your signed learning agreement Once you have been registered you will receive an detailing how to access the online tutorial Once you have access to the online tutorial, you can start the course.

14 Any Questions? Contact us on:
Useful links: Individual testimonials Employer testimonials What organisations have certified staff? Linda Martin or Rosa Ramos

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