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 1 – Course Plan – all 7 modules  2 – Module Plan for each module  3 – Session Plan for each session.

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2  1 – Course Plan – all 7 modules  2 – Module Plan for each module  3 – Session Plan for each session

3 Level 3 INDIVIDUAL SESSION PLANS Structure and delivery of each individual training session – each module having a number of individual sessions Level 2 INDIVIDUAL MODULE PLANS Structure and delivery of each individual module – 7 module plans Level 1 ICDL COURSE PLAN How all 7 modules will be delivered

4  A plan of how ICDL training will be structured  How syllabus content for all 7 modules will be delivered to a group of learners  Shows the sequence of modules and topics

5  The structure and delivery of each module  Provides a breakdown of the module into manageable units  Sequence of delivery  Provides a timetable of sessions  Only ONE module plan will be developed for CTP evidence

6  A plan for the delivery of a single session  Aims and objectives  Training delivery / instruction  Practice / exercises  Review of session

7  Allocated by CTP Tutor  All plans and evidence will be based on this group of learners  Tailored or customized training of the learning group

8  Develop a course plan to deliver all 7 modules of the ICDL to your selected target group. In the plan ensure you include each of the following: a. Course overview b. Training group c. Courses aims and objectives d. Course schedule e. Training methods f. Resources

9  A summary or outline of the ICDL training for your learning group.  What the training is and who it is for  Describe what each module is about  List the order of the modules  How much time will be needed

10  A description of the training group that you have been given.  Wht skills and abilities do the learners have?  Why the learners are undertaking the training?  You will have to make some assumptions (look at the notes on the handout to help)

11  Aims ◦ A few sentences that describe what the purpose of the course is. Think about the learning group you have been given, the aims should be relevant to that group.  Objectives ◦ Describe what learners will be able to do after they have completed the training. Refer to your learning group.

12  Timetable for course  Order modules will be delivered  Number of sessions for each module  Time for each session  What topics will be covered in each session

13  Which training methods most suitable? ◦ Classroom based ◦ Lectures ◦ Demonstrations ◦ Workshops ◦ Computer based training

14  Resources and facilities needed for training  For the trainer  For the learners  Everything needed to deliver ICDL to your group of learners

15  Element 5.1  Handouts  Course Book

16 A Course Plan to delivering the ICDL to a group of hospital staff

17  This ICDL course will be delivered to a group of administrative assistants from the local hospital  The aim of the course is to achieve ICDL and with improved skills use the hospital computer systems more effectively  At the end of the course the learners will be able to enter data onto the patient records database, word process letters to patients, send e-mail to other hospital departments

18  Module 1 ◦ Introduces the main concepts of IT, the make up of a personal computer, hardware, software, data storage and memory, information networks and health & safety issues

19  Module 2 ◦ Requires the candidate to demonstrate knowledge and competence in using the common functions of a personal computer and its operating system  Overview for remaining modules 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

20  ICDL will be delivered over 25 weeks, one session of 3 hours per week  Training will begin with Module 2 to give learners an introduction to using the computer and managing files

21  Modules will be delivered in the following order ◦ Module 2 – Using the Computer & Managing Files ◦ Module 3 – Word Processing ◦ Module 1 – Basic Concepts of IT ◦ Module 4 – Spreadsheets ◦ Module 5 – Database ◦ Module 6 – Presentation ◦ Module 7 – Information & Communication

22  The training group comprises administrative staff from a local hospital who have not had any computing training before  The group of 8 learners are aged between 25 and 50 and have been employed in the hospital reception department

23  Managers and supervisors are very supportive and encourage their staff to improve skills and knowledge  Learners have some IT experience from using word processing and spreadsheet applications, the Internet and email  None have used a database application

24 ses 3 x 3hr sessions2Getting Started, Desktop Environment, Organizing Files, Simple Editing, Print Management, Review 4 x 3hr sessions3Getting Started, Basic Operations, Formatting, Finishing Documents, Printing, Advanced Features, Review 3 x 3hr sessions1Getting Started, Hardware, Storage, Software, Information Networks, Computers in Everyday Life, IT & Society, Security, Copyright and the Law, Review 4 x 3hr sessions4Getting Started, Basic Operations, Formulas and Functions, formatting, Printing, Advanced Features, Review 5 x 3hr sessions5Getting Started, Creating a Database, Use of Forms, Retrieving Information, Reporting, Review 3 x 3hr sessions6Getting Started, Basic Operations, Formatting, Graphs & Charts, Printing & Distribution, Slide Show Effects, Review 3 x 3hr sessions7Information – Getting Started, Web Navigation, Web Searching, Bookmarks Communication – Getting Started, Messaging, Addressing, Message Management, Review

25  Lectures  Demonstrations  Practice exercises

26  For each candidate: ◦ PC and printer access ◦ Workbooks, exercise disks ◦ Manuals ◦ ICDL Skill Card  For Tutor: ◦ PC and data projector ◦ Practice exercises ◦ Flip chart / white board ◦ ICDL syllabus

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