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BPP University College of Professional Studies

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1 BPP University College of Professional Studies
Life After AAT - The ACCA Option 9th July 2013 BPP UNIVERSITY COLLEGE

2 Martin Potts: Tutor & ACCA Co-ordinator

3 Student Entry into ACCA
AAT EXEMPT Student entry ACCA minimum criteria Knowledge Module (F1–F3) Qualification can take a minimum of 2 – 3 years Skills Module (F4–F9) Student entry with a Recognised Qualification Oxford Brookes Degree assignments Exit with Oxford Brookes Degree Exit with Degree plus ACCA ACCA Professional Level – Essential (P1-P3) & Options module (P4-P7)

4 ACCA membership Exams Ethics Experience

5 Fundamentals Level (9 Papers)
The Fundamentals level has two modules – Knowledge and Skills. Skills Module F9 Financial Management (FM) F8 Audit & Assurance (AA) F7 Financial Reporting (FR) F6 Taxation (TX) F5 Performance Management (PM) F4 Corporate & Business Law (CL) Knowledge Module F3 Financial Accounting (FA) F2 Management Accounting (MA) F1 Accountant in Business (AB) AAT EXEMPT Explaining stages and modules there are papers( can be done in any order) within modules (must be done in order). Knowledge – 2 hr CBA’s Skills – 3 hr (+15 mins RAPT) paper based Entry

6 Professional Level (5 papers)
Options Module (Any Two) P7 Adv Audit & Assurance (AAA) P6 Adv Taxation (ATX) P5 Adv Performance Management (APM) P4 Adv Financial Management (AFM) The Professional level is divided into two modules – Essentials and Options. Essentials Module P3 Business Analysis (BA) P2 Corporate Reporting (CR) P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics (GRE)

7 Suggested route – 2 papers
AB MA FA FR AA CL TX PM FM GRE CR BA 2 Options Papers (P7 rec) AB MA FA CL PM TX FR AA FM PA CR BA 2 Options Papers Key: Professional Firms Industry and Commerce

8 Suggested route – 3 papers
AB MA FA CL FR AA PM TX FM GRE CR BA 2 Options Papers (P7 rec) AB MA FA CL PM TX CL PM TX FR AA FM FR AA FM PA CR BA 2 Options Papers Key: Professional Firms Industry and Commerce


10 Classroom Tuition and Study Support
Key areas of the syllabus Targeted on what you need to know for the exam Study Support Home study is vital Comprehensive guidance provided in the course companion in end of day checkpoints 2 course exams to attempt, CE2 will be marked and returned with feedback (CE1- 50 marks : CE2 – full exam) Online learning environment (see next slide)

11 Key Dates Improvements to the student registration/exam entry process
Paper Exams (F4-P7) Improvements to the student registration/exam entry process Applies to fully online applications Removal of 15th June/31st Dec student registration deadlines Can register for exams as late as 8th of month prior to exam month (the 8,8,8 rule) Exam entry period Early Standard Late June exam session closing date 8 March 9 March – 8 April 9 April – 8 May December exam session closing date 8 September 9 September - 8 October 9 October – 8 November

12 What is the Enhanced Classroom?
Course Materials Tutor support MYSTUDY Online Lectures Study Text as PDF ENHANCED CLASSROOM What is the Enhanced Classroom? MyStudy is an online learning environment (like a personalised website) that gives you access to pre-recorded lectures. It allows you to: - Review and revise topics whenever it is convenient for you. Pause and rewind as many times as you need to. Work ahead with the course. MyStudy was specifically designed to help students to make study time as efficient as possible when they are out of the classroom.

13 Your Home Page

14 Your Learning Plan

15 An Online Lecture

16 Flexible study options
Face to face NEW! Online Classroom LIVE! Online Classroom Basics packages – options to study online, with materials or a combination of the two. Available options include study materials and access to the authors as well as forums, interactive quizzes and learning tools. Chose the options to suit you. Revision is key to exam success, BPP offer a number of different revision options to suit your availability. 77% of BPP’s taught students opted for a Revision Course to help them achieve exam success. Don’t leave your exam to chance, BPP also offer exam practise through Question Day’s. With BPP’s tried and trusted expertise in exam preparation we can guide you through practise exam papers and help familiarise you with exam conditions.

17 BPP Pass Assurance We are extremely confident in the success of our recommended programme of courses. That's why you will receive FREE Pass Assurance with all our ACCA courses. If you participate fully in the course and yet are unsuccessful, as part of BPP's commitment to you, we will arrange another course for you at the next sitting. No other training provider offers the same amount of flexibility, value and peace of mind. Pass Assurance varies depending upon what level of ACCA you are studying and whether you are on a full-time, part-time or online classroom course. Please take the time to read the terms and conditions found on our website.

18 BPP – Your Choice for ACCA
ACCA Platinum Material Expert tutors Approach to questions Exam technique Summarized Notes Practical examples More effective learning Opportunity To ask questions


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