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1 Funded ICT Programmes & Qualifications 2008/09 Funded by Learning & Skills Council via Devon Adult Community Learning.

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1 1 Funded ICT Programmes & Qualifications 2008/09 Funded by Learning & Skills Council via Devon Adult Community Learning

2 2 Funded Programmes available We are pleased to announce that we have the following funded ICT Learning programmes available as of October 2008: ECDL Essentials (Part 1) ECDL Extra (Part 2) E-type touch typing

3 3 ECDL Essentials & Extra

4 4 What is ECDL? European Computer Driving Licence A modular learning programme that can enhance your computing skills An internationally recognised qualification also referred to as ICDL Regulated in the UK by British Computer Society Adopted by Teignbridge District Council and Partners as the benchmark for ICT skills

5 5 ECDL Essentials Modules Mod 1: Basic Concepts of IT (Theory) Mod 2: Using the Computer & Managing Files (Windows) Mod 7: Information & Communication (Internet and E-mail)

6 6 ECDL Extra Modules Mod 3: Word Processing (MS Word) Mod 4: Spreadsheets (MS Excel) Mod 5: Database (MS Access) Mod 6: Presentation (MS PowerPoint) Unit E: Using IT

7 7 ECDL Extra BCS Registration NOT Logbook 5 tests Online Learning Manuals Mentoring Administration The Programme ECDL Essentials BCS Registration & Logbook Online Learning Manuals Mentoring Administration 3 tests

8 8 Methods of Learning for ECDL Essentials & Extra Included within Funding: E Learning Manuals + exercises Support Additional: Tutor led training (Scheduled courses)Scheduled courses

9 9 Time limits - ECDL Each of the funded learning programmes have time limits for completion ECDL Essentials 8 months ECDL Essentials 8 months ECDL Extra 10 months ECDL Extra 10 months

10 10 ECDL Exams Held in IT Training Room, Old Forde House Dates on our websitewebsite Book when you are ready Online exams; one exam per module Result given at end of each exam

11 11 E-type Touch Typing

12 12 What is E-type? E-Learning programme that teaches you how to touch type Programme is stored on memory stick so it can be used on most PCs Nationally accredited qualification 10 Lessons; building your skills from basics to Advanced level Enables you to monitor your progress You can become an accomplished typist!

13 13 E-type Qualification AwardRecommended forWPM Bronze Those using a pc for less than 10 hours per week 20 Silver Those using a pc for less than 10 & 20 hours per week 40 Gold Those using a pc for more than 20 hours per week 60 Accuracy rate required is 98%

14 14 E-type - Benefits Learn correct hand and wrist positioning prevents overstrain Eventual increase of speed and accuracy Improve your data quality - accuracy rate required is 98% Obtain a recognised qualification for your typing skills

15 15 Time Limits for E-type As with the other funded programmes, you have a time limit, which in this case is to the completion of your first test 6 months Note: If you achieve Bronze or Silver, the funded programme will be complete but you will then have up to 3 years (from your start date) to try for your Gold award

16 16 E-type Tests Book your test when you are ready Tests are held in the IT Training room, Old Forde House There is a 2 minute warm up prior to the test The test takes 5 minutes –At the end, your result is shown You can take a maximum of 3 tests

17 17 Learning Journal You are required to plan your learning throughout the funded programme –For this you will have access to a Learning Journal Planning considerations: –What do you need to achieve in the time frame? –Are there existing commitments to balance? –How much time is available for study? –What milestones/goals could you set to help you get there? For example: pre-book study sessions and exam dates

18 18 Maintain Regular Contact Contact can be made via: –Your Learning Journal; during a learning event or study session; by email, phone or in person Contact us: –When you need further assistance with your learning –If you have any queries, and concerns –If there is anything that you need to discuss regarding your learning process –If you are unable to continue your study

19 19 Early Leavers We are required to remove students from the programmes as Early Leavers where: –If you leave a Learning Programme, either by choice or due to unforeseen circumstances –Where there has been no contact for ONE month Contact can be made via the Learning Journal, via a learning event/study session, email, phone or in person.

20 20 Be realistic when planning your learning Book tests ahead and use as goals Stay in regular contact and discuss concerns Our Recommendations

21 21 To sign up…

22 22 Step 1 Contact the ICT Training Team to see whether you are eligible for funding Download the application form on the Web page Complete and bring in to the ICT Training team –Old Forde House, Brunel Road, Newton Abbot (01626 215186) We will then discuss your learning plan Ask you to sign the funding form

23 23 Step 2 We will provide you with your start date Send out your learning resources e.g. manuals, Etype Memory stick Email your user ID, password and web address for our Online Learning Centre

24 24 Step 3 Your next step is to access our Online Learning Centre where you will:Online Learning Centre –access your learning journal and start to plan your learning This will need to be regularly updated throughout your learning programme –access your ELearning account –find additional learning resources and sample tests

25 25 Thank you for taking the time to review this learning opportunity and we look forward to hearing from you

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