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“A School To Watch” Designated 2007 Re-Designated 2010 Re-Designated 2013

2 Farmwell Administration
Principal Sherryl Loya

3 Assistant Principals Tonya Edwards Rodney Farrar

4 House Staffing Dean Don Hume Counselor Ann Neri Secretary Louise Stone

5 Supply List The PTA provides a very economical way to pre-purchase school supplies in a bundle. A supply form will be sent home in your student’s folder in late March. The school store will also sell supplies throughout the year.


7 Procedures for: Late Students Early Dismissal Emergency Contacts
Bus Passes Absences Requesting Work Dropping off Students

8 Transition to Middle School
Independence Physical Changes New Friends and Experiences Need for Structure Need for Organization

9 HOUSES Each grade level is a “House” Each house has 3 “Teams”
House C is 6th Grade House B is 7th Grade House A is 8th Grade Students are separated from one another. This includes bus seating! They stay close to their house area.

10 6th Grade Teams Thunderbirds Phoenix Hot Shots

11 Bell Schedule The first block of the day begins at 8:30 a.m.
Dismissal is at 3:18 p.m.

12 Block Schedule 88 Minute Blocks – In depth study. A Day / B Day
4 Classes per Day Language Arts Meets Every Day Spanish at Middle School (SAMs)

13 Resource Period / Music. 45 Minutes each Spectrum - Students will not
Resource Period / Music Minutes each Spectrum - Students will not have a resource period Reading – No Art / Keyboarding

14 Band nightS: Feb. 6 – Ashburn elem. Feb. 7 – Dominion Trail Feb
Band nightS: Feb. 6 – Ashburn elem. Feb. 7 – Dominion Trail Feb. 11- Steuart Weller Feb. 19 – Cedar Lane, Etc.

15 Health/Physical Education
A New Experience! Gym Suits Required Lockers Coed Classes Health/FLES Class Showers

16 School Clubs Student Council Representative School Theatre/Musical Production Literary Club LEO Club Afternoon Computer Hours Homework Club Dance Team Talent Showcase (Spring) Gorilla Palooza Landscaping Club Salsa Club Science Club Robotics Chess Rocketry Club Manga Onyx Club (Multicultural Club) Naturalist Club Odyssey of the Mind Green Team Young Virginia Reader’s Club Geek Squad Waffle Zone (Newspaper) Fitness Club C3 – Colleges and Careers Foreign Language Club Girls of the Run KLF Striders Guitar Ensemble Jazz Band Mathletics Young Entrepreneurs WW II Club Extra help is also available by every teacher once a week. Activity buses are available after school at 4:10 p.m.

17 Course Selection: Choice of honors language arts
Choice of honors science. All students take honors social studies.

18 Honors Science The curriculum is exactly the same in honors and academic science. In honors classes students benefit from having a strong math background. Honors students will have one independent research project a quarter the demonstrates higher level thinking skills and content analysis.

19 Honors Language Arts Honors students read many challenging texts that are above grade level. Students are expected to read independently at home and respond to their reading in an analytical fashion. Honors students write longer compositions and are expected to write more frequently. The class moves at a rigorous pace.

20 Mathematics! – 2 Choices 1. Math 6 is a rigorous math course.
There is NOT an HONORS math choice. 1. Math 6 is a rigorous math course. (Students who are deficient in math skills receive extra help during resource.) 2. Accelerated Math 6/ (Pre-Algebra)

21 Math Grade Grade Grade 8 *Students should meet or exceed the recommended standards to qualify for placement in the accelerated course. Math 6 Math 7 (Pre-Algebra) Algebra Accelerated Math 6/7 Geometry

22 MATH – HIGH SCHOOL 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade
Algebra Geometry Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus AP Calculus AB CD

23 Bullying

24 Homework Students can expect minutes of homework per block each day from core subject areas. Electives can also require homework. Students should not rely on resource to complete homework assignments. “BOB” is required in resource. Projects will have clear directions and timelines.

25 1st Day Procedures! Ride the bus! You need school supplies,
lunch money, and $5 for an agenda. Please make sure your child has their up-to-date immunizations and drop off records with the nurse!

26 Course Requests Follow the Elementary Deadline
FSMS will send out a final course request sheet the first week of June Requests for changes go to: Monica Carra

27 Parent Communication The school’s web site is a vital tool for parents! CLARITY for grading information

28 Student Orientations June 3 - “FSMS EXPO”
“Inspire” Summer Camps July & July 29- August 2 Ice Cream Social – August 29 1:00 p.m. These orientations are for the students!


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