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Sure head feelings advance gut stuck short.

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1 sure head feelings advance gut stuck short

2 I have a car/ I don´t have a car
THE VERB TO HAVE AS A LEXICAL VERB: I have a car/ I don´t have a car I have got a car / I haven ´t got a car AS A MAIN VERB: Have breakfast/ have a shower/ a date/ an appointment/ a go/ a look /an affair/ Can I have a coffee? AS AN AUXILIARY VERB: (HEPLS TO MAKE THE PERFECT FORMS) I have SPOKEN I have BEEN SPEAKING AS A MODAL VERB: HAVE TO/DON´T HAVE TO/DO YOU HAVE TO CAUSATIVE HAVE: (me he cortado el pelo) I´ve HAD my hair CUT

3 Grammar: Have - Tengo hambre y sed I´m hungry and thirsty
- Tengo razón tú no Tengo frío Tengo catarro / gripe No hace sol hoy Hubo / había Habrá - Debería haber un … Puede que haya … - Habría un … Hace bueno hoy - Me he cortado el pelo ¿Cuento tiempo llevas aquí? - Puedo echar un vistazo? ¿Cuánto hace que conoces a Marta? No he terminado todavía - ¿Me puedes traer una cerveza? - Es la mejor cocinera que he conocido Me están pintando la casa Tengo miedo de … ¿Ya has hecho la compra? - Tengo prisa I´m hungry and thirsty Grammar: Have I´m right but you aren´t I´m cold I´ve got a cold / flu It isn ´t sunny today There was/were There will be There should be … There might be There would be.. It´s warm today I´ve had my hair cut How long have you been here for? Can I have a look? How long have you known Marta? I haven ´t finished yet Can I have a beer please? She is the best cook I´ve ever met I´m having my house painted I´m scared Have you done the shopping yet? I´m in a hurry

4 had Hadn´t Hasn ´t got got Did you have doesn´t have to Had you had it Do you have don´t have had ´m having Hasn´t been We have Didn ´t have to Have you had Hasn´t Dou you have

5 Auxiliary verbs: BE, HAVE and DO
THE ENGLISH VERB Auxiliary verbs: BE, HAVE and DO Modal Verbs: CAN, COULD, MAY, WILL, … Lexical verbs: the rest of them Helps to make the continuous forms They convey different meanings: CAN – ability, MAY – possibility … BE The rest of them: go, work, play, … HAVE Helps to make the perfect forms They are special: They don ´t take –s in the 3rd person -they don´t have infinitive, gerung or past participle They are always followed by a bare infinitive - They don ´t take do to make their negative or interrogative sentences DO Helps to make negative and interrogative sentences

SIMPLE: I go/ he goes SIMPLE: I went SIMPLE: I will go / I would go 2 Continuous: I´m going Continuous: I was going Continuous: I will be going/ I´d be going 3 Perfect: I have gone Perfect: I had gone Perfect: I will have gone / I´d have gone 4 Perfect Continuous: I will have been going / I´d have been going Perfect Continuous: I have been going Perfect Continuous: I had been going 6

7 What have they been doing? Or what have they done?. Write sentences.
1.he´s been playing football but he hasn ´t won the game 2. they have been shopping , they have bought lots of things 3.He´s been repairing the car but he hasn ´t finished yet 4.She has been writing letters.She has just finished 5.She has been having a shower and she has washed her hair 6. He´sbeen cleaning the floor 7. She´s been doing the washing,she´s just hung it up 8.He´s been running 9.They have been fighting 10. They have been palying tennis.They have just finished Grammar 1 2 4 3 6 5 7 8 9 10 7

8 How long has he been playing football
How long has he been playing football? He´s been playing for an hour/since 7:30 How long have they been shopping?. They´ve been shopping for 2 hours, since 3 How long has he been repairing cars? Since he was 15 How long has she been writing letters?. For 3 hours/ since 7 How long has she been having a shower?. For 15 minutes How long has he been cleaning the floor?. Since 10 How long has she been hanging the washing?. For 20 minutes How long has he been running? For an hour, since 4:30 How have they been fighting? Since the one on the right punched the other one How long have they been playing tennis? How long has he been… 1 2 4 3 6 5 7 8 9 10 8

9 Already just never yet still ever for since so far
Present Perfect Already just never yet still ever for since so far We have already won a prize we have just won a prize I have never won a prize I haven ´t won a prize yet Have you won a prize yet? We still haven´t won a prize Have you ever won a prize? I have lived in San Lorenzo for 4 years I have lived in San Lorenzo since 1995  Already (aff.) – ya Just (aff.) – acabo de Never (aff.) - nunca Yet (neg.) – todavía Yet (quest.) – ya Still (aff./ neg.) – todavía Ever (quest.) – alguna vez For + period of time- durante Since + point in time - desde

10 1. I didn ´t answer the phone because I __________________ a shower
1. Complete the sentences using the words in brackets and suitable verbs in the correct tenses. Was having 1. I didn ´t answer the phone because I __________________ a shower 2. We arrived too late. The film _______________________ (already) 3. Today is my last day. I ________________ tomorrow 4. I´m exhausted. I ______________________ all morning 5. If I´d known you were coming, I _______________________ something especial 6. Where is Lucía?. She´s at the hairdresser´s. She __________________________ (her hair) 7. She said it was a secret and she asked me __________________________ anybody. (not) 8. A new sports centre _________________________ at the moment. 9. A: How long _________________ (you/know) Cris B:Since the first time he ____________ (move) here. 10. When I ____________ (arrive) someone _____________the window open. This ____________ John 11. We don ´t visit you very often because you live so far away. If only you __________________ (not/live) so far 12. What time ________ (we/meet) ?. At 7. I _______there. When you get there I ____________ (wait)for 5 minutes Had already finished Am leaving Have been working Would have done is having her hair cut Not to tell anyone Is being built Have you known moved arrived Had left Might have been Didn´t live shall Will be Will have been waiting

11 The Boleyn Sisters succeed throne mistress encorage Lust after
Take the place of the previous kingdom S ______ Place where the King and Queen sit T _____ A type of lover in the past M _____ A synonym with cheer a person up. E _______ Escapeunpunished G ___ A _____ W ___ Chat a person up or L ___ A ___ her Who knows how will this develoo or T ____ O ____? That woman is very old to B ____ children Henry VIII had a W _________ personality Someterse a los deseos de= “ S ___ t __ someone´s desires Henry VIII was also a W ________ I´m not A ___ O __ your bad situation The school is going to U ___ a great change It was a good offer but I T ___ it D ____ Don ´t worry, we´ll make= S ___ T _ all the Plans=A ____ for it There was a R ______ competition for power “ Y por tanto, “ And T ______ I´m not M ____ F ___ living in the city. I like life in the country Be very good at something = E ___ A __ Don ´t fail me . Don ´t L ___ me D _____ succeed throne mistress encorage Get away with Lust after Turn out bear whimsical Submit to womaniser aware of Undergo Turn down See to/arrangement ruthless therefore made for Excel at Let down

12 The Boleyn Sisters (2) Dates back to/nursery He was hanged as T _____
Their friendship d____ b ____ t ___ where they were at n ____ school He was hanged as T _____ Give a person an a ________ A ____ to do something without your parents K _______ The pain was U _________ I like her or I´m F ____ O ____ her S _____ her life I didn ´t M _____ to U _____ you My younger brother has always O ______ me. He´s very clever The king is going to A ______ an ambassador for France The king won ´t C ______ D ______ Make a R _____ to be A _______ to do something… He´s a W _______ person Put a person on T ______, sentenced and executed for T ______ Adultery is not a crime is a S _______ Decide something on a W _______ She renounced her C _______ to the throne of Spain Dates back to/nursery Traitor Assignment Arrange / knowledge Unbearable Fond of Spare Mean / upset Outshone Appoint Concede defeat Request / allowed Wealthy Trial / treason Sin Whim claim

13 The Boleyn Gilrs 3 Give up See to draw up Look after No details spared
No voy a escatimar en detalles ¿Por qué nunca miras el lado positivo de las cosas? ¿Por qué tardan tanto? Él siempre hace lo que le dice ella Siempre la está alabando Ponte en su lugar Ella es muy culta Él no es de los que se vengan Métete en tus asuntos Phrasal Verbs Abandon or ____________ a plan Make or _____________ an arrangement Make or ______________ a plan Take care of or ________________ a person This will be successful or _______________ Love can become or _____________ hate Say no to or _________________an offer No one knows how it will develop or _____________ He escaped unpunished or _________________ Don´t disappoint me or _______________ Give up See to draw up Look after No details spared Why don ´t you look on the bright side of things? What´s keeping them? He always does her bidding He´s always singing her praises Put yourself in his/her shoes She is well-read He´s not one to bear a grudge Mind your own business Work out Turn into Turn down Turn out Got away with it Let me down

14 The Family. comissioned ancestor At the time Heir to the throne
1.Listen and fill in the gaps or translate into English. 2.Goya was C _________ (= contratado) to paint the picture He was direct a _______ of King Charles Ist En esa época - ____________ He was H ______ to the T _______ (= heredero al trono) Él creció odiando a sus ________________ Pero tenía el mismo carácter de su madre __________________ He e _________ (= al final) became King She was s ________ (=soltera) Cuya cara no se veía porque miraba para otro lado _________________________ He continued = C _____ O ____ the dinasty. Se rumoreaba que había tenido varios amantes ________________________________________________ When her beauty was F ______ (=disappearing) she wore expensive J ________ Se aseguraron de que no consiguiera llevar a cabo ninguno de sus sueños __________________________________________________ Le amañaron su matrimonio con _______________________ She was very L _______ (=viva) No posaron todos juntos , hubieran tardado mucho _____________________________________________ En su lugar lo hizo por separado y tardó dos años en hacerlo _____________________________________ Goya was in the B _________ of the picture comissioned ancestor At the time Heir to the throne

I can´t stand her They´re Partners They´ve fallen out He´s having an affair

16 3 4 5 Get on Eye to eye Up To Elderly Repelled Split Acquaitance
idolise fiancée 3 4 Look down on Ex Junior Wordship a close Can´t Fell out Made it up Having an affair Get on well Elderly Turns me on 5

17 MEN AND WOMEN- The difference- Women are not as intelligent as men (1)
Sectioned laundry Lights and darks Dressing gown Covers up Womanly physique Sit-ups Breasts Loofahs Pumice Rinses off Shaves Armpits Standing on the bathmat Sprays mold Squeegees surfaces She takes off clothing and places it in s ______ l _____ hamper according to l_____ and d______. She Walks towards the bathroom in a long d _____ g _____ and if found husband along the way she c_____ u___ the exposed areas She Looks in the mirror at her w ______ P ______ and to make mental note to do more S ___ - u ___ or leg-lifts and adjusts b _____ or colloquially “boobs” She turns on shower and washes her hair with various types of fruit-based shampoos and conditioners using all kinds of cloths and L _____ and even p ____ stone. She r_____ the shampoos and conditioners o ____ her hair and s _____ her legs and a ______ She gets out of bath s _____ on the b _____. Then she s _____ m ______ spots with Tilex and s _____ off wet s _____ . After that she gets back to bedroom

18 MEN AND WOMEN- The difference- Women are not as intelligent as men (1)
Edge Pile Naked Shakes wiener Woo-woo Wiener Scratches his ass Manly physique Privates Blows Rinse Farts Loud Mohawk Butt Coarses butt /stuck Pees Avoiding Forearms and butt Penis and boobs he takes off clothing sitting on the e ____ of the bed and lets them on a p ____ .He Walks towards the bathroom n ______and if meets wife s _____ w ____ making the w _____ sound. In the bathroom he admires the size of his w _____ and s ______ his a _____. He Looks in the mirror at her m ______ P ______ . He turns on shower and spends most of the time washing p______, then he b_____ his nose and lets water r_____ them off. He f ____ and laughs at how l ____ it sounds. He washes his hair making a m _____. After that, he washes b ____ leaving c ____ b ___ hairs s ____ to the soap. He p____ and rinses it off Finally he gets out of bath a _______ bathmat, dries off only f _____ and b ____ and draws a p _____ and b ____ next to them and he goes back to bedroom making the woo-woo sound again to his wife

19 Parts in our body clothes body actions B _________ B _________ B _________

20 Phonetics-vowels Steel Feel Heal Steem Steam Meal Eel Heat Meat Seek
Usual spelling But also ee cheese free field piece ea tea beach police machine e me we key Usual spelling But also i bill bridge English women village king live decide busy which y many myth cry my Steel Feel Heal Steem Steam Meal Eel Heat Meat Seek These tread Still Fill Hill --- Mill Ill Hit Mitt Sick This ----

21 good bad Neither good nor bad
relationships Make it up I´m his senior have an affair row be unfaithful don´t see eye to eye Repel look down on someone he turns me on worship she´s my junior despise Look up to someone good bad Neither good nor bad

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