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GRASSFED BISON The Opportunity Lee & Mary Graese Northstar Bison, LLC.

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1 GRASSFED BISON The Opportunity Lee & Mary Graese Northstar Bison, LLC

2 Our Story Started in 1994 Business plan based entirely on meat value Family owned and operated

3 Our Story Please watch our video available on YouTube at: Once you complete the video, return to the slideshow.

4 Our Locations

5 The Opportunity Animals: Grazing and finishing on grass Meat Sales / Direct Marketing

6 Animals: Grazing and finishing on grass Minimal input ranching Get the iron out Let animals be the harvesters Each ton of hay provides $50.00 value of fertilizer

7 Animals: Grazing and finishing on grass Rotationally graze No longer than 17 days per pasture Minimum of 45 day rest Parasite Control Yearling heifers, taken on 11/16/09

8 Cool Season Grasses November 7, 2009 November 13, 2009

9 Parasite Control Fecal testing 10% herd exams Monthly routine Very cost effective Minimize animal handling

10 Grazing Mechanical Manual Weed Control is handled through:

11 Animals: Grazing and finishing on grass Genetic selection Cows > 1050 2 year old bred >950 2 year old bulls for breeding > 1250 Weaning weights of calves = minimum of 40% of cows weight

12 Land Base Leased land Higher profitability Belwin Project Contract Grazing

13 BELWIN PROJECT Restoration of Native Prairie Grasses

14 BELWIN PROJECT Mixture of forbs and prairie grasses Summer 2009

15 The Opportunity Animals: Grazing and finishing on grass Meat Sales / Direct Marketing

16 Identify your customers and market needs Direct to consumer: Retail, Buying clubs, Farmers Market, Website Direct to chef: Restaurant, Chefs, Food service Direct to store: Wholesale, Health Food Store, Grocery Fresh or frozen Weekly routine orders

17 Meat Sales cont… Value added products Whole carcass utilization Whole Halves Quarters Eighths By the pound Specialty cutting Private labeling

18 Meat Sales cont… Diversified product line Grassfed Bison Grassfed Beef Grassfed Lamb Pastured Poultry: Chicken, Turkey Elk, Venison Ostrich

19 Meat Sales cont…. Convenience packaging Combo packs Holiday Specials HOLIDAY FEAST Bison Sampler Pack A Little Bit of Everything BBQ Pack Steak Lovers Pack Bison Lovers Pack

20 Meat Sales cont… Know your product Health benefits of grassfed meat Lower in total fat Lower in saturated fat 2x as much Beta-Carotene 3x more Omega-3 fatty acids 4x more Vitamin E 5x more cancer-fighting CLAs Richest natural source of CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid)

21 Meat Sales cont… Bison Meat Nutritional Analysis Chart NUTRIENTGRASSFED [1]GRAINFED[2] PROTEIN %21.421.7 FAT %1.92.1 CHOLESTEROL, MG/100GM6266 CALORIES, K CAL/100 GM133141 FATTY ACIDS, % SATURATED46.742.5 MONOUNSATURATED36.546.4 POLYUNSATURATED TOTAL POLYUNSATURATED 16.711.0 LINOLEIC FATTY ACID (PRIMARY OMEGA 3) 13.7610.53 LINOLENIC FATTY ACID (PRIMARY OMEGA 3) 3.430.45 RATIO OMEGA 6/ OMEGA 3 (IDEAL IS 4 OR LESS) [3]4.023.4 [1] Marchello et al [Data has not yet been published in a peer review journal] [2] Marchello et al, Journal of Food Compostion and Analysis 11, 231-239 (1998) [3] Simopoulos, A. and Robinson, Jo. The Omega Plan. Herper Collin, 1998

22 Meat Sales cont… Distribution methods Ranch Store Shipping couriers: FEDEX, SPEEDEE, DHL Delivery, Shipping coops Website, Ecommerce LTL

23 In summary 100% Grassfed Better for the land, the people, and the animal Family owned and operated Sustainable Vertical integration Financial stability

24 Meat Sales cont… Promotional Materials Table tents, cookbooks, POS card, glossy brochure, recipe cards… Demos, tasting events Annual Bison Feast

25 In Summary… Fully Integrated Raising animals Processing Marketing products directly Diversify products poly-culture

26 In Summary… Plan your business around your dreams & passions Niche marketing Own your customer Sell your products direct at least 40-50% Multiple distribution arms / venues

27 Meat Sales cont… Pricing Considerations Cost of production, Raising Worksheet: Margin of profit Competition / Market Retail, Wholesale, Case lots, Minimum orders

28 FECAL TESTING – PARASITE CONTROL Quantitative Fecal Analysis Kit $75 Paracount EPG recommended by Dr. Murray Woodbury, MB Website: CBA website – presentation by Dr. Woodbury on Parasite Control Parasite Detection Manual: Veterinary Clinical Parasitology 7 th Edition By Anne M. Zajoe, Gary A. Conboy$30 Microscope : 40-400 power (we use 100 power)$200 Fecasol : 1 gallon$20

29 FECAL TESTING – PARASITE CONTROL Tips for successful analysis: Make sure sample is within 1 hour of being deposited. The fresher the better! Must refrigerate in a sealed container or bag until test – will last up to 1 week. If it lays in a warm environment (dash of the truck) in 30 minutes the eggs can begin to hatch. Try to track and chart the animal(s) that you test from. Always test 10% of the herd to get a proper herd assessment. Retest again 10-12 days after treatment to be sure you have accomplished a 70-80% reduction or more. The price we paid…………….. 100 calves – 6-8 different herds combined Cost $30-$40,000 Rent paid for grass & pasture not utilized Numerous wormers used Loss of yield on the rail(never reached full potential)

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