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BUFFALO GOLD RUSH Larry & Jacki Higgins Vicki Andersen HEART ROCK BISON the Bison Advantage.

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1 BUFFALO GOLD RUSH Larry & Jacki Higgins Vicki Andersen HEART ROCK BISON the Bison Advantage

2 Location

3 History/About Us My wife Jackie, is a 4 th generation rancher. We bought our first buffalo from the Denver Buffalo Company in 2000, starting out with 15 cows and 1 bull. In the next few years we purchased 4 bred heifers at the GTSS, then adding some of our own raised heifers we currently have 25 cows and 1 herd bull. In 2001 we started finishing out raised and purchased buffalo for meat and jerky. We feed a ration of whole corn and a sunflower pellet for protein source. We have competed in the market class category at the GTSS since 2001, plus entering live animals in the Peak to Peak Sale since 2006. We are members of the NBA, RMBA, DTBA and WBA, and currently on the board of the RMBA. Along with raising buffaloes, we raise beef and farm 3000 acres of winter wheat, corn, sunflowers and feed.

4 What we do Bison Cow/ Calf – 25 cows/2 herd bull Finish Out – 45-50 head feedlot Whole corn Protein Free choice hay Meat – USDA inspected – ¼; ½; whole, steaks; roasts; burger

5 Jerky – USDA inspected 2 ground/formed 2 whole muscle Live – Sell minimal numbers Shows And Sales – GTSS and Peak to Peak

6 How we market Word-of-mouth – Friends, neighbors Mile Saver Shopper – Local paper for Eastern Colorado Web site – Repeat customers – 70%

7 Fairs and shows – Local County fair cook burgers Promotion Support community – Small Trade shows High Plains Food Coop – Internet farmers market Consumers go online to order and then we deliver orders to Limon which is a pick up location for the products to be taken to Denver for further distribution Once a month

8 Facilities New fencing/Old Fence – Pictures reflect new and old fencing Car Corrals – Built in late 60s by father in law. Picked up cars from old junk yard when I70 went thru. If sell one, have to replace with another. No imports – all USA made! – If its not broke.. We continue to use the car corrals because they work. Dont have difficulties working animals with this set up. Working facility Feed Lot – pipe corral

9 Facilities/Herd and Health Management Facilities Herd Management Health Management

10 Herd /Health Management Best thing about Buffalo – They basically take care of themselves – Allows time spent farming (3,000 acres) and running Beef – (175 cows) – 5% or below time spent on bison management. – Elevation 5600 ft. – do some spray worming. Dont really have any health issues. In past 10 yrs. have only lost 4 head.

11 Finance Last 3 – 4 years we have netted $7,000 -10,000/year. There is plenty to be made in buffalo business as a small operator. Niche markets – notice an increase in internet markets as store deliveries decrease Allows creative marketing

12 Happy Trails!

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