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Musical Terms & Signs Di.

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1 Musical Terms & Signs Di

2 Hope You Can Enjoy Our introduction_!

3 Rest Please Open Your Book To P.95 Crotchet Rest Quaver Rest
Minim Rest Semi-brave Rest

4 Musical Terms Largo – Broad, slow P - Soft F - Loud
Andante - At a walking pace Allegro - Fast Presto - Very Fast Vivace – Quick, Lively Mf – Moderately Loud Pizzicato - Plucked Dolce - Sweetly

5 < > Other Signs Now, please turn to P.96 Crescendo (cresc.) :
Gradually getting louder Decrescendo (decresc.) Gradually getting softer Fermata – Hold the note or rest longer Repeat Sign – Repeat the section (Between the repeat signs)

6 Musical terms for indicating
moods and styles Animato Lively Con Brio - With vigour Cantabile - In a graceful and sing style Dolce (dol.)- Sweetly, softly Passionato - With passion Pesante – Heavy and solid

7 This is a test time Q.1 What is this sign’s [ < ] name? Crescendo.
Decrescendo. Q.3 What is this sign’s [<] name? Gradually getting louder. Q.4 What is this used to? [ > ] Gradually getting softer

8 Q.5 What is [ PP ] mean? Very soft. Q.6 What is [ MP ] mean? Moderately soft. Q.7 What is [ F ] mean? Loud. Q.8 What is Dolce mean? Sweetly, softly. Q.9 What is Pesante mean? Heavy and solid.

9 ~The End~

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