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Writing JEOPARDY $100 Strategy Language GrammarSentences Potpourri $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300.

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2 Writing JEOPARDY

3 $100 Strategy Language GrammarSentences Potpourri $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Final Jeopardy JEOPARDY!!!

4 Which is most important when writing a draft? A.Printing very neatly B.Having a clear purpose C.Adding figurative language D.Including several metaphors B. Having a clear purpose Strategy- $100

5 Which of the following would be the best prewriting strategy for a paper about a politicians views on tax reforms? A.Interviewing B.Formal outlining C.Focused freewriting D.Unfocused freewriting A. Interviewing Strategy- $200

6 Which of the following describes an authors intentional use of short, simple sentences? A.Style B.Genre C.Rhyme D.Fluency A. Style Strategy- $300

7 For a descriptive writing assignment about a place of natural beauty, which would be the most effective prewriting activity? A. debating B. observing C. taking a survey D. conducting an experiment B. Observing Strategy- $400

8 B. They use a standard format. Which is true of most formal letters? A. They include graphs. B. They use a standard format. C. They include numerous details. D. They are a form of creative writing. Strategy- $500

9 In my story, a girl must open one of three doors. These doors represent the choices all people face in life. A.Allusion B.Symbol C.Hyperbole D.Archetype B. Language- $100

10 The moonlight created a bright darkness, casting a silver glow on objects normally invisible at night. A.Irony B.Oxymoron C.Alliteration D.symbolism B. oxymoron Language- $200

11 Which sentence uses the most appropriate language and tone for a letter of application? A.I have enclosed personal recommendations. B.Check out my personal Web site to learn more. C.Lets get together tomorrow to talk over my qualifications. D.Heres some stuff I have learned to do that meets your needs. A. Language- $300


13 Which sentence best shows how a verb, used as a gerund, can act as a noun? A.The child jumping rope is a third-grader. B.While Omar is writing, I will sit quietly. C.In the summer, do you enjoy camping? D.Where are Dale and Henry traveling? C. Camping is a verb ending in –ing that acts as a nouna gerund. Language- $400

14 Which sentence uses commas correctly? A.Id like a hamburger and a glass of ice water, I said. B.For her birthday, my sister Ruby asked for a bike a CD and a new jacket. C.Fred, Jennys husband, teaches fourth grade. D.Imogene please hand me a hammer, my dad said. C. Language- $500

15 Ursula and Hannah found a small bird in there backyard that had injured its wing and was unable to fly. Which underlined word needs revision? A.there B.injured C.its D.was A. there their Grammar- $100

16 Which sentence contains correct verb tense agreement? A.Jonathan studied and studied, so he gets good grades. B.Brad loved his biology teacher, but he likes his math teacher, too. C.Kayla had just started mopping the floor when the phone begins ringing. D.Olivia enjoys that series very much because she admires the main female character. D. Grammar - $200

17 Which of the following sentences contains proper subject-verb agreement? A.The tooth of the machinery gears tear his coat. B.The water from mountain streams bring life to the valleys. C.Walkers at the city mall often see the sales before the public does. D.The goal of one boy and all the girls were to create the best prom ever. C. Grammar - $300

18 The queen spent the month of june visiting several republics with the president of her country. Which underlined word should be capitalized? A.queen B. june C. republics D. presicent B. June Grammar- $400

19 During the month of January Sam and Alex are planning to visit with some friends living in different countries. After which word is a comma needed? A.January B. Alex C. visit C. friends A. January Grammar - $500

20 A job well done can be very satisfying. Marcus always uses his time at work as wisely as he can. Which would be the best transition to link the sentences above? A.Because B. However C. For example D. for this reason D. Sentences- $100

21 Which sentence is correct? A.Because Jo, my best friend, will not give me a ride, I have to walk home. B.As a result of all the problems and all the frustration that happened. C.Neither Lynen but also Cally tried very hard on their experiment. D.The principal gave Martin his award then he went home. A Sentences - $200

22 Which sentence is punctuated correctly? A.Before, she left she took a suitcase. B.On May 21, 2004, Sandra turned twenty- two. C.The car had a problem with its gasoline consumption. D.Since the escape, Bill Tom and Michael have been missing. B Sentences - $300

23 My friend is ____ when editing her newspaper, and she reprimands writers who ___ from their topics. A.obscure/malign B.Pugilistic/protrude C.Venerable/concede D.Meticulous/digress D Sentences - $400

24 C. Sentences- $500 I did not fold my clean laundry before going to bed Sunday night. _______ I wore wrinkled clothes to school on Monday. A.However, B.Furthermore, C.Consequently, D.On the other hand,

25 Revision of a work for style would include which of the following? A.setting, rising and falling action B.Sentence variety, word choice C.Spelling, mechanics D.Content, conflict B. Sentence variety, word choice Potpourri- $100

26 Keys in hand, I was ____ to leave when I heard the phone ring. A.Already B.Allready D.all ready D all ready Potpourri- $200

27 When writing an essay on a controversial topic for an audience holding an opposing viewpoint, which of the following strategies is least effective? A.Addressing the readers concerns B.Refuting the main points of the oppositions argument with facts C.Adopting a tone of reasonableness and respect toward the audience D.Quoting an expert claiming those who hold a different position are ignorant D. Potpourri- $300

28 Potpourri- $400 Which most helps a writer improve a narrative? A.Eliminating personal style and voice B.Matching the tone to the purpose C.Addressing readers concerns D.Using difficult words B. Matching tone to the purpose

29 Which statement is most accurate? A.Figurative language is used only in poetry. B.A writer must consider his or her audience. C.Metaphors should be included in any writing. D.A writer should not worry about purpose or form. B. Potpourri- $500

30 FINAL JEOPARDY ? ~Acronyms~

31 Which sentence best indicates that each bag of gold weighed ten pounds, and each farm was made up of ten acres? A.Ten-pound bags of gold were found on ten acre farms in Illinois. B.Ten-pound bags of gold were found on ten- acre farms in Illinois. C.Ten pound bags of gold were found on ten- acre farms in Illinois. D.Ten pound bags of gold were found on ten acre farms in Illinois. B!!!

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