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Revising and Editing.

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1 Revising and Editing

2 Revising vs. Editing Revising is done first to change any parts that are unclear or confusing. Editing follows to check correctness and prepare for the final publishing.

3 Revising A.R.R.R. -  This method allows you to make four types of changes. Adding What else does the reader need to know? Rearranging Is the information in the most logical and most effective order? Removing What extra details or unnecessary bits of information are in this piece of writing? Replacing What words or details could be replaced by clearer or stronger expressions?

4 Keys to Effective Revision
Pace yourself. Take a short break between the writing and revision steps so you will see the mistakes more clearly Share your writing. Have at least one classmate read your essay Remember your purpose. Does your writing stick to your original reason for writing? Keep your audience in mind. Think about who will be reading your paper and how much they know about the topic. Take some risks.

5 Revising for… Ideas: Make sure your ideas are clear and complete. Is there a more interesting way to say it? Should you add details or facts? Organization: Is there a beginning, middle, and end? Did you use transition words? Voice: Does the paper sound like you? Are you energetic and enthusiastic about the topic?

6 Editing is… spelling capitalization punctuation grammar
sentence structure subject/verb agreement consistent verb tense word usage

7 Checking for… Sentence Style: combine short, choppy sentences and vary the formation Word Choice: make sure all words are used correctly, the adjectives are appropriate, and verbs are vivid

8 Samples… The thunder was loud. I was scared.

9 Samples… I don’t go to school on no weekends.

10 Samples… I went to the store and bought a new shirt. I wore it to the party. I bought new shoes for the party two weeks ago. I drove my new car. After the party, we all went to get something to eat.

11 Samples… I went to the eagles game last sunday but they lost to the new york giants

12 Practice… Test out the skills we’ve just learned by completing the two worksheets

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