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School District 53 September 19, 2013 Lisa McCall & Shannon Miller.

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1 School District 53 September 19, 2013 Lisa McCall & Shannon Miller


3 Jim: 1.Purpose 2.Introductions 3.District Data Trends: Sec 1 4.Workshop timeline/breaks 5.Progression of inservice correlated with section # in your H & S Best Practices Binder


5 And just as importantly…so lets keep this interactive for everyone

6 Purpose of workshop to help you develop best practices for H & S in your buildings: Tab 12 Systematically address audit checklist so you get an A in H & S! Reduce potential for injury/claims through proactive measures.

7 During 12/13 some insightful feedback has come to our attention regarding procedure for Relief (TOC & CUPE) & frequent visitors to building & 1.Sign in process Sec 1 2.EPP Quick List *Summary Sheet 3.Task: School Teams personalize sheets


9 Bi-Annual (Sept. & Jan.) Sec 4 Mandatory for all site-based staff Sign off procedure: Fax forms SBO Session Agenda Example Powerpoints ( Elem & Sec) Modify Critical Incident Phone Tree (SBO)


11 1.Purpose Sec 4 2.Membership (AO, SOSTU, CUPE) 3.Meeting Agenda/Minutes Template Email Mitch/Post 4.Bulletin Board Items 5.Attachments/Correspondence


13 1.EPP Plans (Elem & Sec. Templates) Sec. 6 1.School Maps & Evacuation Routes 2.EPP Drills Timeline OKF Example 3.EPP Backpacks (Item List) 4.Ongoing Awareness (New staff/TOC) Newsletters/Staff Mtgs/Community)

14 Monday, Sept. 9Fire Drill 11:40 am Friday, Sept. 20Fire Drill 8:50 am Tuesday, Sept. 24Fire Drill 2:00 pm Friday, Sept. 27Lockdown Drill 10:10 am Thursday, Oct. 10Earthquake Drill 8:50 am Week of Jan. 5-11Fire Drill unannounced Week of Jan. 12-18Lockdown Drill unannounced Week of Feb. 9-15Fire Drill unannounced Week of Mar. 2-8Earthquake Drill unannounced Week of Apr. 6-12Fire Drill unannounced *Ensure to teach & practice protocols for all 3 EPP Drills *Take Emergency Backpacks, Classlists, & Meds. Emergency Preparedness Schedule O.K. Falls School 2013/2014

15 Fire Drill: Bells, line up, shut doors, exit building, muster, attendance, evacuate if needed Earthquake Drill: Paper crunching over PA, go under desks/table/ or in doorway, count to 60 Twice, evacuate, attendance. Lockdown Drill: New Language NO longer Code 53 instead LOCK DOWN SCHOOL NOW doors locked, everyone hides away from windows, blinds/window coverings closed, WAIT *Evacutation Sites- follow-up contacts each year & have names/#s handy EPP Drills at a Glance…


17 Sept. Extension Cords Oct. Ladder Safety Nov. Walking Surfaces Dec. Decorations Jan. Food Safety Feb. Storage Mar. Exit Routes Apr. Exterior Stairs/ Walkway May Fire Safety/ Flammables June Chairs

18 Awareness tips/info each month Post Minibooks in classrooms Staff sign off Committee reviews MTCE workorders may result Elementary Inspection Reports

19 Lets take a few moments to look at inspection mini books & seek to personalize safety checklists for each theme to best fit each school site & brief shareout of examples


21 Sec 8 & 9 H & S Committee to do Review & send to Mitch


23 Best Practices Workshop Fall 2012 Audit Recommendations 10/11 Procedures Workshop 2011 Process: 1)Analysis district trends 2)Do Risk Analysis of site 3)Prioritize outcomes & determine relevant area of focus 4)Create concise procedure (see templates/ examples) 5)Teach, post, practice, educate, modify, to foster best practice= less H & S incidents

24 Signing In/Out Protocol WorkSafe Injury Process Scent Awareness Initiative Green/Yellow File EPP Procedures Can you name others ????


26 Do Site-based Risk Analysis Focus on Priority areas from claims Use Monthly EPP Themes Determine areas with high use Identify areas with equipment Address indoor, outdoor, weather

27 Team Sharing School Sharing Elem. & Sec. Sharing/Networking Suggestions Recommendations Q & A

28 WorkSafe Claims & Action Analysis Sec 11 When a workplace injury occurs 5 step procedure Post in visible areas- go over with relief staff Ensure to send to SBO asap due to WorkSafe 72 hour deadline Ensure 1 st Aid Attendant Names posted

29 Congratulations… you made it! Now you should be ready to take on Section 12 in your manual! We know you are dying to check out the H & S Site in FirstClass.


31 Q & A Individual Survey Group Sharing H & S Goals for your site/team/year District H & S Committee

32 School District 53 wishes to thank you for your ongoing commitment in fostering Health & Safety awareness, proactice procedures, & best practice.

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