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Home Slicker Plus Typar Training Presentation

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1 Home Slicker Plus Typar Training Presentation

2 Position Statement Home Slicker Plus Typar is a cost-effective, labor saving moisture eliminating rainscreen and weather resistant barrier. Each roll contains the patented Home Slicker three-dimensional matrix bonded to Typar, the premium residential and commercial grade housewrap. This simple design allows you to install double the sidewall protection in half the time. 2

3 Product A 3-dimensional polypropylene matrix with vertical channels, heat bonded to a weather resistant barrier. Home Slicker Plus Typar is attached to the exterior wall behind the siding or cladding system. The product is designed to provide a continuous void space to provide air circulation and water drainage between the siding and the sidewall. 3

4 Features & Benefits Vertically channeled matrix
Combination rainscreen and housewrap product Polypropylene matrix Speeds moisture movement downward and air movement upward Labor and time savings (approx. 33%) by installing both products at once Superior compression resistance and easy to cut or splice with a utility knife 4

5 Specifications Height/Thickness: 0.26”
Weight of Home Slicker: 7 oz./sq. yd. Weight of Typar: oz./sq. yd. Width of Home Slicker: ” (1 meter) Width of Typar: 45” Width of Typar Flap: 4” minimum Length: ’ (200 sq. ft.) 5

6 Specifications Home Slicker Design: U–shape (2 channels per inch)
Home Slicker Color: Yellow Roll Direction: Extra fabric folded over Home Slicker and rolled with Home Slicker on inside. When unrolling from left to right, Home Slicker faces outward with Typar flap on top. MUST be installed left to right. 6

7 Packaging One roll per bag Coverage Skid quantity
Launching in clear bag with installation instructions inside each bag Coverage 200 sq. ft. per roll Skid quantity 9 rolls per skid Skids can be double stacked for shipment 7

8 Place The target audience of Home Slicker Plus Typar is the residential architect, custom home builder, and upscale remodeler. As identified with the launch and promotion of Home Slicker, architects are the biggest influencer while home builders and remodelers may be the final decision-maker (in conjunction with the homeowner). 8

9 Place Home Slicker Plus Typar will be sold through existing Home Slicker distributors and will be available to all existing Typar distributors not currently buying from Benjamin Obdyke. 9

10 Promotion Literature Displays Sales Aids (ie, sample packs)
Press Release Advertising Customer Mailing Website Trade Shows 10

11 Installation – Step 1 Install sidewall sheathing material over studs. Install Home Slicker Plus Typar after windows and doors are properly installed and flashed. Refer to window/door installation for details on flashing integration. 11

12 Installation – Step 2 Roll out Home Slicker Plus Typar wherever siding or cladding will be applied with channels running vertically and the extra Typar flap on top.* Home Slicker Plus Typar must roll out left to right. Align the guide marks printed on the Typar with the stud locations. Nail or staple every three square feet and at Typar flap. (*For stucco applications, install an additional weather resistant barrier over the exposed channels of Home Slicker Plus Typar.) 12

13 Installation – Step 3 To create vertical seam between rolls, install a 12” wide non-absorptive drainage plane, such as Typar or building paper, behind vertical joint. The bottom of the flashing should be lapped over the Typar flap of the lower course. 13

14 Installation – Step 3 (cont.)
Optionally, attach “peel and stick” or flashing tape to the back of the Typar at the end of each roll. Center the flashing so half extends past the roll’s end with the sticky side out. Butt the next roll and seal onto other half of flashing. Proceed up the wall. The higher course should overlap the extra Typar on the lower course. Butt edges of Home Slicker matrix together with the Typar lapped underneath the new roll. 14

15 Installation – Step 4 Install siding or cladding system over wall surface per manufacturer’s installation instructions.* Allow ¼” for thickness of Home Slicker Plus Typar. Do not overnail. *Note: Refer to the nail selection information in the Home Slicker Application and Architectural Drawings. 15

16 Window/Door – Step 1 All window and door flashing should be installed and flashed according to manufacturer’s instructions and Home Slicker Application and Architectural Drawings. For best practice, install (in order) sill flashing; window; jamb flashing; head flashing with drip cap. 16

17 Window/Door – Steps 2-4 Unroll Home Slicker Plus Typar over windows and doors. Cut Home Slicker Plus Typar around edge of entire window or trim. For best flashing protection, slip lower course of Home Slicker Plus Typar under loose ends of sill jamb and flashing. 17

18 Bottom Detail To prevent insect infiltration along bottom edge of siding, attach Slicker Screen along the wall 3” above bottom edge of Home Slicker Plus Typar. Fold up onto outer surface of installed Home Slicker Plus Typar and fasten with a large head nail to hold in place prior to applying siding or cladding. 18

19 Top Detail Run Home Slicker Plus Typar flush with soffit overhang. Attach Slicker Screen over top 6” of product across span of wall. Install a 1”x3” board at top of wall. Install siding within 4” of soffit overhang. Install a 1”x4” finish trim board or 4” piece of siding over the 1”x3” board. This will allow for air movement behind the cladding allowing convective drying and ventilation to occur. 19

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