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Manufacturers Reserve Supply

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2 Manufacturers Reserve Supply
Maibec Industries


4 Maibec Industries Produces 2 major product groups distributed by MRS
Wood Shingles Eastern White Cedar Solid Wood Siding Eastern Premium Spruce

5 Factory – Stained SOLID WOOD SIDING

6 When you want wood, buy wood!
Natural Renewable Sustainable MAIBEC SIDING… Beautiful Durable Low Maintenance We’ll guarantee it!

Quality Control from Start to Finish Sawing Kiln Drying Profiling Staining Packaging Shipping

In House Lumber Manufacturing Maibec premium siding grade Optimal Drying in Specie Specific Kilns Consistent moisture content

Profile Dimensions 1 x 4, 1 x 6, 1 x 8, 1 x 10, 1/2x6 Random Lengths 4’ thru 16’ 75% 12' to 16'

10 MAIBEC’S got you covered
Profile Selection (smooth or rough face) 1/2x6 Clapboard Unfinished or pre-finished with 1 or 2 coats Rabetted Bevel 1x4, 6 & 8 inch widths Pre-finished only ShipLap V-Joint 1x4, 6 & 8 inch

11 MAIBEC’S got you covered
Profile Selection (smooth or rough face) Channel 1x6 & 8 inch widths Pre-finished only Cove Board & Batten 1x10 boards and 1x2 battens

12 The Cabot Factory Finish Process
PICK A COLOR, ANY COLOR Free Samples Flow Coat Application Oven Dried Cabot Factory Finish Stain Unlimited Choice of Colors No Minimum Order The Cabot Factory Finish Process 3 2 4 The longevity and performance of any coating is greatly influenced by the method of application. Cabot Factory Finish is applied under factory-controlled conditions and the most stringent quality control procedures are followed. All six sides of the board, including the butt-ends, are completely covered ensuring the ultimate protection from nature’s elements. The stain is then brushed deep into the surface for maxi-mum penetration and is allowed to dry thoroughly prior to leaving the factory, stabilizing the siding and preventing possible shrinkage. The finished siding arrives at the construction site totally protected from exposure to water and sunlight. 1 Controlled temperature and humidity levels stabilize any moisture in the wood; application conditions are optimal. 2 The siding is fed into the machine applicator and flooded with Cabot Factory Finish. 3 Pressure rollers spread the coating evenly. 4 High speed brushes drive the stain into all six sides of the wood for maximum protection. Back-priming reduces shrinking and swelling and improves the siding durability. 5 Proper spread rates and uniform colour coverage provide a beautiful finish with the highest outdoor performance standards.

Superior Packaging 8 Pieces per Bundle Strapped bundles Tally Sheets Polyurethane Sheet Between Each Siding Piece Paper Wrapped

PRE-FINISHED TRIM PACKAGES 1 x 6 Fascia Board 5/4 x 4 & 5 - Outside/Inside Corner 2 x 2 Inside Corner 5/4 x 7 Skirt Board 2 x 4 Universal I/S O/S Corner Board Other Trim Items & Sizes Available ACCESSORIES Free Touch Up Color Matched Maze Nails 2“, 2-1/2” and 3" Individual 2" Coil


16 WARRANTIES 50 years against wood decay 15 year warranty on solid stain
+15 years by refinishing with 2 coats prior to the end of the original warranty Failure to follow installation requirements voids all warranties

17 INSTALLATION Wood nailing strips or Home Slicker* are required for Maibec warranted siding. Joints must be placed on a nailing strip, angling the two boards with 45º mitre cut. End of boards must land and be nailed into studs. *Installation of Home Slicker according to Benjamin Obdyke’s recommendations. Siding must be nailed directly to studs, using Maibec nails, 16" on center.

18 Home Slicker™ by Benjamin Obdyke
-1/4” three-dimensional nylon matrix Thermal break Channels moisture away Class A fire rating Specified by Architects

Nailing or furring strips need to be installed at a 45º angle. This allows for any moisture build up to flow down the wall. The strips need to be installed at 12" on center to ensure a 16" on center nailing pattern on the siding.

20 INSTALLATION Nailing Channel, Cove, V-Joint and Rabbeted Bevel
Use 1 nail placed in the middle of the batten every 16" on center. Channel, Cove, V-Joint and Rabbeted Bevel 4" AND 6“ SIDING One nail placed at 3/4" to 1" from the base of the board. 8" SIDING Requires a second nail placed 2 ½” from the top. Use two nails at ¾“ to 1“ from the edges of the Board. Board and Batten

21 INSTALLATION Endcaps on Siding Bundles with Installation Requirements


23 Sample Procedure Customer must furnish
Not required but recommended by Maibec and MRS Customer must furnish Stain manufacturer of desired color(s) Color, # coats, solid or semi-trans., smooth or rough face Name, address, telephone number and attention _____ Customer will receive samples in approximately 1 week When end user approves samples, MRS must receive color # shown on sample label as ‘CEL-0_ _ _ _ _ _ -_ _ ’ Customer receives 1 gallon touchup free with 1000 bd. ft. + Maibec will finish shingles without the ‘CEL’ number but MRS’ customer and the end user have no recourse against Maibec and/or MRS regarding color

24 Answers to Shingle F.A.Q. Hammer caps are furnished with prefinished nails to prevent chipping finish off head of nails Samples of various profiles and colors are available using the same procedure as the shingles. Shingles will have a CEL # instead of a CEB # Maibec will match any color but will use Cabot Latex Factory Finish stain Maibec will not apply semi-transparent finish to smooth side of any siding product

25 Merchandising Siding/Trim Display Board Siding/Trim Sample Box
Siding profiles Trim profiles Samples labeled with siding and trim names and color Siding/Trim Sample Box Literature Website -

26 Factory – Stained SOLID WOOD SIDING
When you want wood, buy wood

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