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2 OVERVIEW Update on 2012 Visitor Services Goals
Update on 2012 Product Development Goals Update on 2012 Marketing Goals Overview of 2013 Marketing Goals


4 Visitor Services Goals 2012
Consultant to be hired and go forward plan developed awaiting final review 2012 season and findings Increase the number of visitors to our VICs by 10% 18% increase achieved Conduct one Industry and one Travel Counsellor Fam Tour. VIC Familiarization Tour – 27 operators provided insight to our 22 participants on what visitors will see and do in Cape Breton 2012. For the first time we used a bus for the FAM tour and were able to use drive time by having operators and product groups do presentations on the bus while we travelled. Core VIC staff participation in Storytelling Workshop Completed. Core VIC staff given additional technology training Completed

5 visitor services goals 2012 cont.
Collect data on what collateral our visitors want and use See next slide for details Marketing and Visitor Services developed online fulfillment package to meet enquiries year round Completed Conducted one industry professional development sessions to reinforce a tourism culture in Cape Breton Completed, Inverness Service Industry Initiative

6 Visitor Services Goals 2012
Visitors want the following data and collateral: Provincial and Regional Travel Guides and Maps (Doers and Dreamers, Festivals and Events, Cape Breton Travel Guide) Internal calendar of events printout very useful to the visitor Brochures based on key travel motivators (Motorcycle Guide, outdoor activities, local walking maps, artisan map, hiking trails, Taste of NS Guide) Staff frequently print maps from Google maps to satisfy demand/requests for local street maps Major Attractions Fortress of Louisbourg, Alexander Graham Bell Museum, Miner’s Museum, Cape Breton Highland’s National Park, etc. Other Destinations Halifax, South Shore, Fundy Shore, NFLD, NB, & PE Ferry schedules Decrease in the use of traditional rack cards

7 Additional initiatives
Exit surveys being conducted – see next slide for results Social media training with staff has been completed Training done on creating Personal Brochures on itinerary builder tool Partnership with CB Highlands National Park in Ingonish being explored to operate under the DCBA/Provincial umbrella for 2013 Continued partnership with Cruise Ship Information Kiosk with Golden K Total Cruise ship passengers landed in  86,662 42 Festivals provided assistance through the Provincial Festival and Event Marketing Assistance program Lure text updates for Doers and Dreamers

8 Visitor Exit surveys QR codes and survey info provided to visitors by VIC staff 2012 Survey timeframe August 25 – October 15 30 surveys received 2012 Process just completed end of season The survey platform is now complete and will be available for the full 2013 season

9 Visitor Information Centre Stats YTD
Visitors Change from 2011 Baddeck 22,050 +6.8% Cheticamp 14,407 -10% Inverness 5,817 +35% Louisbourg 6,575 -5% Margaree 7,256 +5.4% St.Peter’s 13,674 -1.5% Sydney 19,291 +26% Halifax 9808 - YTD TOTAL 98,878 +18%

10 Cape Breton Visitor Information Centres - Place of Origin stats
Visitors self identify their place of origin.

11 Halifax Kiosk – Visitors Place of Origin
Nova Scotia 14% Other Atl. Canada 2% Ontario 28% Quebec 7% Western Canada 13% United States 21% International 14% Opportunity to influence exists – Ontario, US & International Visitors


13 2012 product development goals
Work one-on-one with operators who have undergone a ’12 essentials’ assessment to help them identify their experience’s strengths and weaknesses. Support their efforts in enhancing their existing product offering. Deliver 5 industry workshops on topics such as experiential tourism and packaging. Increase the number of partners who participate in training and educational opportunities by 50% (Edge of the Wedge, GMIST, best practices missions and market readiness programs), and ensure that all opportunities are promoted through Increase the number of purchasable market-ready experiences on, and in print collateral by 30. By delivering workshops and providing tourism advice to private sector partners, we will aggressively work with partners to create purchasable experiences in support of our core experiences / travel motivators. In addition to working to develop and enhance product for the tourist coming “today,” DCBA also plays a role in ensuring that infrastructure growth is ongoing Island wide through participation with Island wide organizations which include the Port Authority, McCurdy Airport, Sydney and Area Chamber of Commerce, and Cape Breton Partnership as examples.

14 Goals cont’d Support 20 operators to participate in Tourism Technology, a website enhancement program delivered in partnership between the Tourism Atlantic branch of ACOA and the Atlantic Provincial tourism industry associations. Opportunity Assessment of the Tourism Product in designated areas by Roger Brooks In order to ensure that we have the proper in-house capacity to deliver product development initiatives, the hiring of consultants may be deemed necessary, in addition to mentorship with the province. Deliver the Strategic Tourism Expansion Program (STEP) for two communities. STEP is designed to close the gap in tourism communities by assisting communities in becoming sustainable tourism destinations and accelerating the exposure of experiential tourism techniques and formulas to a wider audience of tourism entrepreneurs and influencers. Offer the Accelerated Market Readiness Program (AMR) to operators (Target 10). AMR refers to a business improvement program that offers individual tourism operators the ability to increase their standards of excellence and be more responsive to emerging tourism trends in an inexpensive and timely manner. Deliver a story-telling seminar

15 Work one-on-one with 15-20 operators who have undergone a 12 ESSENTIALS assessment
15 one-on-one reviews completed to date: CBRM: Old Sydney Society (both Museum experience and Ghost Tour experience) Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design, Fortress of Louisbourg Association, Sydney Port Corporation, Beggar’s Banquet, Two Rivers Wildlife Park, Cape Breton Fossil Centre, Cape Breton Miner’s Museum, Inverness County: FireHouse Ironworks, Ann Schroeder Studio, Centre de Le Micareme, Richmond County: Guiding Lights of Isle Madame Victoria County: Alexander Graham Bell Museum, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Glass Artisans Studio

Total of 7 experiential tourism and packaging workshops delivered: (over 75 participants in total) Sydney, Inverness, Saint Peter’s, St. Ann’s, Baddeck, Membertou

17 Creating Visitor Experiences Workshop Participants
CBRM: Shari  MacLeod, Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design  Stuart Critchley, Sydney Mines Heritage Society  Lynn Baechler, Bras d'Or Lakes Biosphere Reserve Association  Heather MacDougall, CBRM  Tom  Miller, Cape Breton Miners Museum James Kerr Cape Breton Miners Museum Lloydette MacDonald, Louisbourg Economic Development Society  Ardith Fillmore, Sydney Ports Corporation  Emily  MacDonald, Integral Geomatics  Jessica Klein-Herenbrink, Bras d'Or lakes Watershed Interpretive Centre  Diane McKay, Sydney Ports Corporation Gary Pardy, Integral Geomatics  Jennifer LeBlanc Old Sydney Society Kenny Boone  Virginia  MacIsaac, Relative Productions/CMIC Archives Victoria County: Cindy McCready, Trailsman Motel  Grant Haverstock, Firehouse Ironworks  Debbie  Gale, Silver Dart Lodge  Bev Bryson, Amoeba Sailing Tours  Madeline Harvey, Parks Canada  Sandy Hudson, Municipality of Victoria County  Nona MacDermid, Municipality of Victoria County  Caroline Vassallo, Destination Cape Breton  Kelsey Peters, Destination Cape Breton Kristin McInnis, Flourish Management Consulting  Angus MacLeod   John Roberts, Leather Works  Marion  Thompson, Leather Works

18 Creating Visitor Experiences Workshop Participants Cont.
Inverness County: Gloria DeBaie, Tears of Glass Brenda Reichel, Tears of Glass Patrick MacDougall   Meghann  Dunphy, Cabot Links  Susan Mallette, Municipality of Inverness/Port Hood  Eleanor  Ryan ,Gables Motel  Laura Gasiliausraite ,Judique and Area Development Association Dwayne  MacEachern, Judique and Area Development Association Helena & Louis Burke, Little Pond Stables Inc.  Shannon MacDougall, Ceilidh Tent & Event Rentals Donna  MacDonald, Municipality of Inverness Monique Aucoin, Centre de la MiCareme  Richmond County: Jeff Stanley Denise Blanchard-Carpentier (NS Tourism) Marg Herdman Roberta Paton Sarah Nettleton Rhoda Gillet Michelle Richards Laken Delorey Greg Silver Celtic Heart Product Group Rodney Chaisson Pauline MacLean Katherine MacLeod Tracey MacNeil Mary Pat Mombourquette Yvette Rogers Colin MacDonald Gail Montgomery

19 Increase of 56% to date over 2011.
INCREASE THE NUMBER OF PARTNERS WHO PARTICIPATE IN TRAINING AND EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES BY 50% 14 GMIST participants in 2012 Colin MacDonald, Gaelic College Pauline MacLean, Highland Village Sharon Paul, Eskasoni Jamie Doyle, Membertou Robert Slade, Wagmatcook Jennifer LeBlanc, Old Sydney Society Kelsey Peters, DCBA Ida LeLièvre (en français) Mariève Thérriault (en français) Diane Poirier (en français) Sara Nettleton, Rock Loaf Farm Robin Mombourquette, Richmond County Margaret Hurdman, Guiding Lights of Isle Madame Greg Silver, Cape Breton Sailing Charters Best Practices attendees Experiential Cuisine Scott Morrison, Flavor Earlene Busch, Chanterelle Country Inn Meetings and Conventions Mary Tulle, DCBA, Paul Carrigan, Sydney Port Corporation Paul MacDonald, Centre 200 Cathy MacKenzie, ECBC Alex Paul, Membertou Trade and Convention Centre) Adventure Tourism Kelsey Peters, DCBA Tera Lee – Framework Cycle & Fitness Increase of 56% to date over 2011.

Increase in online experience and package listings by more than 50 Experiences and Packages booklet (two runs; more than 30 participants)

21 Online Experience and Package Listing
Rising Tide Expeditions Glenora Inn & Distillery Fortress of Louisbourg Association Eskasoni Cultural Journeys Highland Village Féis an Eilein Alexander Graham Bell Museum Cape Breton Miner’s Museum FireHouse Ironworks Ann Schroeder Studio Baddeck Gathering Ceilidhs Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design Silver Dart Lodge Normaway Inn Point of View Suites Old Sydney Society Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site Cabot Links Bell Bay Golf Club LePortage Golf Club Velo Cape Breton Cape Breton Sailing Charters Bras d’Or Lakes Inn Ameoba Cabot Trail Motel Island Sunset Resort Cape Breton Fossil Museum The Lakes Golf Club Dundee Golf Club & Resort Donelda’s Puffin Boat Tours Castle Moffett Baddeck Forks Golf Club Cape Breton Resorts Right Some Good Great EARTH Expeditions Chanterelle Inn Keltic Lodge Hike the Highlands Highlands Links North River Kayak Tours Cape Breton Highlands National Park Gaelic College

22 Experiences and Packaging Booklet
Celtic Colours Point of View Suites Glenora Inn & Distillery Baddeck Gathering Ceilidhs Alexander Graham Bell Museum Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design Eskasoni Cultural Journeys Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site FireHouse Ironworks Cape Breton Miner’s Museum Highland Village Museum Féis an Eilein Silver Dart Lodge Normaway Inn Donelda’s Puffin Boat Tours Velo Cape Breton Island Sunset Resort & Spa Bras d’Or Lakes Inn Cape Breton Resorts Cabot Trail Motel Cape Breton Sailing Charters Castle Moffett Cabot Links The Lakes Golf Club Bell Bay Golf Club LePortage Golf Club Dundee Golf Club & Resort Right Some Good Gaelic College Cape Breton Highlands National Park North River Kayak Tours Keltic Lodge Resort & Spa Chanterelle Inn Highlands Links

23 Support 20 operators through website (re)development (
20 operators are currently going through the program including: Richmond County: A B&B by the River Village on the Canal Association Inverness County: Maritime Inns & Resorts Glenora Inn & Distillery Doug Fraser Art The Clove Hitch CBRM: Martin Arms Feis An Eilein Old Sydney Society Membertou Heritage Park Cape Breton Miners Museum Sydney Mines Heritage Society Victoria County: Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort Cabot Trail Motel Castle Rock Country Inn Baddeck Marine Gaelic College of Arts & Crafts Colouratura Art Gallery English Country Garden B&B Lantern Hill & Hollow

Cabot Trail Reassessment and Ceilidh Trail Assessment took place between September 13th- September 18th Community workshops: Cabot Trail: Sept. 19th, 2012 Ceilidh Trail: Sept. 20th, 2012

25 Roger Brooks Cabot Trail Workshop Participants
Anita Coady, MADA Jillian Cormier, Inverness County Centre for the Arts Diane Poirier, Co-op Artisanale Leandre LeBlanc, Le Centre de la Mi-Carême Denise MacLeod, Silver Dart Lodge Eliot Frosst, personal / Ross Ferry Stewardship Society Ruth Schneeberger, Big Intervale Fishing Lodge Marie Aucoin, Media - The Participaper for the Municipality of Inverness County Margie Beaton, Gaelic College Mariève Therriault, Cape Breton Highlands National Park Simone Boudreau Parks Canada, CBHNP Anna MacDonald, Gaelic College Gena Briand, Cape Breton Highlands National Park Cathy Aucoin, Parks Canada Angelo Spinazzolo, North River Kayak Tours Elaine Wallace, Parks Canada Ian A. Green, North East Highlands Chamber of Commerce Manon Cuthbertson, Parks Canada - Cape Breton Highlands National Park Donna Frizzell, Piper Pewter Inc Lucille Timmons, Cabot Trail Facade & Streetscape Sharon Harrison, Lantern Hill & Hollow Nancy MacLean, Baddeck Gathering Ceilidhs Jim Morrow, Bras d'Or Graphic Marketing/ Victoria Standard Newspaper Lisette Bourgeois, La Société Saint-Pierre Paul Gallant, CTACA - Chéticamp Yvette McPhee, La Société Saint-Pierre Helena & Louis Burke, Little Pond Stables John Stinson, Old Miller Trout Farm Robert Bernard, Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre Michael Bona, Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre Robert Slade, Wagmatcook CleanWave Restaurant Catherine Ann Fuller, Dept of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Jim Morrow, Bras d'Or Graphics Helen Sievers & Richard Roberts, Auberge Gisele's Inn Polly Ann Macdonald, Nestle In B&B & Suites Pat Stinson, Old Miller Trout Farm Betty Finnegan, Bras d'Or Lakes Campground Loreto Doyle, Cabot Trail Writers Festival Vince Forrestall, Victoria County Naturally Active Physical Activity Strategy Marie Aucoin, Media - The Participaper Angela LeBlanc, Cajun Cedar Log Cottages Donna MacDonald, Municipality of the County of Inverness Cathy MacKenzie, ECBC Blaine Gillis, Strait-Highlands Regional Development Agency

26 Roger Brooks Ceilidh Trail Workshop Participants
Donna MacDonald, Municipality of the County of Inverness Cathy MacKenzie, ECBC Blaine Gillis, Strait-Highlands Regional Development Agency Ann Schroeder, Ann Schroeder Studio Charlotte Miller, Strathspey Place Geraldine Beaton, Municipality of County of Inverness Laurel Browne, Witsend Farm Bed and Breakfast Debra MacDonell, Strathespey Place Anne Little, Municipality of the County of Inverness Betty Ann MacQuarrie, MOS Pioneer Shrine Wilson Cameron, Ceilidh Coastal Trail Association Suzanne C. MacDonald, Mabou Village Gallery Colin & Rachel MacDonald, Lighthouse Cottages Frank Macdonald, The Inverness Oran Kathy Hannigan, Cabot Links Blaise MacEachern, Inverness County Destination Trail Project Pauline MacInnis, Independent Melissa MacInnis, East Novability Kelly Austin, The Farmer's Daughter Country Market Kay Robertson, Inverness County Centre for the Arts Diane Mouland, Inverness Oran Inez Forbes, Inverness Oran Doug fraser, Doug Fraser Art Gallery Kinnon Beaton, Celtic Music Centre Patricia vanZutphen, Clove Hitch Bar & Bistro Beth Ryan, The Refinery Eleanor & Alex Ryan, Gables Motel Caroline Cameron, Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia Darlene Cameron, Inverness County Network Society Alice Freeman, The Bear Paw Gift shop Madonna MacInnis, Inverness Visitor Center

Cabot Trail Temporary working group has formed to determine whether the need exists for a governing body moving forward Cabot Trail industry/operator engagement session scheduled for March 2013 to determine what the Partners are already doing Ceilidh Trail Preliminary meeting took place February 2013 “They should begin their Cape Breton experience on the Ceilidh Trail, then go to the Cabot Trail.  Their experience will be richer and more enjoyable. Roger Brooks

Louisbourg Steering committee/chairperson in place Workshops #1 and #2 complete Reverse Best Practices took place Dec. 6th (representative from Tignish) Community meeting took place Jan. 30, 2013 Six business people to attend Edge of the Wedge in April Consultant draft #3 received (open to committee review and input) Baddeck: Steering committee/chairperson(s) in place Workshop #1 complete

29 Committee members SynergyLouisbourg Baddeck committee to date
Jan Vickers, co-chair Glen MacDonald, co-chair Michael St-Denis, Alexander Graham Bell Tom Wilson, Municipality Anna MacDonald, Gaelic College Denise MacLeod Eddie Keeling Katrina MacKenzie Linda MacRae Liz Grub Paula Blashcheck Tracey Dares MacNeil Catherine Ann Fuller Donelda MacAskill Cathy MacKenzie, ECBC ex-officio Kelsey Peters, DCBA Dorothy Payne, Chair Lloydette MacDonald, Coordinator Cathy MacKenzie, ECBC ex-officio Cindy Hynes, CBRM Kelsey Peters, DCBA Chip Bird (Parks Canada ex-officio) Mireille Fiset, N.S. Economic and Rural Development and Tourism ex-officio Lester Marchand, Parks Canada Mitch McNutt, Fortress of Louisbourg Association Jim DeVries, Lobster Kettle Iris Stevens, Retired Annette LeBlanc, Louisbourg Seafoods Parker Bagnell, Heritage House B&B Linda Kennedy, Point of View Suites Michele Leamon, Louisbourg Playhouse Garrett Bagnell, Youth Darlene Bagnell, Visitor Information Centre

Contracts Awarded Harvey Sawler (Inverness County) Laurel Reid (CBRM) Consultations took place week of October 1st-5th CBRM Louisbourg Playhouse Old Sydney Society Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design Cape Breton Miners Museum Sydney Port Corporation Inverness Celtic Music Interpretive Centre (value-added) Centre de La MiCareme Glenora Inn & Distillery (value-added) The Clove Hitch Inverness County Centre for the Arts Les Trois Pignons

31 Deliver a Storytelling Workshop
5 storytelling workshops were held Louisbourg, Sydney River, St. Ann’s, Inverness, St. Peters 52 participants in total

32 Storytelling Workshop Participants
Louisbourg VIC Lawrence Burman, Fortress of Louisbourg David Ebert, Fortress of Louisbourg Lloydette MacDonald, Louisbourg Economic Development Darlene Bagnell, Louisbourg VIC Madeline Harvey, AGB Museum Michael St-Denis, AGB Museum Sydney River VIC Juanita Morrison, DCBA Megan MacDonald, Old Sydney Society John Roberts, Leather Works Marion Thompson, Leather Works Phyllis Williams, Cossit House Museum Nicole MacIntyre, Old Sydney Society Janice Lawand, Cossit House Museum Courtney Penney, Old Sydney Society Danielle Dalton, Old Sydney Society Nicole Baker, DCBA Gaelic College Cyndi Ingraham, Red Barn Donna Gray, Red Barn Beverly Marks, Red Barn gift shop Lorna MacLean, Red Barn/Adventures East Shelly Gillis, Adventures East Katrina MacKenzie, Lynwood Inn Leah Noble, Baddeck Marine Chad Keen, Silver Dart Lodge Margie Beaton, Gaelic College Anna MacDonald, Gaelic College

33 Storytelling Workshop Participants Cont.
St Peters Andrea Pottie, Bras d'Or Lakes Inn Melanie Burke, MacBouch Wendy Abbott, MacBouch Shawna Prout, MacAskill House Museum Micheline Boudreau, LeNoir Forge Museum Hildred Sampson, Foodland Germaine MacDonald, Mac's Celtic Gift Shop & It's Only Natural Judy Madden, Nicolas Denys Museum Lucille Martell, MacDonald Country Inn Wilma Martell, Campbell's Dairy Freeze Beate Hassold, A MacDonald Country Inn & Canal House B&B Marlyn Nicholas, Chapel Island Craft Shop Ann Marie Yorke, St. Peters VIC Eva Landry, MacAskill House Museum Brenda MacPhee, Foodland Jeanette Arsenault, Forget Me Not gift shop Inverness Bhreagh MacDonald, Cabot Links Charlotte Miller, Strethsprey Place Ann Schroeder, Ann Schroeder Studio Melissa MacInnis, Municipality Project Geraldine Beaton, Municipality Project Brenda Rachel, Tears of Glass Studio Betty Walker, Tears of Glass Studio Madonna MacInnis, Inverness Visitor Centre Anna Lee MacEachern, Municipality of the County of Inverness Anita MacLeod, Inverness Beach Village


Increase occupancy by 1% / 8000 room nights -1% over 2011 (Province is at -2% overall) The trendline below shows visitation trends for Halifax, CBI and the province

Newfoundland and Labrador Campaign approximately $13M. Occupancy result was .2% increase over 2011

37 PEI 2012 STATISTICS “…tourism is looking at is hitting operators provincewide with a three per cent levy. A levy would bring in an additional $2.1 million into the tourism coffers, money that would be redirected back to the various regional tourism associations across the province for marketing and product development…Despite considerable investment to increase visitation outside of July and August there has been limited growth. And while promotions like Fall Flavours and the Festival of Small Halls are reporting record sales, those sales have only helped maintain visitation, not increase it.” David MacKenzie, Deputy Minister of Tourism, PEI quoted in The Guardian – November 30, 2012

38 NB 2012 STATISTICS New Brunswick sees no change in occupancy rate and 3% decrease in room nights

Chart #1 Changes in occupancy from 2011 to 2012 Chart #2 Destination marketing spend for 2012 (MM) Provincial tourism spends indicated are approximate NB spend is not known and not reflected in chart 2

40 Internal Reviews ON OCCUPANCY
Internal reviews regularly conducted with operators 99 surveys complete Operators who made business changes had significantly better results Changes included More social media Increased online marketing Change of staff New products/experiences added Region % up or on par over 2011 Difference with Business Changes Victoria County 70.3% 80% CBRM 53.6% 83.3% Richmond 43.8% 44.4% Inverness 52.6% 66.7% OVERALL 58.6% 71.4%

Increase Experiential Icons visited by 5% Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site : -4.8% Cape Breton Highlands National Park: +5% Alexander Graham Bell Museum : -1% Highland Village : +2% *Citadel Hill in Halifax experienced a decrease of 25% in over 2011

42 RECAP WEBSITE GOALS Increase visitors serviced by by 15% Web visits increased by 4.73% Reduce bounce rate to under 30% Bounce rate – 44.2%. *Note: Bounce rate for the “awareness” campaign as recommended by our media consultants was considerably increased due to the impression based goals for this type of online buy. See comparison on next slide to our internal search based campaign. Improve the ability to plan and book CBI vacations through Trip planner and mapping function added as additions to website re-build. Implemented in June 2012. Highlight and promote the 12 Essential Certified Experiences No experiences received certification A revision of the certification process is under review for potential implementation in 2013 as a joint initiative of PD and marketing.

43 Web Stats Jan 1 – Dec 31 Total Visits Can Visits NS Visits NF Visits
Total Visits Can Visits NS Visits NF Visits Bounce Duration 2011 101,692 67,226 31,110 795 42.27 3:46 2012 106,516 69,737 32,795 1508 44.20 4:03 Diff +4.73% -3.6% +5.4% +89.69% +1.9% +7.37%  Campaign Active Dates # Clicks Duration Bounce AdWords 8/ /31 6,257 4:11 40.1% Awareness/Other 7/ /31 5,038 1:48 64.3%

Accommodations / Room nights The average number of room nights sold from was 383,333. The number of room nights sold in 2012 as 375,000. The goal for 2013 is to bridge the gap between the 3 year average and 2012 by recovering 8,333 room nights which represents a 2% increase over 2012 Average spend per visitor party The average spend per visitor party according to Travel Intentions Research was $804 for 2011 and $978 for 2012. The goal for 2013 is $1125 (approx. 15% increase) Experiential icon visitation Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site: 15% Cape Breton Highlands National Park: 5% Alexander Graham Bell Museum: 3% Highland Village: 3%

45 2013 SUPPORTING GOALS Average length of stay Website improvements
According to Travel Intentions, average length of stay was 3.1 nights in 2011 and 3.7 in 2012. The goal for 2013 is 4.3 nights (15% increase) Website improvements Increase in web visitation by 15% Maintain a bounce rate of under 35% overall Maintain a bounce rate of under 30% for PPC campaigns Media attention Capitalize on accolades to increase profile of CB Island Work with diverse media contractors to increase earned media and profile of CB Island among top writers and publications

Marketing spend targeted on geographic areas that show greatest interest in CB travel through Google analytics and TIS Media sources will be targeted to those showing high returns in recall and qualified web leads from 2012 analytics and Travel Intentions / Conversion study Website to receive refreshed creative and upgraded landing pages for iconic experiences i.e. The Cabot Trail and Fortress of LB VIC staff to receive consultative visitor interraction training to help support goals of increased stay and spend Engagement of media specialists to increase profile and publicity Industry Relations Representative hired to increase industry participation in marketing opportunities and experiential content on website

47 2012 ADVERTISING results Spend % of Total Visitor Recall Newsprint
Spend % of Total Visitor Recall Newsprint $85,000 32.7% 22% Television (CTV destination promos) $21,500 8.3% 52% Radio $41,500 16% 5% Online $50,000 23.1% 33% Magazine / Specialty Publication $62,000 23.8% 28%

48 2012/2013 ROI $269,000 invested in advertising
42% Recall on advertising 73% of web visitors surveyed traveled to Cape Breton Island this season Average spending per travel party was $ ($803 in 2011) Revenues generated are estimated at $5,700,332.15 $21.16 ROI *results compiled from Travel Intentions Survey data and website analytics

49 WEB VISITOR TRENDING 2013 Represents non-bounce visits from Jan 1 – Feb 28 Highlights include Ontario visits up 49.6% over 2012 Nova Scotia visits up 9.6% over 2012

50 WEB VISITOR TRENDING 2013 Represents visits from Jan 1 – Feb 28
Highlights include All visits up 21.8% over 2012 Non bounce visits 55.8% over 2012

Online Increase spend in Adwords Increase spend in Retain Trip Advisor placement Testing Facebook / SM sites Specialty Print Doers and Dreamers Saltscapes (take a drive) Motorcycle Guide Cape Breton Travel Guide Newsprint Chronicle Herald Television CTV commercials Destination spotlights in sponsorship with the Province if available OOH / Specialty promotions Bus wraps in HFX area Kiosk on the HFX waterfront * Further advertising opportunities may be identified throughout the marketing season

52 Niche Products Golf Meetings & Conventions Events Cruise

53 Golf Cape Breton Update
Highlights of 2012 Plan Increase in green fee rounds of 42.7% 52 media writers, 81 placements, 103,611,218 circulation, $4.2 million in earned media Increase in website visitation by 38% Increase in website pageviews by 36% Website conversion rate of 25% Highlands Links (#7) & Cabot Links (#9) named in Golf Digest’s list of Canada’s Top 30 Courses. Highlands Links #4 Cabot Links #14

54 Meetings & Events, Cruise Update
Meetings and Events 5 CBRM partners participated in Best Practices Mission Mobilize tourism committee with key stakeholders Pat Lyall, CEO destination Halifax brought in to present to the partners 923) next steps required Events Cape Breton registration has been transferred to DCBA Recruitment for Events CB Executive Director managed by Wilson Executive Search and being lead by ECBC Cruise Visitation up 28.2% Hop on Hop off tour product launched Issues from cruise lines in 2012 being jointly addressed by Port, DCBA, Parks and shore excursion providers

Mary Tulle CEO Noelle MacLean Director of Marketing Ross Hunter Industry Relations QUESTIONS OR FEEDBACK? HAPPY TO HELP!


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