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2012 Year in Review Glen Arbour Golf Association (GAGA)

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1 2012 Year in Review Glen Arbour Golf Association (GAGA)

2 GAGAs Mission The Glen Arbour Golf Association was formed in 2006 to provide a wide range of golf and social events to the residents of Glen Arbour. The diverse schedule of golf related activities is designed to appeal to golfers of all abilities and handicap levels. The calendar of social events affords opportunities for enjoyable entertainment and themed dining occasions that are appealing to both golfers and non golfers alike.

3 Website Each Sponsor gets their own customizable page (contact for details) Enhanced Events Calendar, easier to navigate and update Easy to post articles and update content Integrated Galleries Maintain standings for Mens Night, and Match play events online Website uses WordPress. Support and updates are continual, easy to update and maintain. Other 2012 Highlights Fewer GAGA emails with more content 225 GAGA Email Subscribers (our largest number ever!) Simplified Process, one point of contact for Email and Website updates Continued cost savings by using GAGA Communication Chair skills and not contracting outside services. Communications Communications Sent – Year by Year Comparison 201020112012 59 (May 18 th - Dec 1 st )39 (May 12 th – Dec 13 th )33 (May 1st - Oct 25th)


5 Wine Tasting Event – June 2012 (4 th year of event) Partnership with Bishops Cellar Approx. 70 people attended Maritime Music Event in the Tent – July 2012 Approx. 100 people attended Live band Clam Chowder GAGA Softball Tournament – July 2012 Approx. 30 people attended Events

6 Friday Fun Nights – every 2 nd Friday throughout Summer Approx. 25 – 40 people per night Mens (Mondays) and Ladies (Tuesdays) Nights – weekly Approx. 25 – 40 people per night Each participant contributes $5 / night which is allocated to year-end event Halloween Dance Approx. 75 people attended Live band Skully Events

7 Swiss Chalet Match Play Mens & Ladies – throughout Summer 27 Men in Handicap Event; Winner: Mike Ingram 16 Men in Non-Handicap Event; Winner: Jeff Forbes 12 Women in Handicap Event; Winner: Evie McDonald Glen Arbour Club Championship – August 2012 Approx. 60 people attended Womens winner: Patsy Simon Mens winner: Jeff Forbes Iron Person and Tombstone – October 2012 Mens and Ladies Opening (May) and Closing (October) tournaments 2012 Tournaments

8 Course Opens: May 10 th - with new food service caterer RCR Hospitality! Opening Tournaments: Mens May 25 th and Ladies May 26 th Swiss Chalet Mens and Ladies Match Play: Starting June 1 st Mens Night: Starts Monday May 27 th (weekly until mid Sept) Ladies Night: Starts Tuesday May 28 th (weekly until mid Sept) Friday Fun Night: Starts May 31 st (every 2 nd Friday) Wine Tasting Night: June 15 th Glen Arbour Softball/Family BBQ: Mid July Date TBD Club Championship: Aug 17 th and 18 th Event in the Tent: Sept 14 th Ladies and Mens closing events: Sept 28 th & 29 th Ironman and Tombstone: Oct 19 th Halloween Party: End of Oct / TBC ……………… and more to come so keep an eye on our events calendar! 2013 Plans

9 2013 Executive Team & Volunteers Officers Co-Presidents: Mike Bagnall & Pat Stiles Vice-President: Darren Zwicker Secretary: Sarah MacKinnon Treasurer: Rachel Stiles Committee Chairs Communications: Ryan Belbin Events: OPEN Handicap: Michael Ingram Tournaments (Men): OPEN Tournaments (Ladies): Kathy McNab Sponsorship Coordinator: Ken McNab Weekly Events Mens Night : Ryan Belbin, Paul Fagan & Bill Bodnarchuk Ladies Night : OPEN Friday Fun Night : Darren & Lisa Zwicker Match Play Events Ladies Handicap : KC MacDonald Mens Handicap : Darryl Creaser Mens Heads UP : KC MacDonald Tournaments Organizers Mens Opening: Sandy Hines & Ken McNab Ladies Opening: Sandy/Judy Hines & Kathy McNab Club Championship / Mens : Craig Maloney Ironman & Tombstone : Patrick Stiles

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