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Welcome to Curriculum Night

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night
First Grade August 20, 2013 The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn. *John Lubbock*  

2 “We can do anything ISH as long as we try!”
Ish emphasizes the power of believing in our abilities despite other’s reactions and despite our fear of failure. “We can do anything ISH as long as we try!”

3 About Miss Makela “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou Grew-up in Gurnee, Illinois Attended Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin Minor in Adaptive Education NAU Elementary Education M.Ed. This is my 11th year teaching 1st grade at Cerritos! This is my kid… Wrigley

4 Classroom Information
P.E. Tuesday Music Friday Art Wednesday Library Monday (Please return books each week!) Recess/Lunch 11:00/10:20 Teacher Duty Friday after school at 2:30 School Hours 7:40-2:35 Please drop your child off ON TIME!!  Wednesday until 12:35 Birthdays We will celebrate!!! Please do not send treats.

5 We are an AWARE Classroom!
We are an ALLERGY AWARE classroom. There are numerous allergies in first grade. It is critical that students do not share food. We are AWARE that the success and uniqueness of our class is driven by the diversity and differences between us. We are AWARE that our abilities and strengths will be celebrated and used as a basis to learn from one another. We are AWARE that we recognize each other through our strengths not our limitations. We are AWARE that people come first … not labels!! We are an AWARE Classroom!

6 Thank You for all of you support!!!!!
Volunteers Volunteering will begin later in the fall. Stay tuned for communication! Art Masterpiece and Jr. Achievement volunteers will be contacted by the appropriate person with further information. Class Parties: Please sign-up if you are interested in helping out or leading class parties. I would like to have a lead party parent for each party. Thank You for all of you support!!!!!

7 Communication Teacher Parent Newsletters/bulletins (email) Send a note
Notes home Phone calls Parent Send a note Call

8 Folder and Agenda Please check daily Send lunch money, homework and
notes in folder – Students are responsible for turning things in to “MORNING BUSINESS”. Homework will go home Monday and return on Friday

9 Homework Sent home Monday and due Friday
Spelling, writing, reading, and math Extension of what we are doing in class Math games are sometimes sent as the math homework Reading 15 minutes a night Please sign the homework so I know you checked it 

10 Big Cheese Every student will be the “Big Cheese” for a week.
I will let you know the week prior to your child’s “Big Cheese” debut! Every student will receive a book of special letters from the class at the end of their week!

11 Math NOW aligned with the new Math Common Core Standards
Calendar math Math Investigations Hands-on math Problem solving Math journal for problem solving On-going assessments and a district test in the spring Grades based on observations, class work, and assessments


13 Balanced Literacy Program
Reading Assessments Reading Logs and at-home Reading assignments Balanced Literacy Program 1. Reader’s Workshop What is it? Workshop time is motivated by mini-lessons and a set purpose Lessons are derived from trade books , chapter books, poetry and many forms of rich/relevant literature AND often correlates to Harcourt lessons Consists of small group and individual instruction Students have individual reading goals and read at appropriate reading levels Often students will have choice in the books they read Why Workshop? Promotes higher level thinking Allows students to make connections through literature Allows students to read for meaning Allows students to feel ownership a sense of responsibility for their learning Harcourt Reading Program and Phonics Emphasizes word work and language study – phonological awareness and phonics skills Explode the Code phonics

14 Writing Writer’s Workshop:
Short mini lessons each day addressing a writing standard Teaching goes beyond the idea that writing is just handwriting and conventions Students will work individually and collaboratively on writing projects Individual students and small groups will conference with me regularly about their personal writing goals Writer’s Workshop Yearlong Plan Includes: Genre studies (narrative writing, friendly letters, expository writing, poetry, etc.) Specific units of study (conventions, voice, etc.) The habits and processes of writers (neat writing, steps of the writing process, etc.) In Writer’s Workshop Students Will: Create rubrics as a tool to judge their own writing Publish their work often Keep a portfolio of his/her written work Share/publish with authentic audience Other Writing Practice: Handwriting Writing in content areas “Big Cheese” letter writing

15 Spelling Harcourt – 10 spelling words/week
Spelling lists will be sent home weekly once we begin homework. Tests on Fridays. Apply spelling to daily writing Phonics/word families

16 Science Sky and Weather Rocks, Earth Materials, and Conservation
Living Things and Their Habitats Balance and Movement The Scientific Process Hands-on and inquiry based

17 Social Studies Our self, family, and community Mapping skills
Geography and mapping Arizona History and Pilgrims, farming Customs and traditions US historical figures Ancient Egypt Thematic units integrated across the curriculum Character Counts- School wide program for citizenship throughout the year

18 Why a Leadership Focus? We believe that every child possesses leadership skills. We believe that every child will serve as a leader in some way, either in their careers or with family and friends. We believe that character education is essential. We believe that students must be taught how to collaborate with others. We believe that leadership training will have a positive impact on student achievement.

19 Data Passports School-wide Individualized
Goal Oriented (attainable and measureable) Monitoring of goals and progress. Intrinsic motivation for personal best. Allows for REFLECTION Will be used for student led conferences in Spring.

20 Housekeeping All receive “What’s Up in Room 53?” email?
If you have not signed up for Listserv please do so soon to get all school and district communications Thank you so much for all of the donations!


22 I dreamed I stood in a studio And watched two sculptors there,
The clay they used was a young child’s mind And they fashioned it with care. One was a teacher The tools she used were books and music and art, One was a parent With a guiding hand and a gentle loving heart. And when at last their work was done They were proud at what they had wrought, For the things they had worked into the child Can never be sold or bought. And each agreed she would have failed If she had worked alone. For behind the parent stood the school, And behind the teacher stood the home.

23 Good Night! Thank you for coming to Curriculum Night!
I look forward to teaching your child! We are going to have a great year!

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