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Second Grade Mrs. Hawkins’ Class.

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1 Second Grade Mrs. Hawkins’ Class

2 All About Me Born in Pittsburgh, PA Attended Clarion University of PA
Moved to Fayetteville, NC Taught 5th Grade for 2 years Taught 1st Grade for 4 years Followed my family to Cornelia, GA and taught 2nd Grade in Habersham County for 2 years Recently married on July, 23rd and moved to Atlanta to teach at Austin

3 A Typical Day D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) Math
PE/German/Recess Read Aloud Word Study Writers Workshop Reading Workshop Lunch Science Social Studies Buddy Study

Homework ASSIGNMENTS AND PROCEDURES Assignments are written in newsletter Will be a variety from different subjects Reading and Buddy Study every night Sent home and returned in Homework Folder Checked daily Graded (late assignments will have points deducted) Students completing all assignments for the week will get to pick from the treasure box. Students completing all assignments for the month will receive a homework pass. HELPFUL HINTS FOR HOME Convey your expectations about homework to your child Set aside a special time just for homework Set up a proper study area Show interest in your child’s assignments Offer praise as motivation

5 Language Arts Word Study Read Aloud Interactive and Shared Writing
Reading Workshop Writing Workshop

6 Word Study Systematically planned and applied experiences focusing on the elements of letters and words. The goals of Word Study are as follows: Knowledge of how to look at and use features of print Knowledge of large core and high-frequency words An understanding of simple and complex letter-sound relationships The ability to notice and use patterns in words The ability to use a repertoire of word-solving strategies Skill in using references, resources and proofreading

7 Read Aloud The teacher reads a story aloud. The goals of Read Aloud are as follows: An appreciation of literature and knowledge about the written language How to make personal connections to what they read Skills in how to have a discussion about reading, and the connections that are made The ability to recognize the parts of a story The ability to hear the expression and fluency of an experienced reader

8 Interactive and Shared Writing
A group writing process where the students and the teacher share the pen on chart paper. The goals of Interactive and Shared Writing are as follows: How to express their ideas in writing Knowledge of letter names, handwriting and skill How to make connections between letter sounds and words

9 Reading Workshop One way of organizing a balanced literacy program. The purpose of reading workshop is to promote fluency, provide and occasion to promote the love of reading and learn about texts in various ways. Reading workshop builds a community of readers as students receive support from the teacher, their peers, and interact with others to develop good literacy habits.

10 Reading Workshop The goals of reading Workshop are as follows:
An understanding of strategies that will benefit them while they are reading. The ability to respond to literature in Reading Response Journals The ability to make decisions about their own reading

11 Reading Workshop Reading Workshop consists of three main parts:
Mini lesson Reading -Guided Reading groups -Conferencing -Reading Response Journals Share

12 Writing Workshop A forum for students to independently write while the teacher guides the writing towards publication. The goals are as follows: Students write uninterrupted Knowledge of the essential parts of a story and a feeling of ownership over their work Synthesis of the strategies from other Language Arts components into their writing Writing Workshop consists of three main parts. Mini lesson -Based on their needs Conferencing Share

13 Math Classes are homogeneously grouped How are they grouped?
1. CRCT and ITBS scores 2. Teacher Observation 3. Previous classes in 1st grade Classes are flexible Same skills are taught using different techniques 6-week pacing guide Homework and grades will come from your child’s math teacher

14 Science/Social Studies
All classes teach the same topics at the same time Skills are often taught using projects, literature, experiments, and technology Second Grade pacing guide

15 Buddy Study A different approach to spelling.
Students are tested on the “No Excuse” word list Missed words become their “Words to Learn” Five words are picked from their “Words to Learn” folder and five are picked from class generated list (based on a Word Study lesson from that week) Students complete weekly activities that promote retention of the spelling of these words.

16 Buddy Study Weekly Buddy Study Activities:
Monday: Choose, Write, Build Tuesday: Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Wednesday: Buddy Check Thursday: Making Connections Friday: Buddy Test

17 Get ready for a great year!
For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at

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