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Welcome to Kindergarten at Southeast Ms. Gwen Nickolaison 816-359-6292.

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten at Southeast Ms. Gwen Nickolaison 816-359-6292

2 All About Me, Ms. Nickolaison I grew up in Red Oak, IA and moved to KC, MO in 2002. I graduated from NWMSU with my Undergrad and my Master’s from Webster. I have been teaching Kindergarten for 13 th years and boy has it changed! I taught for 2 years in Raytown and this is my 11 th year at Park Hill. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, taking vacations, and lounging by the pool! I also work part time at the Riverside MCPL. Other K teachers: Miss Kukal and Mrs. Fritts

3 We are going to learn a lot in Kindergarten! Some of it we will bring home on paper. Some of it we will bring home with our mouths. And, some of it we will keep in our hearts forever!

4 Goals for this school year Create a desire and enthusiasm for learning! Maintain a positive self-esteem and self- confidence. Provide a caring and nurturing environment where you child can learn. Assist your child in having a successful 1 st year of school. Check out our data board! Be a Leader and have fun!

5 Leader In Me At Southeast Elementary we use The Leader In Me program to teach personal leadership through the 7 Habits. Leader In Me Video –Habit 1: Be Proactive, I’m in charge of myself –Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind, make a plan –Habit 3: Put First Things First, work then play –Habit 4: Think Win-Win, everyone can win –Habit 5: Seek First to Understand Then Be Understood, listen before you talk –Habit 6: Synergize, together is better –Habit 7: Sharpen The Saw, balance feels best

6 Communication Positive communication between school and home is vital to your child’s education. I will send you a daily email with information about what we learned each day, important upcoming dates, and specials schedule. There are several ways you may contact me throughout the school day. –Phone calls: I am not able to answer the phone while there are students in the classroom but you may leave a voice mail and I will return your call as soon as possible. –E-mail: I check e-mail throughout the school day during plan times and before/after school –Notes: you may send a note in your child’s Daily Take Home Folder. Please contact the office if your child will be absent from school. You will receive a call from our office if we have not heard from you.

7 Progress Reports, Report Cards, and Parent Teacher Conferences Mid-quarter reports will be sent home midway through each quarter to let you know of your child’s strengths and weaknesses on the skills that have been taught. Report cards will be sent home at the end of each quarter. Please keep your child’s report card and sign and return the envelope. Fall Parent Teacher Conferences will be October 28 th and 29 th

8 Daily Schedule 8:40-11:40 Communication Arts *Jolly Phonics *Shared Reading *Working with Words *Guided Reading *Writer’s Workshop *Reader’s Workshop 10:30-10:50 Morning Recess 11:46-12:06 Lunch 12:06-1:40 Math and Math Workshop 1:40-2:30 Specials 2:35-2:55 Afternoon Recess 2:55-3:15 Read Aloud 3:15-3:30 Pack and Stack

9 Specials Schedule We have a four day special rotation A, B, C, D days –A Day: Music –B Day: Library –C Day: Art –D Day: PE Please be sure your child wears tennis shoes on P.E. day so they can participate in all of the activities. See Daily Email for ABCD Rotation.

10 Recess, Lunch and Birthday’s Your child will be going outside, weather permitted, everyday. As the weather becomes colder, please send appropriate attire for your child. Lunch Choices: Choice 1 and Choice 2, Vegetarian Choice 1 and Choice 2, Yogurt and Lunch from home You child will need to learn their personal 6-digit lunch code over the next few weeks. Please label your child’s lunch money with first and last name in a sealed envelope or you can pay online. We love to celebrate birthdays at school. The following is our procedure: –Birthday Treats will be shared during lunch time. “To protect the health and safety of our students, students may bring pre-packaged treats to share with classmates in recognition of birthday and other celebrations. Homemade treats will not be distributed to students. Due to allergies and other food intolerances, please contact the teacher before the pre-packaged treats are brought to school.”

11 Dismissal If your child is not following his/her regular dismissal procedures, please notify the office so they will be aware of the changes or send a note with your child that morning. If we have not received notification from you, I will send your child home in the usual manner. Please do not e-mail changes. WE cannot guarantee that we will have an opportunity to check our e-mail prior to dismissal. This helps us ensure your child’s safety and eliminate any confusion.

12 Next Week Reminders… Tuesday, August 11 th 5:30-7:00 Back to School Night –Bring your child! –Bring your labeled supplies! –Forms to complete! Thursday, August 13 th First Day of School –8:35 arrival –8:40 first bell rings –8:35-9:00 Boohoo/Yahoo Kindergarten Parent Breakfast sponsored by the Southeast PTA in the library

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