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2 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
The company specializes in: the production and delivery of components for agricultural and industrial tractors, spare parts for engines, metalworking, coating, manufacturing of products on customer drawings or samples.

3 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
“Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd has new complex production equipment, which provides full-cycle production. This allows us to: produce custom orders from one unit of output and meet the needs of customers across the conveyor supply; annually expand the range of products and a list of services in metalworking; meet domestic and international quality standards. To control the quality of products the company has its own laboratory, which controls the entire production process starting with raw material up to confirmation of all characteristics of the finished product.

4 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
Process capability LATHE Maximum capacity diameter 200…1000 Work pieces maximum length 230…1078 MILLING Maximum table unit dimensions 1600 х 750 Maximum working stroke 1525 х 762 х 625 GRINDING Maximum capacity diameter 80… 800 Work pieces maximum length 100… 2000 TESTING For production verification Work centers (28units.), therefrom HAAS (7 un.) и DOOSAN (7 un.) with the possibility of 4-axis machining Work centers (12units.), therefrom HAAS (4 un.) и DOOSAN (7 un.) with the possibility of 4-axis machining Fully simulates the work of units in the engine and other products Grinding machines with accuracy ± 0,005 mm

5 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
Process capability Equipment designation and model Maximum capacity diameter Work pieces maximum length Casework Body of rotation Accuracy Examples of manufactured products intended Lathe Screw lathe16А20Ф3 200 750 х shafts, flanges, hubs, cups, pulleys for agricultural tractors and machinery industry (drive shafts, camshafts axles) including the subject of railway destination Horizontal lathe machining centers Puma 280LM (DOOSAN) 410 1078 х (part dimensions) positioning accuracy ±0,005mm, reproducibility accuracy ±0,003mm Lathe revolving centers SL-30 THE (HAAS) 432 864 Lathe revolving centers SL-20 THE (HAAS) 262 508 Double lathe centers H310T (DOOSAN) 400 230 Lathe-milling machining centers VT-900M-2SP (DOOSAN) 900 850 Boring and turning machine with control panel SKI-8 (TOS HULIN) 1000 600 large housing and parts of bodies of revolution (main gear housing, carrier, differential housings) Boring and turning machine with control panel SKIQ-8 (TOS HULIN)

6 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
Process capability Equipment designation and model Working stroke length х width Value of strokes x-y-z Casework Parts such as bodies of revolution (shafts, flanges) Examples of manufactured products intended Milling Vertical machining centerTM-1P (HAAS) 660х381 762х305х406 х Details of running system of tractors and other specialized equipment, reducer housings, transmission and bridge housings, etc. Vertical machining centerVF-2BHE (HAAS) 914х356 762х406х508 Vertical machining center VF-3НТ/50 (HAAS) 1219х457 1016х660х635 Vertical machining center Mynx-540/50 (DOOSAN) 1200х540 1020х540х530 Vertical machining centerMynx-750/50 (DOOSAN) 1600х750 1525х762х625 Coordinate boring machine 2А622 Fanuc 1250х1250 Horizontal machining center HM-500 (DOOSAN) 500х500 800х650х650 Horizontal machining center HM-800 (DOOSAN) 800х800 1250х1000х1000

7 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
Process capability Equipment designation and model Maximum capacity diameter Work pieces maximum length Casework Parts such as bodies of revolution (shafts, flanges) Examples of manufactured products intended Grinding Centerless grinding machine 3Е184А 80 х Auto, motor, transmission units Cylinder grinding semiautomatic machine 3М174 400 2000 Cylinder grinding semiautomatic machine 3У143МВ 1400 Grinding machine 3М131 280 700 Surface grinding machine 3Л722В 320х1250 Surface grinding machine 3Е756 ø800 Internal grinding machine 3М227ВФ2 ø20-200 100

8 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd Equipment designation and model
Process capability Equipment designation and model Procuring equipment Bandsawing machine С-916 possibility of cutting with angle +45 ⁰ Bandsawing machine LM-320АР Possibility of piled-plate cutting Scissors crank sheet НА 3222Ф1 Max thickness of plate 16 mm, max width of plate 3150 Guillotine shears НД 3318Г Max thickness of plate 6,3 mm, max width of plate 2000 Single-point press КД 2128 forcing 630 kN

9 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
Технологические возможности Equipment designation and model Process chamber dimensions (diameter - height) Types of thermal treatment Equipment for thermal processing Electric furnace shaft for nitration США 8.12/7И 800 1200 Chemical thermal treatment (nitration) Electric furnace shaft for cementation СШЦМ 8.15/9.5 И9 2000 Chemical thermal treatment (cementation, nitrocementation) Chamber high-temperature furnace ПКМ 3.6.2/12.5 600х300х200 thermal treatment Electric hardening furnace shaft ПШЗ10.15/12И1 1500 Electric furnace shaft США-6.6/ 7И1 600 Electric furnace shaft СШЦМ-6.6/9-5 Electric furnace shaft СШЗ-6.6/7 Electric furnace shaft США-8.24/6-ЛО1 HFC hardening machine based on ВЧГ2-100/0.66 Shafts hardening max diameter 100 mm Induction thermal treatment of high-frequency currents HFC hardening machine based on ТПЧ 320 Rollers hardening max diameter 800 mm Наименование и модель оборудования Coating Galvanic area with the possibility of the following coatings: Detail max dimensions Line speed Electrolytes heating method Galvanizing 1000х300х300 2,7 sq.m./hour steam (hot water) Phosphatization 1,5 sq.m./hour Oxydation 0,86 sq.m./hour electric (tubular electric heater) Paintshop Open type Liquid lacquer, enamel 3000х2000х1500 (length х width х height) pneumatic spraying of liquid dispersed material Drying section Close type

10 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
Process capability Equipment designation and model Welding welding area with various manipulators argon arc welding of ferrous metals (including elements of hydraulics) welding in sphere of shielding gases welding seam control according to GOST (ability of personnel training NAKS) Press Hydraulic press PYE-160S1M Maximum forcing 1600 кН Hydraulic press П6334 Maximum forcing 2500 кН Working range magnitude (x-y-z) Max precision of measurements Measuring equipment Universal measuring machines UPMC-CAA 850/700/450 OPTON(Zeiss) 0,001 мм Hardness testing machine As a part of quality department Spectral setting to confirm the chemical composition of the material As a part of central plant laboratory Fracture testing machine Characterization of process liquids

11 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
Quality assurance The quality of our products is confirmed by certificates. The certified quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 ensures quality control at all stages from design to delivery of finished products. «CHZSA», Ltd possesses all the resources: the output capacity, qualified personnel, technical standards fund of internal and external origin, necessary for production activities in the declared area.

12 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
TRACTOR SPARE PARTS «CHZSA» manufactures spare parts for agricultural, forestry tractors produced by the Concern “Tractor Plants”: “Kraslesmash” JSC "Onega Tractor Plant" Ltd "Vladimir Motor-Tractor Works" JSC “Tractor Company” “Volgograd Tractor Plant” Ltd All manufactured spare parts are produced according to the original design documents are delivered directly to the assembly lines of the tractor manufacturers and are 100% compatible. Running system units for: harvesting machines based on TT-4M, TT4M-23K harvesting machines based on TDT-55, TLT-100, Onezhec-300 wheeled and tracked agricultural tractors

13 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
ENGINE SPARE PARTS «Cheboksary power system works», Ltd is one of the main producers of the spare parts for YAMZ engines manufactured at “Autodiesel”, Jsc: For engines V6, V8 of YAMZ-236, YAMZ-238, YAMZ-7511 series – a wide range of fan drives for engines; For engines V12 of YAMZ-845, YAMZ-850 series – reducing sleeves transition fittings, flanges, water pumps. Spare parts pass all the required tests Produced according to the original design documentation and delivered directly to the assembly line of "Autodiesel" as well as the secondary market. "CHZSA" has the Certificate for the right to perform maintenance and repair process as well as to consider customers’ claims of product quality in warranty period.

14 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
VEHICLE COMPONENTS Preforms Car parts and components iron, steel, precision steel castings, forgings Elements of the engine iron castings, precision steel castings Elements of the brake system iron casting Finished products Clutches Clutch assemblies, clutch discs Running system units axle gearboxes and accessories

15 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
PIPELINE ACCESSORIES Preform pipeline accessories are manufactured by forging or casting of structural and alloy steels. Flanges Ø40-400mm Slip On Flange GOST Weld neck flange GOST Preform valves and wellhead

16 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
COMPONENTS FOR CRUSHING AND SCREENING EQUIPMENT Components for crushing and screening equipment: Hammers, spaddles, armor plates, linings, etc. Cutting and spare parts for the mining, excavation and construction equipment: Knives, dipper teeth, bore bits

17 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
ENGINES 2, 3 and 4 cylinder models produced by “Vladimir motor-tractor works" JSC All-purpose in-line 6 and 4 cylinder diesels by "Altai Motor Plant" JSC Diesel engines are installed on more than 100 types of machines made ​​by leading engineering companies in Russia and the CIS. The power range of motors differs from 21 h.p. up to 350 h.p. Over 60% of Russian agricultural machinery is equipped with these engines. Main quality characteristics of engines are reliability and efficiency while working in different climatic conditions, availability and ease of maintenance, significant operational overhaul. Installed at: Tractors, combines, vehicle chassis, loading-cleaning machines; Welding units; Diesel-generators; Power suppliers. A wide range of original spare parts is always available.

18 “Cheboksary power system works”, Ltd
Contact information 428028, Chuvash republic, Cheboksary, Traktorostroitelei str., 109 Tel.: (8352) , , , Fax: (8352)


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