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TO MAKE OUR SKY CLEANER Your One-Stop Solution for Steel Pipe Making Line.

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1 TO MAKE OUR SKY CLEANER Your One-Stop Solution for Steel Pipe Making Line

2 Slitting Line Pipe Making Line Spare parts We provide comprehensive Services and Supports to satisfy our customers requirements worldwide, including:

3 Slitting Line The slitting line is designed to shear large hot or cold rolling coil into coils of desired width along the longitudinal direction and then roll them into coils as the material of pipe, sectional steel and other profile production. The slitting line is used to match with cross cutting machine as to the different demands of users.

4 Pipe Making Line

5 Uncoiler Uncoiler is the important equipment of front preparation in welding pipe mill line, mainly used to hold steel strip to make coils unfold, supplying raw material for the production line. It also need be coordinated to use with coil car and end straightener in welded tube production, guiding the steel strip into the flatten to carry on leveling, the brake way of the entire line in linkage controlling, so that it guaranteed steel strip not to loose in the production process. Features: High Speed Easy to operate

6 Pinching & Leveling Pinching & Leveling is designed to level the end of the steel strip after the uncoiler guiding the steel strip, providing convenience for the shearing & butt-welding. This machine is mainly used in wall thickness δ5mm that man cant operate.

7 Shear & butt-welder Shear welder is to cut off the irregular ends of steel strip and weld them, thus to ensure the continuous production for the line. easily operate high automation degree high welding effective low labor intensity pneumatic/hydraulic shear

8 Accumulator The accumulator is a strip storing unit in the longitudinally welded pipe and formed section production. It stores certain amount of strip and leaves time for the shear welder to shear and weld the ends of the strips. Its designed to guaranty the uninterrupted fluent production

9 Forming & Sizing Mill Forming & Sizing mill is to roll the steel strip of different sizes to the corresponding tube blanks of straight seam continuously through roll type forming, cage roll forming and FF/FFX forming, then heated the tube edges to the welding temperature via high frequency induction or contact heating and completed the welding under the extrusion of the squeeze roller, after cooling, sizing and straightening to be the requested straight seam steel pipe. This machine system is mainly composed of the forming section, the welding section, the sizing section, the transmission system and the electrical system etc.

10 Roller

11 HF welding machine Our solid state welding units are designed to handle load fluctuations, arcing at the coil, a need for higher frequencies, and ease of maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. Advantages : High efficiency Energy saving High reliability

12 Solid state welder composition

13 Composition: Machine bed, cutting head, pinion and rack drive system, pneumatic lift and down system, motor and reducer drive system, electronic and pneumatic control system, speeding system, and carrier roll stand. Flying Saw

14 Straightening machine Straightening machine is used to straighten the steel strip and clear the defects of ovality on tube forming and welding in longitudinal and transverse section, meanwhile eliminated the organizational stress of welding seam on welding high temperature.

15 End-facing & Chamfering Machine End-facing & Chamfering machine is designed to mill two end faces of welded pipe and chamfer the edge of inside and outside. It include manual and automatic type. The automatic chamfering machine adopt PLC control, and the entire process is working online automatic cycle which has the rational design, the steady process, reliable work, simplicity of operator and service convenience etc.

16 Hydro tester Hydrostatic testing machine is to detect pressure resistance of weld pipe the entire process is online in an automatic continuous state. Under pressure of different experiments, two seal forms of mechanical (end face) seal and large gap radial seal, pressurized way of high-pressure pumps and booster cylinder. Equipment was controlled by computer & PLC to work automatically and meanwhile made the experimental parameters, test curve and steel parameters to display on the computer screen, stored in the database according to the time for future reference.

17 Auxiliary equipment and spares Water pump Air tank

18 Auxiliary equipment and spares Air compressor Gear grinding machine

19 Auxiliary equipment and spares Magnetic bar Saw blade Slitting knives

20 Services Mill Installation Testing & Commissioning After Sales Service Our customer service system can ensure quick response to serve for customers. We have available stock for mill consumables including impeder, saw blade etc as well as electrical spares to meet customers urgent requirement. Support Technical Support Quality System We take product quality as enterprise life, and required to be accurate, delicate and concrete. Owning dedicate tool such as CNC boring machine, turning mill, milling machine, planning machine, grinding machine,hobbling machine and 3D analyzer in all more than 50 sets. Furthermore,we cooperate with state-owned and military enterprises, each machining technique is strictly supervised range from machining, thermal treatment to assembling and quality inspection to guarantee the machining precision of every component and assembling accuracy of the entire equipment. Introduced from home and abroad in the related facility, such as electric motor, reducer, shaft bearing, hydraulic pressure parts, pneumatic parts and so on, to enhance the intensity, precision, usability and working age of the machinery, and simultaneously the production cost of the equipment is also cared..

21 THANK YOU Tel : 86-10-84885229 Email :

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