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Introduction foundation Machine F5000

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1 Introduction foundation Machine F5000
IHC Merwede 01/04/2017 Introduction foundation Machine F5000 IHC Fundex Equipment ®

2 Fundex F5000 The Fundex F5000 is a hydraulic foundation machine for piling and drilling. The hydraulic undercarriage with a D8 size and track plates with a width of 1200mm, carries the fully rotating uppercarriage. The F5000 has a variable hydraulic pump which makes it possible to operate different functions at the same time. The F5000 is a very stable machine. The stabilizers give the machine even more stability, and are very useful during drilling. The front stabilizers are attached to sliding table, this results in a very stable machine at every position of the sliding table. The F5000 is standard equipped wit a strong 12 liter diesel engine, attached to a variable hydraulic pump, which creates sufficient oilflow to power a range of different impact hammers, light rotary

3 heads and vibrators. Optionally it is possible to order the F5000 with a 16 liter engine if big impact hammers or high torque rotary heads are used. The installation of a power pack is also possible. The F5000 has electronically steered joystick controls installed at an ergonomic position in the operator’s cabin. The cabin can be turned to the side and in angle to create an even safer working environment. The control of the machine is with a self programmed very reliable PLC. The F5000 has a leader length maximum of 56m. The pull up force is 120 tons, maximum drill torque is 500 kNm. The F5000 is made for fast installation and erecting. Till 50m leader the F5000 is self-erecting.

4 Techical data - Engine: Volvo, 6 cylinder 315 kW, optional 565 kW
- Hydraulic pumps: Rexroth, variable pump, open hydraulic system - Hydraulic data: 550 ltr/min optional 800 ltr/min at 320 bar - Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 1200 ltr - Fuel tank capacity: 1000 ltr Winches: 1x 30 tons (hammer or pull up rotary head) 1x 12.5 tons (vibrator or pull down rotary head) 1x 12.5 tons (pile/ casing) 1x 6 tons (optionally for topcrane) 1x 3 tons (optionally for reinforcement) 1x 0.9 tons (optionally for man-lift)

5 Undercarriage: D8 grade, 1200 mm width, 3 rib track plates
Tracks removable with quick release system Horizontal stroke leader: 2000 mm Vertikal stroke leader: 1600 mm Pull up force: 120 tons at 56 meter leader Pull down force: 50 tons Man lift: Optionally available over full leader length, remote control optionally possible. Hydraulic top crane: Optionally available, capacity max. 6 tons Power pack: Optionally available 315 – 565 kW, controls integrated in cabin

6 Erecting F5000 Transport position:

7 Install the tracks:

8 Erect A-bridge and install counterweights

9 Install leader sections

10 Extract outriggercilinder
Lock guiding outrigger – leader

11 Retract the 2 cylinders at bottom of the outrigger

12 Retract outriggercylinder

13 Unlock guiding leader – outrigger
Extract outrigger cylinder, keep the leader at his position with auxilliary winch for erecting Lock guiding leader - outrigger

14 Retract outriggercilinder till leader is perpendicular, machine is ready for use


16 Transport dimensions

17 General view

18 F5000 with 56m leader, drilltable 45tm and 50m auger ø900

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