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BTSA New Support Provider Tutorial Part II WELCOME New BTSA Support Provider.

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1 BTSA New Support Provider Tutorial Part II WELCOME New BTSA Support Provider

2 Roles and Responsibilities Work with your participating teacher Formative Assessment (FACT)documented in Portfolio Take a minute to think of other ways that you can support your new teacher

3 Work with your participating teacher Support for their immediate needs Acculturation to the school site Planning & implementing effective instruction for all students Reflecting on their practice Observations – Obtain sub release form from website – Submit sub release form two weeks prior to observation – 2 sub release days per participating teacher Portfolio Development

4 What is BTSA…

5 BTSA Evolution CNTP (California New Teacher Project) 1989-1991 Pilot, Research, & Development BTSA 1992-1997 Initial Programs BTSA 1998 - 2003 System New Learnings & Program Design & Assessment BTSA January, 2004 Key Component of 2042 Induction Process

6 Todays BTSA Induction Program Preliminary Credentialtheory, at the university Clear Credential (BTSA)– implementation, of practice within the classroom

7 Induction Requirements FACT/Formative Assessment – Year I and Year II – ECO may complete in one year Instructional Seminars to support District Initiatives (One fall and one spring) Mid-year Advisement Session Surveys, State registration Optional FACT Work Time Sessions Reflective Conversation with Support Provider Portfolio Review/Summary of Teaching Practice

8 BTSA Components What does the pie graph say about your role as a support provider?

9 Standards– Advice and Assistance How do participants know… – What to do to complete? – How to get help? – What happens if theyre not on track for completion? Connects with State Survey Questions…. You play a key role within this standard

10 Standard -- Coordination & Communication How do we communicate? Website Orientation & Advisement Sessions SP Meetings Seminars University Collaboration EmailsParticipants and Support Providers Program Surveys Support Providers relay information to PTs! MUST BE 2-WAY! Connects with State Survey Questions….

11 Standard -- Completion of the Professional Teacher Induction Program Register Attend the sessions on their schedule Complete their portfolio Have their portfolio reviewed File for clear credential

12 What is the Portfolio? Guidelines for effective teaching practices Evidence for the State that each Participant has exhibited proficiency in each of the Induction Standards Evidence for participating teachers of their growth as an effective educator

13 Portfolio Tabs The mandatory Support Provider Orientation has provided you with an overview of the portfolio. Additional information will be provided via FACT training and the Coaching Strategies Modules. Downloadable copies are available from the LAUSD BTSA website.

14 You Are a Key Player! For many, learning is a spiral, where important themes are visited again and again throughout life, each time at a deeper, more penetrating level. Jerold W. Aps Teaching from the Heart (1996)

15 The Road to Success Review the New Support Provider Tutorials Register with the State Make sure you are officially matched with a PT Understand the requirements For yourself For your participating teacher Dont hesitate to ask for help or clarification when you need it LAUSD BTSA Office – (213) 241-5495

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