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AUSD BTSA Induction Board Report September 11, 2007.

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1 AUSD BTSA Induction Board Report September 11, 2007

2 BTSA Induction Serves New teachers in their first 2 years of teaching with a credential –2042 Multiple/Single Subject Preliminary - Required –Clear Multiple and Single Subject - Optional –Ryan Preliminary - Optional (Counts towards Clear) –Level 1 Special Ed - Optional (Counts towards Clear) –Level 1 ROP - Optional Not Interns or those with emergency credentials

3 2007-2008 Of the 50 Brand New Hires to AUSD this Fall –22 BTSA Year 1 –2 BTSA Year 2 Also Participating are: –18 re-hired Temps now in BTSA Year 2 (4 temps did not return) –5 newly credentialed teachers Year 1 47 TOTAL: 27 Year 1, 20 Year 2 (4 more than last year)

4 Support Providers 33 active for 2007-08 –10 newly trained this year –11 continuing Year 2 training –13 fully trained continuing to support –SP Retention Rate 80% All Support Providers receive four 2-hour Advanced Training sessions each year –Mentoring Matters –Induction Requirements –Support Provider Identified Needs

5 What is Induction? Job-embedded Professional development Training that builds on pre-service learning Support Provider Coaching 2 Year Process Inquiry Cycle: Plan, Teach, Reflect, Apply Using Student Data Peer Observation and feedback Self-directed Learning Plan A Balance of Support and Challenge Learning for Standards Using the CA Standards for the Teaching Profession Teachers Showing Application of Standards

6 Program Requirements Meeting Attendance –5, including Colloquium Formative Assessment –Meet approx. once a week with a Support Provider to do inquiry and reflection using teacher observation and student data Professional Development in Induction Standards 15-20 –3 hours in each Standard (9 hrs per year) Induction Portfolio of 46 elements –Teachers show evidence they are implementing the standards NEW

7 Induction Standards 15-20 Standard 15 - Content Standards Standard 16 - Using Technology Standard 17 - Equity and Diversity Standard 18 - Safe, Healthy Environments Standard 19 -Teaching English Learners Standard 20 - Teaching Special Populations (Special Ed, GATE)

8 East Bay BTSA Induction Consortium (EBBIC) 5 Districts: Alameda, Berkeley, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Newark (Lead) District Coordinator: Shirley Clem Site Coordinators: Cindy Frankel, Diana Kenney, Terrill Olsen Support Providers Participating Teachers

9 Coordinating our Efforts EBBIC Leadership Team - Newark Directors and District Coordinators design Induction program in compliance with state requirements Input From All Stakeholders - Advisory Board, District Coordinators, Site Coordinators, Support Providers and Participating Teachers - Meeting Discussions, Surveys, Analysis of program data District Coordinator implements local program

10 District Coordinator works with EBBIC and District to: Provide BTSA training –New Teacher Orientation –BTSA Induction Orientation/Advisement –3 CFASST meetings –4 Support Provider Advanced trainings –Colloquium –Coordinate Induction Standards Staff Development Verify progress of all Participating Teachers –1:1 Conferences twice each year –CFASST Completion –Induction Portfolio –Professional Development Requirements

11 Outcomes Teachers obtain Clear Credential Teachers learn best practices for professional growth, collaboration and inquiry Increased knowledge of subject matter, students and pedagogy for Standards Teacher Growth = Increased Student Achievement Teacher retention in the profession

12 eCoach: An online learning environment Communication –Team Page- BTSA Calendar-Message Center –Post & share work -Forum- Blog Coaching –Online Feedback with lesson planning, IIPs, projects, etc. Resources –Web links- BTSA/CFASST documents –Teacher Created Lesson plans/units-District info Universal Builder –Project templates-Survey builder –Induction Plan Template-Portfolio template –Lesson/Unit Planning-Self-assessment rubrics

13 Team Page for Support Providers and Participating Teachers Announcements Links to CFASST Forms, Surveys, Roster, Forums, Assignments, Calendar, Everything in one place

14 eCoach Provides Improved Communication Instant access to latest BTSA & district information, updated materials, etc. Ability to provide timely feedback through online coaching Ability to provide professional development online, including make-up opportunities for missed trainings Instant survey data Teacher accountability, Built-in record keeping Tools for teaching and collaboration

15 BTSA Highlights 47 Participants - Half of our New Hires We retained 18 out of 23 Year 1s from last year Support Provider Return Rate High EBBIC and District partnership eCoach -Tool for BTSA program implementation, as well as teacher planning, collaboration & resources

16 BTSA Induction Wisdom comes from observation and experience, not just education.

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