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Please visit the refreshment table and complete Packet C

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1 Please visit the refreshment table and complete Packet C
WELCOME ! BTSA Induction Program Orientation Please visit the refreshment table and complete Packet C

2 BTSA Eligibility LAUSD Classroom or Qualifying Charter School Teacher
Holder of a California Preliminary Teaching Credential

3 Agenda General Session Professional Development Session
Norms, Outcomes, Connector Program Rationale Dispositions/Expectations Program Requirements Tools for Success Next Steps Professional Development Session Optional Early Completion Session

4 Early Completion Option (ECO) Eligibility
Experience as a teacher of record Intern experience or Two or more years teaching experience Fulltime assignment with LAUSD or qualifying Charter School Submission of Application Attendance – Orientation/Informational Session

5 Collaborative Norms Equity of Voice Active Listening
Respect for ALL Perspectives Safety and Confidentiality

6 Outcomes Participants will be able to:
Identify initial steps as a program participant Identify themselves as part of a learning community Recognize resources to support successful completion of Induction Program

7 Connector K-W-L What I Already Know About BTSA?
What I Want to Know About BTSA?

8 Program Rationale What is Induction? Phase of Teacher Development
Period of Socialization & Enculturation A Formal Program for Beginning Teachers

9 Role of Support Provider
Ongoing support Average of 8 hours/month Provides assistance & guidance throughout the formative assessment process (FACT) Model & encourage collaboration and reflection as key elements in both student and adult learning

10 Video Clip Teacher Induction in Action

11 Program Rationale Why Induction?
Increase student learning, especially among traditionally underserved student populations Improved teaching performance New professional norms of collaboration and life-long learning To support teaching and learning

12 What Does Induction Look Like?
California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students Assessing Students for Learning Developing as a Professional Educator Induction Standards 5 and Effective Teaching Standard 5: Pedagogy Standard 6: Universal Access: Equity for All Students Teaching English Learners Teaching Special Populations

13 Dispositions It is the expectation of the LAUSD BTSA Induction Program that all participants reflect and support effective teaching and learning by: Fully attending all required components Arriving to expected events on time Being actively engaged with full focus

14 Program Requirements BTSA Participants
Year 1 and Year 2: Refer to your brochure

15 Timeline Requirement Due Date Orientation
August or September or October Fall Seminar October or November Context for Teaching/Assessment of Teaching Practice (CFT/ATP) Partial Submission On or Before December 2, 2011: 2.1 – 2.5 By January 31, 2011: 2.6 – 2.11 Mid-Year Support & Advisement January or February (Cross-Cultural Community Information 2.8a) Submission of Individualized Induction Plan (IIP) Cells 1-4 On or Before February 24, 2012 LAUSD Survey Spring Spring Seminar March or April State Survey Inquiry Completion Early May Portfolio Review/Summary of Teaching Practice May Completion Date June 15, 2012

16 BTSA Alignment to District’s Core Beliefs
#1: Reference to EL’s #2: Reference to packet

17 Core Belief #1: “Start With Students”
English Language Learner/Standard English Learner (ELL/SEL) Induction Standard 6a: Universal Access: Teaching English Learners “Participating teachers instruct English Learners using adopted standards-aligned instructional materials.” State requires evidence of growth in strategies provided to ELL/SEL students

18 Core Belief #2: “Families Are Our Partners”
Home School Communication Sample Practices (Joyce Epstein) Parent Conferences Sample “TIPS” Activities Parent Checklist Homeless Education Program Reference to “Core Belief” #2

19 Core Belief #5: “Effective Teaching, Leadership, and Accountability”
Application of data: Program analysis Context for Teaching My Data

20 Application of Data

21 Application of Data

22 Registration Procedures
Learning Zone Page 4 State Consent Attendance Verification Learning Zone – “My History” Screen shots for State consent

23 Learning Zone Screen shot of website for “What’s New”
Screen shot of ‘courses’ page Screen shot of EZ Access Tutorial for LZ/EZ Access will be available on the website.

24 Navigating to Course Offerings

25 Finding “Courses”

26 Fall Seminars

27 Course Requirements/Registration
BTSA 1st Semester Class—FACT Context for Teaching/Assessment of Teaching Practice with Support Provider (2 Salary Points Available Upon Successful Completion of Requirements) Event Participant Time Content Orientation All Participating Teachers 3.5 hours Aug. or Sept. or Oct. Policies and Procedures District Priorities & Initiatives Formative Assessment—Overview - Context for Teaching/Assessment of Teaching Practice (CFT/ATP) August FACT Work Time (Optional) Year Round Participating Teachers 2 hours Support for beginning CFT/ATP Individualized Support Sept. FACT Work Time Oct. FACT Work Time Formative Assessment (FACT) & Individualized Support Fall Seminar Oct. or Nov. Focus on CFT/ATP; Teaching English Language Learners/SELs Nov. FACT Work Time FACT & Individualized Support Dec. FACT Work Time Extended PTs and by request Identify the shaded regions as LZ registration – including the “blue” region for FACT

28 Tools for Success Site Administrator Letter Resources
Packet “C” to be turned in TODAY: MOU (2 pages) HR Contact Form Publicity Authorization and Release To be completed in Breakout Session

29 Congratulations! …..on taking your first steps towards earning your California Clear Teaching Credential!

30 Peggy Taylor Presley – Director
Your BTSA Support Team Peggy Taylor Presley – Director Aleeta Powers – Coordinator LD 1 & 6 Denise Busby – Specialist LD 2 & 3 Jeanne Gamba – Specialist LD 4 Barbara Locker Halmy – Specialist LD 5 & 8

31 Professional Development
Transition to Break-Out Session

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