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AIM Enterprise Central Site Planning

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1 AIM Enterprise Central Site Planning
Bruce Bare, NETC, CIO Jake Aplanalp, NAWCTSD, AIM Pgm Mgr Denise Green, CNATT, N6 4 November 2009 1

2 Overview Follow-on actions from discussion at May 09 FRB meeting
Current Central Site support at NAWCTSD NETC CIO/NETPDTC plan for enterprise hosting CNATT near-term implementation

3 Follow-on Actions from May FRB
NETC CIO coordination within the organization and with NETPDTC, supported by Jake and AIM team Planning AIM CITRIX performance test at NETPDTC ASAP NETC CIO support for near-term CNATT Central Site implementation hosted at NETPDTC NETC CIO and Jake Aplanalp submitting POM-12 data for procurement of hardware/software necessary for enterprise-wide AIM CITRIX access

4 Current Central Site support at NAWCTSD
Continued production support for SSP SWS training community Resolving IA issues Lab now has ATO (Authority to Operate) CNATTU Tinker AFB and CNATT Det Meridian MS operational support Continued support for CNIC, CID, and CPPD prototype instances AIM I Rel 4.0 instance to support SWS MT Continuum prototype project Technical team working on central vs. local instance performance issues with LO Module

5 NETC CIO Plan Architecture

6 CNATT Near-term Implementation
CNATT currently has dispersed instances of AIM across 15+ sites in the CNATT domain Supported by NETC CIO/NETPDTC, consolidating all AIM II curricula data at NETPDTC-hosted Central Site and based on NETC CIO architecture Planning begun Sep 09, full system operation by May 10 AIM team to support NAWCTSD & CNATT by: Implementing new privilege levels for AIM II w/in Central Site domain Assisting in data migration/consolidation

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