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HEA STEM New To Teaching Workshop Photomarathons: Using New Technologies to Support Student Learning and Assessment.

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1 HEA STEM New To Teaching Workshop Photomarathons: Using New Technologies to Support Student Learning and Assessment

2 What is a Photomarathon? Photomarathons have been around for 25 years, with regular events in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, the Czech Republic, France and Russia The Copenhagen Photomarathon is the longest running event, having started in 1989 The first UK Photomarathon was held in Cardiff in the summer of 2004 when 120 people took up the challenge. Last year, on June 2010, the sixth UK Photomarathon saw over >500 entrants taking part. Digital photography makes competition accessible as most people now take photographs using cameras, phones, tablets and PVDs

3 What is a Photomarathon? Typically a photograph competition with a twist, challenging ones sense of improvisation, fun and creativity Need not be about the best photograph or most artistic result, rather how the brief has been met A key technique in engaging learners in complex environments to promote learning

4 What is a Photomarathon? Awards now often involve mixed groups of students (by subject, age and experience) conducting a task that is at the periphery of the subject for several group members This may lead to disengagement, and even resentment, that an individual should have to work in an area perceived as not relevant to their course Overcoming this barrier, photomarathons offer an unusual approach to engagement.

5 What is a Photomarathon? Participants given key topics related to an aspect of curriculum, required to submit an image per topic either on a time limited basis Submissions may be from individuals or groups Topics offer plenty of room for interpretation, and more important than the technical perfection of the pictures is the creativity and imagination used Workshop participants review others submissions, and through presentation, defence and discussion a winner may be declared

6 What is a Photomarathon? Participation in this workshop will demonstrate how straightforward a Photomarathon is to organise and run At least I hope so! Have the opportunity to see how students may engage in topics not directly related to their degree, and the effectiveness with which learning may be promoted even indirectly Supports aspects of technologys role in learning, student-led and peer-review exercises, and the authoritative hierarchy of the learning environment

7 Photomarathon: Timetable Wednesday - 1700-1730Activity 15 minutesPhotomarathon Introduction 15 minutesLogistics! This eveningPHOTOMARATHON Thursday - 0930 - 0945Activity 5 minutesIntroduction to plenary 10 minutesPhoto-marathon presentations, feedback and interdisciplinary discussion

8 Running a Photomarathon Workshop Aims: Participate in small Photomarathon Establish how such exercises run Realise the potential value of such an approach to fieldwork

9 Photomarathon Rules Participate with a digital camera, tablet, mobile or PVD Capture an image! Feel free to use flashguns, filters and tripods, and any in-built effects NO image may be computer edited or image-processed

10 Photomarathons: Devil:Detail

11 Now Its Your Turn! As groups/individuals: The evening to photograph: –Energy –Olympics –Sustainability Email: –In subject line: Keyword and Name

12 Photomarathons – News!

13 Reflections on Photo Marathons Enhances student engagement Rapid way of assessing new environment Challenges traditional perceptions of subject Breeds healthy competition! Inclusive exercise Vehicle for further analysis Low intensity – high impact

14 References Smith, D., and Jones, S. D. R., 2012 Blended Learning For Multi- Disciplinary Geography-Based Field Work, 1st Annual Conference on the Aiming for Excellence in STEM Learning and Teaching, 12 – 13 April 2012, Imperial College, London & The Royal Geographical Society Smith, D., and Jones, S. D. R., 2012 Student learning though the experience of being a tourist: a case study of blended learning at Cardiff Bay, Coastal and Marine Tourism Congress, 4-8 June 2012, Breda, Netherlands Collins et al., ????, School trip photomarathons: engaging primary school visitors using a topic focused photo competition,

15 Dr Simon Jones CGEOG FHEA FRGS Associate Dean – Student Experience Faculty of Business and Law,

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