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Dr Andrew Clegg University of Chichester. To examine the development of a non-written form of assessment on a Level 3 Tourism Management Module entitled.

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1 Dr Andrew Clegg University of Chichester

2 To examine the development of a non-written form of assessment on a Level 3 Tourism Management Module entitled Training, Education and Interpretation for Tourism Case Study

3 Training, Education and Interpretation Indicative Aims: Evaluate the complete training cycle from the analysis of training needs through to the implementation and evaluation of training Design and deliver effective training and interpretation strategies that take account of learning processes, learner and trainer styles, evaluation and assessment tools, and appropriate supporting technology and resources

4 Training, Education and Interpretation Content The Function of Training Training Needs Analysis Evaluation and Validation Training Design and Materials Training Delivery Introduction to Interpretation Directed Interpretation Self-Guided Interpretation Interpretation as part of Visitor Management Educational Styles and Approaches

5 Background Since 1999 registered trainer for the Regional Tourist Board Partnership delivering courses from the national Welcome to Excellence Programme In 2001, secured the national contract to redevelop Welcome Management in partnership with Customer 1 st International Now national master trainer for Welcome Management Track record in developing and delivering training for Tourism South East

6 Training, Education and Interpretation Assessment Components: Education pack (40%)(1,400 word equivalent per student - group mark) Presentation and delivery (20%)(700 word equivalent per student - individual mark) A reflective practitioner log/peer assessment process (40%) (1,400 word equivalent - individual mark) which requires students to keep track of their own group performance and reflect on how each group member has contributed to the successful completion of the module assignments

7 Training, Education and Interpretation Education Pack – Assessment Criteria: Clear rationale underpinning the design of the educational materials, linked to clear learning outcomes Clear and logical structure, including effective instruction, reflecting the level of the intended audience and related curricula Evidence of a range teaching and learning techniques employed, drawing on appropriate resources and technologies The quality of support materials, in terms of their presentation, layout, design, written style, and level of interaction


9 Training, Education and Interpretation Delivery – Assessment Criteria: Clear structure and instruction The quality of organisation and delivery Depth and knowledge of the educational materials developed The level of engagement with the intended audience Perceived relevance of the workshop and quality of materials from the point of view of students/staff invited to the workshop






15 Training, Education and Interpretation Reflective Practitioner Log – Assessment Criteria: Identification of individual role in group Reflection upon own and colleagues learning Contribution to group work Support provided to other group members (as appropriate) Evidence of completion of assigned tasks (as appropriate)





20 Critical Success Factors Engagement with the Universitys Widening Participation Team Early planning and room bookings WP provides monies to allow the students to produce high quality materials Pre-visit by students to invited schools (training needs analysis) Employer Engagement – involvement of industry training consultant Peer Assessment (to combat free-loaders)

21 Feedback The game was very interesting, educating and fun and was run in an excellent way – I really enjoyed it The game makes you feel like you are in the game, it makes you learn more and is much better than in a text book

22 Feedback 'The students found the day inspirational - it was their first glimpse of a world they had never seen before, and for several of them it was a turning point in their lives. The atmosphere on the minibus on the way home was buzzing, as they raised their sights and started planning for a future they had previously not believed possible [Boundstone Community School Teacher]

23 Feedback The undergraduates were extremely well-prepared, the materials were excellent, they managed the school pupils very successfully and there was clear evidence of structured learning taking place

24 Marking Profile Grade Profile Level 3 Grade Average BAM317 Grade Average

25 Summary Non-written forms of assessment allow students to demonstrate a broader range of skills and competencies (e.g. organisational and interpersonal skills) The assessment actually highlights student understanding of issues covered on the degree programme Achieving a balance between individual and group assessment – dealing with free-loaders

26 Summary Intensive mode of assessment as two staff members needed to cover the day with parallel groups running Support of Widening Participation Team has been central in terms of planning and organisation – 160 pupils in the last four years From a WP perspective, the assessment highlights that HE is not all about written forms of assessment and examinations

27 Dr Andrew Clegg University of Chichester

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