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Liverpool November 2008 Updated November 2009

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1 Liverpool November 2008 Updated November 2009
Future of the network Liverpool November 2008 Updated November 2009 This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

2 HERODOT 3 This presentation provides some of the results from the data gathered at the HERODOT 2008 conference in Liverpool and by from members. It has been updated to reflect new EC priorities in November 2009 It provides details of the likely Thematic Pillars and some of the themes and work plans which will be used during the application for EC funding to support the next phase of HERODOT activities.

3 HERODOT 3: Information gathering
Data obtained from completed questionnaires (n=51) submitted at the Liverpool conference and via Three sets of round table discussions Network Goals - Topics/themes Projects - Workplan Activities - Products

4 The future of HERODOT: phase 3 Questionnaire results
100% want to be involved in HERODOT 3 Requested many different themes and activities 48% would be prepared to help organise aspects of the next phase Strong mandate to go ahead with a HERODOT 3 proposal

5 Goals of HERODOT 3 Chart status of cross-disciplinary dimensions in the Spatial Sciences, in terms of: European issues Spatial competences Quality aspects Postgraduate developments Support developments under Bologna and Lisbon Agenda Share learning, teaching and curriculum ideas for world-class spatial sciences Examine and introduce a quality dimension for the Spatial Sciences Create a European Subject Centre and national network for learning and teaching Geography (virtual and real)

6 Round Table 1: Suggested Themes for HERODOT 3
Information Technology - elearning GIS – educational research, applied TUNING Masters level courses PhD studies in Geography Places – Geo-literacy - Spatial mapping Images of Europe, old and new Sustainability – Global issues – Lucerne Declaration as a basis for curriculum development Geography teacher training – standards

7 Round Table 1: Suggested Themes for HERODOT 3
seeing Geography from different angles –new paradigms in Geography, re-purposing (recycling?) Geography, interdisciplinarity, applying Geography – eg tourism, Geo-Olympics, planning etc. Intercultural aspects European society and its issues Meanings of citizenship Internationalising the curriculum Pedagogies in curriculum reform Quality assurance and standards

8 HERODOT 3 Proposal: Four Thematic Pillars
TP 1: European Issues and Identities European, Social, Cultural, Global, Sustainable, Environmental TP 2: Spatial Citizenship Cross-disciplinary literacy, skills and competences for society

9 HERODOT 3 Proposal: Four Thematic Pillars
TP 3: Quality Aspects Quality enhancement and quality assurance in cross-disciplinary studies, establishing standards and quality indicators. Quality processes and curriculum guidance. TP 4: Postgraduate education Review of cross-disciplinary Masters and PhD courses and competences, relationship to professional development and employability, building a platform for young researchers, university-enterprise-business links

10 Round Table 3: Likely HERODOT 3 Activities
Activities form the workplan of the Pillars Guiding student research In-Service training Update state-of-the-art Innovative learning How well does curricula match benchmarks? Comparative curriculum studies

11 Round Table 3: Essential HERODOT products
Products are key outputs of Pillars/Network Paper magazine Books Pedagogical training materials Scientific Journal – eJournal Promotional products Partner find – student/staff exchanges Network membership pack

12 Round Table 3: Essential HERODOT products
Products of the Network Building a quality structure A European Centre of Excellence for the Spatial Sciences National centres of excellence to disseminate best practice Connecting spatialsciences to society

13 HERODOT 3 application Submission deadline February 26th 2010
Partners details needed by February 1st 2009 proposal partners – send new letter of intent New partners – fill in partner form and send letter of intent Partner list and Web site

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