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1 Belong; REfLECT; Promote Showcasing CPD in the sector June 2008

2 Showcasing CPD June 2008: Belong to a body of more than 140,000 teachers, trainers and tutors REfLECT on CPD using an on-line personalised learning tool Promote the value of CPD through the code of professional practice

3 The significance of professional practice increased impact on learners and the learner experience enhanced professional reputation and pride greater influence on leaders and managers

4 The definition of CPD: CPD means maintaining, improving and broadening relevant knowledge and skills in your subject specialism and your teaching so that it has a positive impact on practice and the learner experience

5 Plan activities using the CPD guidelines, definition of CPD and the model of dual professionalism in negotiation with managers Decide on the mechanism for recording CPD activities and impact assessment Use the reflective practice cycle as a framework for evidencing impact on practice and learners Use peer review as a quality assurance process Check hours of CPD completed and decide when to submit a declaration of CPD (latest 31.08.09) Recording CPD

6 The licence (QTLS or ATLS) will be conferred through a process of professional formation Formation will demonstrate evidence of how the professional teaching standards are met in practice It will be a flexible and personalised developmental process It will be based on a rigorous self-assessment model The process provides a framework for self- regulation in the sector Update on professional formation:

7 Mandatory elements: evidence of an endorsed teaching qualification or equivalent numeracy and literacy skills at or above level 2 supporting testimony Personalised elements: evidence of subject currency evidence of pedagogy evidence of self-assessment evidence of professional development planning evidence of reflective practice Applicants will be expected to use REfLECT Professional formation:

8 Sharing ideas, practice, progress: All case studies are work in progress First cycle of CPD to be completed by 31 st August 09 REfLECT regional workshops in September and establishment of IfL connections Pilot reviews of CPD and participation in CPD research project - volunteers needed, more details in your pack Hewett Driver action research bursaries

9 Three interactive presentations knowledge café style to come Opportunities for collaborative sharing, interpreting, and reviewing of practice Reflection: how will you contribute to others learning today? Plenary at 12.15/4.00 Showcasing CPD: presentations

10 REfLECT Case studies Action research bursaries Longitudinal study of CPD CPD pilot review Periodicals Networks Supporting members CPD

11 Please do contact us:

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