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What we do Production of high specification critical component parts and assemblies to our customers requirements.

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1 What we do Production of high specification critical component parts and assemblies to our customers requirements

2 71 st year of business Family owned Contract manufacturing service Larger high complexity components 22m Milling, 3.7m turning, 40t lift Project / Safety critical items Wide industrial base Partnerships / manufacturing cells Overview

3 Facilities Two manufacturing sites located centrally in UK Bradwell site Rotherham site 1939 2005

4 The key area of Strategic Challenge for Newburgh Engineering

5 Strategic Challenge We need the next wave of young apprentice trained workers – without them we have a bleak future Our work is technically demanding and a highly skilled workforce is the critical component of our success A lack or government initiatives, educational support, quality external training, and apprentice programs over the past decades has led to a looming manufacturing skills gap

6 Apprentices To illustrate the skill level required Imagine sitting an exacting exam on your technical abilities every day, every week. The maximum potential score is 1000 – the variables The pass level is 100% - no less One mistake = a fail = lost money, lost lead time, lost cash, damaged reputation, etc, etc Strategic Challenge - thought

7 The Leitch report To investigate the problem the UK Government commissioned Sandy Leitch in 2004 to undertake an independent review of the UK's long term skills needs. The report shows that the UK must urgently raise achievements at all levels of skills and recommends that it commit to becoming a world leader in skills by 2020. This means doubling attainment at most levels of skill. Responsibility for achieving ambitions must be shared between Government, employers and individuals.

8 The UK is the world's sixth largest manufacturer but has a manufacturing sector with a workforce that has 41% over 50 and close to retirement. World Class skills by 2020

9 Newburgh data Average employee age is 43 with 30% over 50. High Skill level in the 41+ age range We have abetter age profile than the average but the problem is still coming in the under 40 age range. 45 Newburgh trained apprentices are employed at Newburgh 85 of our total 105 employees are apprentice trained

10 Activity to date - summary IT IS OUR DUTY TO REPLENISH SKILLS AND WE ARE: Promoting engineering as a career choice at every opportunity Continuing our support of the Newburgh apprentice program Collaborating with local manufacturing businesses to establish the New Era apprentice program Raising the bar on apprentice training programs Lobbying teachers and the educational establishment Stimulating interest in our sector – Bloodhound, Green Power Visiting local Schools and organising pupil visits to Newburgh Generating strong media coverage of our activities and Sector Participating in Skills Fairs

11 Stimulating new minds and introducing the next generations of skilled people into manufacturing is critical to our future sustainability and success Your thoughts and ideas?

12 Newburgh strategic approach to Norwegian business Strategic plan

13 Strategic plan - overview 1.Mentor to understand Mentee capability and existing offer to market. This will assist in future strategic planning. 2.Mentee to understand Mentors position in supply chain and key drivers in Norwegian market. Why and when does Norway buy from UK. 3.Asses and explore Norwegian and UK competition for Norwegian contracts. Capacity & offer to market 4.Prospect potential Norwegian customer base. Look at opportunity, Understand the order route from customer to subcontractor 5.Understand the order route from Norwegian prime customer to UK subcontractor. 6.Initial market test @ ONS Trade Show 20th - 24th August 7.Is Norway the right market for Newburgh? 8.How will we service the ongoing market - Contact level required, existing Sales Team, recruitment, Agents, Other,? 9.Draw up detailed Norwegian Marketing Plan

14 i have printed copies of our strategic plan – your comments & advice on this is appreciated Strategic plan

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