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Offered by Asian Investors. a. Features and Finishes Characterised by the innovative use of raw precast concrete panels on its facade, and supplemented.

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1 Offered by Asian Investors


3 a. Features and Finishes Characterised by the innovative use of raw precast concrete panels on its facade, and supplemented with an inside vertical green screen made up of creeper plants for a softer touch. Eco-friendly features that improve the overall energy efficiency of the building, like using removable solar energy batteries on the roof, which would suit according to the demands of holders.

4 Rising sun Electronic Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is a pooling of various solar energy technology, and professional staff, research, development, use of solar energy resources, high-tech enterprises. The company has introduced international advanced equipment, through careful design and strict quality control system and perfect the production process, specializing in the production of various models, specifications of the silicon, polycrystalline silicon solar energy components and its quality is fully standards-compliant. The company also use core material solar energy components of their own production to produce other particular application products and projects. You can see more information about them on the website. ( Ningbo Hi-Tech Zone Ring Electronics Co. mainly produce monocrystalline solar modules, polycrystalline solar modules, solar lighting series. apply advanced crystalline solar module producing technology both domestic and abroad. solar panels can be widely used in households with electricity supply system, solar street lamps, garden lights, traffic lights, small-scale photovoltaic power plants, telecommunications, communication base stations and remote places with adequate sunlight energy. Solar modules are green & environment friendly, clean & saving. Electronics-Co-Ltd-.html Caymeo Ltd company is an independent business-led company, with our head office in Shanghai. They provide fully comprehensive consultancy services, business outsourcing, product and manufacturer sourcing, practical in-market assistance, complete logistics and supply chain management services for all sizes of companies all around the world.

5 b. A proposed 6-storey research building with 1 level basement car park with intelligent cards, which could be programmed according to the service of building companies. The master-plan could be realized by the Niteen Parulekar Architects Pvt. Ltd. They offer services in Architectural Design, Project Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Structural Design (including structural integrity, seismic analysis and mechanical/electrical engineering). Niteen Parulekar Architects Pvt. Ltd. delivers highly competitive, top quality, solution orientated architectural, planning, programming and interior design services.

6 d. Shopping mall Restaurants and cafes Bank terminals Kitchen room Childroom

7 e.Air-Conditioning Centralized air-conditioning system with convection heating along external wall 1x1,200 RT + 1x850 RT centrally controlled chillers At least 5 m3/m2/hr fresh air volume able to supply fresh air for cooling during interim seasons Availability of chilled water and 24hrs condenser water for tenants additional air-conditioning units

8 Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V air conditioners create the perfect atmosphere in offices,s hops, hotels and restaurants. Fujitsu Genera l Air Conditioners, Split & Window, Abundant model lineups offer the comfortable air conditioning environment to you in various assumed installation scenes. Multi Type System, Multi split air conditioning system corresponding to possible installation in 2 - 5 rooms for one outdoor unit. You can select from some kinds of air conditioners corresponding to the interior design and installation environment. VRF SYSTEM is large scale and high performance multi air conditioning system for buildings. Toshiba Carrier introduced high-efficiency Toshiba-Carrier Inverter Ductless Split Systems to the North American market in 2010. With efficiencies up to 23 SEER and a broad range of tax-credit eligible capacities, these products will not only keep you comfortable, they will also save you money over the long run. For applications where traditional ducted systems will not work, you can depend on Toshiba- Carrier high-efficiency ductless splits to keep you comfortable for years to come. With three types of fan coils, offer you the flexibility of the right product for the right application. Toshiba-Carrier systems are extremely quiet.

9 f. Electricity Supply 11,200 KVA; dual power supply; average 120VA/sq m Emergency Electricity Supply 2,000 KVA (1,600 KW) of which approx 500 KW is available for tenants to tap Telephone line 2,400 direct-dial telephone lines (will be provided by local government)



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