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SuperSolar Save the planet with the most reliable energy on the market! Mods 9-10. Emily Miglis, Melissa Castrogiovanni, Jackie Innella, Judy Peatman

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1 SuperSolar Save the planet with the most reliable energy on the market! Mods Emily Miglis, Melissa Castrogiovanni, Jackie Innella, Judy Peatman

2 How is it used?  Active solar technologies are used to convert solar energy into usable light, heat, cause air-movement for ventilation or cooling, or store heat for future use.  Active solar uses electrical or mechanical equipment, such as pumps and fans, to increase the usable heat in a system.  Solar energy collection and utilization systems that do not use external energy, like a solar chimney, are classified as passive solar technologies.  Without use of active mechanical systems (as contrasted to active solar).

3 History of Solar Energy  May seem like solar energy is a relatively new energy source, but its use dates back throughout history in the form of heating tools.  Invention of the solar cooker in  The Solar Powered Steam Motor of 1860.

4 Where is it being used?  One of the most popular uses of solar energy is for lighting.  Solar lights store the energy of the sun by day and then when darkness sets in the energy is used to power the lights.  This has become very popular because it provides lighting without any worry about energy costs.  Most solar lighting systems are now very affordable, so it doesn't take a long time before you start realizing the savings.  Many outdoors adventurers use solar energy for cooking.  Increasingly, people are beginning to recognize the value of this technique in third world countries with limited electrical and financial resources, and also in first-world countries in areas of high pollution.  A solar box cooker uses trapped energy from the sun to cook. This box is designed to take energy into itself, but well insulated to keep that energy inside.

5 What are the positive benefits?  Solar energy is very cost effective. The sun is free. There is no charge for sunshine.  For those who cannot afford traditional energy an investment in solar equipment provides long lasting energy for generations to come.  Solar panels require almost no maintenance after installation and have a long working life.  There is no noise, very little pollution, and no greenhouse gases. Again the sun is a renewable source of energy so there is no strain on the environment.  Using the sun helps us to be in tune with nature and the cycles of our planet.

6 Negative Consequences Very expensive form of energy: Panels are costly to produce There is no sunlight at night time (for those who wish to rely on direct sunlight to heat homes)

7 Efficiency Solar panels are only 10% efficient (55 panels/1 household) and even if scientists improve them, they still can’t absorb sunlight at night time.

8 The Ideal Location Central location of this company will be in Phoenix Satellite locations in Los Angeles, Orlando, and Houston

9 Is this available in your community? This company will distribute solar panels nationally at the lowest possible cost for consumers. To buy or rent. Payment plans are available. We are also partnering with urban planning companies to promote south-facing houses and other passive methods. We will harvest solar energy and sell it locally from our locations.

10 9. Is Solar energy available in your state? Available anywhere Some areas better than others

11 10. What is the cost of solar energy? Large upfront cost, can range from $2,400 to $79,000 but usually around $30,000 Great payback, but usually takes about 21 years Every year solar energy becomes more affordable Government gives out tax credit to homes with solar energy Used to be up to $2,000 but is now 30% of total system cost, no limit. Some states are giving rebates to people who install solar energy You can now rent solar panels

12 11. How is solar energy provided? The solar panels that harvest the solar energy are placed on your roof and/or in your yard. Companies that harvest solar energy in large quantities give it to electric companies where you buy it from

13 12. How does it enter the house and work? For electricity- solar cells contain photovoltaic cells which are semiconductors- most commonly silicon When sunlight hits photovoltaic cells, electricity is produced

14 12. How does it enter the house and work? For heat (water or air)- Water circulates through pipes with a black background and glass covered plates, black background emits heat to water, heating it. Water used as hot water in home, or circulated through heating vents to heat the house

15 Transportation  Photovoltaic cells are the components in solar paneling that convert the sun's energy to electricity.  They're made up of semiconductors, usually made of silicon, that absorb the light.  The sunlight's energy then frees electrons in the semiconductors, creating a flow of electrons.  That flow generates the electricity that powers the battery or the specialized car motor in solar cars.  You can continue driving without spending money on gas.

16 Pollution?  Materials used to create solar panels  Otherwise, will not contribute to any form of pollution  Reduces the need for fossil fuels

17 Incorporating Solar Energy Into Our Lives  Start up costs are expensive  Installing solar panels on house  Buying new cars that use solar energy  Maintenance of solar panels

18 Can it work well with other forms of energy?  Solar energy can work with other forms of energy  Other forms of energy can back up solar energy  For example, a solar powered car can switch to gasoline if not enough solar power is available.

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