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Air Conditioning System

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1 Air Conditioning System
Solar Powered Air Conditioning System By: Asian Dragon Enterprise

2 Solar Powered Air Conditioning System
Solar powered air conditioning is probably the most logical thing on earth. Homes use air conditioning when it is hot outside, and solar power works best when the sun is shining bright. We can save a lot of money and energy by switching to solar powered air conditioners. These air conditioners can also be used when it is not a bright sunny day, because they come equipped with batteries that last hours and are charged by the sunlight.

3 How Do They Work There are several ways to provide Solar powered air conditioners One popular method is to use Solar Panels placed on or around the building being cooled (obviously) that will heat up water and turn it to gas form. The product, water vapor, is then used to take the heat from the air and cool down the ventilation air flowing into the building. The air that is produced is very cool and dry, thus it more efficiently cools down the body. A second system will use Photovoltaic Solar Power to run air conditioners that are powered by photovoltaic panels placed on or around the building being cooled to generate electricity to run a conventional electric air conditioner. A third hybrid way to power the conventional system is with Wind Energy, that is air heated by the sun will cause wind movements, and this can be collected with a horizontal or vertical axis wind turbine. This energy is stored in batteries or the grid until needed, then used to run a conventional cooling system.

4 Any Harmful Effect? There are no harmful effects or waste products of a solar powered air conditioner. They use water as a refrigerant instead of some other harmful coolants. Also, because they are solar powered they are independent of the power grid and conserve energy by eliminating heat and friction produced by the wires of a conventional air conditioner.

5 Benefits of Solar Air Conditioning System
One of the main benefits of this system is that they don’t need any potentially hazardous chemicals [refrigerants] since the evaporation effect does the job of cooling. The second benefit is brought about by the use of thermal medium pumped through air ducts at the ideal comfort zone with respect to humidity levels, specifically in more arid zones. The benefit that is largely considered the most impressive about this system is that due to the cooling processes being completed by evaporation, the total energy needed by the whole unit is ninety percent LESS than what a conventional air conditioner would utilize. A traditional air conditioner in your house needs about 6,000 watts of electricity to work properly while the solar unit runs at peak capacity on only 60 watts.

6 Solar Powered Air conditioner vs. Regular type
The system are wonderful alternatives to the many air conditioning systems of the conventional variety on the market today. The solar air conditioning unit is far more efficient and renewable form of air cooling. They are far more favorable to the environment than traditional models. Most air conditioners use a substantial amount of energy, costing money and contributing to pollution from power plants. Contain chemicals that can damage and effects the environment.

7 The Solar Powered Air Conditioning System Actual Unit
There are no chemical refrigerants, the system is powered by one hundred percent solar energy, you get cool and comfy air at home or at work and your unit becomes more efficient as the temperature becomes warmer, saving you loads of money over the course of a year on air cooling costs.

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