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Data Center Business Overview

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1 Data Center Business Overview
Our commitment to the business Data center strategy Offer overview Please send feedback and improvement ideas to the Data Center Science Center – Thank you! Executive summary of this presentation: Introduces Schneider Electric & APC by Schneider Electric. Provides general size and capability of the Schneider parent company and the APC by Schneider business unit. Shows how energy is key to the Schneider business strategy and an overview of the solutions. Insight into the APC capabilities regarding innovative data center strategy and “Efficient Enterprise” campaign. To the presenter: The intent of this presentation is to leave the viewer with these takeaways… We have a large solution catalog due to =S= We can help you with your whole project You can trust us APC and =S= are going to be around for the long haul We are the leader in technology and volume We are big in your business We are more than just a UPS company Efficiency is our middle name We have the best strategy

2 Schneider Electric: The global specialist in energy management
€18.3 billion sales in 2008 (+5.8% vs. 2007) 120,000 people in more than 100 countries >200 factories around the world R&D centres in 25 countries 4 core businesses: Power Business Generation and Distribution IT Business Infrastructure for Data Centres and Networks Buildings Business Automation, HVAC, Security Process Business Industrial and Factory Automation

3 Customer-focused experts leveraging teamwork to drive solutions
Worldwide teams of experts… 6,000 service experts 6,500 research and development experts 5,000 partners Plus thousands of Engineers Technicians Program managers Support staff …dedicated to resolving your issues in: Energy and infrastructure Industrial automation Data centers and networks Commercial buildings Residential homes

4 You can find most of the Schneider portfolio in a typical data center today
Switchgear and power distribution Building automation Data center power, cooling, racks, and management Energy management Data center services

5 We supply data center infrastructure using the supply model that the customer requests
Solutions Integrated set of systems and services that are more predictable and faster to deploy New “pods” for existing data centers or whole new data centers of various sizes The future of the market Systems Complex data center subsystems – switchgear, UPS, building automation, cooling systems Standardized or engineered to your specification Components An extensive catalog of power, cooling, rack, control, and management products Application engineering support Standard products available through distribution.

6 We provide data center services to support projects and ongoing operations
Assessment services: Standardized assessments of power, cooling, availability, efficiency, high density, and scenario simulations Project services: For small or big projects, standardized or customized services for design, installation, start-up, commissioning, project management, and training Maintenance Services: On-site repair and preventative maintenance programs for power and cooling systems with 4 hour response in most locations.

7 Standardized, configurable
How we work with you More like buying a car Consultatative We work with customers directly in early project phases to develop data center solution concepts and specifications, based on IT requirements Solutions are typically based on standardized modular designs Small or large projects; new or retrofit Bid-spec supplier Customers engage architects and engineers Our channel partners bid on component or subsystem specifications that are integrated by third parties We provide best-in-class equipment as specified Solutions tend to be unique, complex, and time-consuming Standardized, configurable Complex, unique More like building a house We value both types of relationship and work to make our customers successful in either case

8 Why has Schneider made the data center a high priority?
! Existing customers have identified the data center as a priority requiring help and improvement We are uniquely positioned to solve data center problems We have more customers to learn from than any other infrastructure provider We have worked 15 years to develop the science of data centers and have the technology and skills to solve the customer problems We already offer nearly all the different parts used in the data center and are therefore in an ideal position to integrate them in ways to add maximum value

9 Customers are asking for help – we must respond
2008 IDC study Q: What is the number one challenge your data center faces today? Power and cooling 21.8% A: Data centers account for what percent of all electricity being used? About 1-1.5%. That is a huge number when you think about it and is very similar to the power consumed by the worlds television sets. Electric costs are now showing up as a major line item expense that companies must account for to really understand the profitability of their businesses. Many companies and business units want to minimize this expense because it is limiting the funds available to deploy new applications that can increase the success of the businesses or defend from competitive threats. Leading to changing the way many companies think. Microsoft and Google are building some data centers in the areas with the lowest cost electricity. The newest mega data centers are actually being built in Iceland. Why Iceland – Geothermal energy, which is extremely low cost. Microsoft and Google are now building mega data centers in Iowa. Iowa is emerging as a center of cloud computing A handful of factors that make Iowa an attractive place for data centers: it's "safe and quiet," centrally located, and has an educated workforce, he says. There's also "relatively inexpensive" electricity, a surprisingly high percentage of which (8%) is wind generated. It turns out that, in addition to plentiful land and affordable electricity, the Hawkeye state gives hefty tax breaks. It's worth noting that Google's Iowa data center is located on a 55-acre site near Lake Manawa. In addition, Google has purchased 130 acres nearby and another 1,000 acres south of Council Bluffs. Google hasn't said how it plans to use those 1,000 acres. My guess is that it will build a wind farm there Google – has stated in a white paper that the possibility for power consumption spiraling out of control could not only effect the affordability of computers but the overall health of the planet

10 Data center planning and operation is under increasing pressures
Increasing availability expectations Rapid changes in IT technology Uncertain long-term plans for capacity or density Energy and service cost control pressure High density blade server power/heat Data Dynamic power variation Center Regulatory requirements Server consolidation In response, we are working to change the way the world designs, installs, operates, manages, and maintains data centers

11 What actions is Schneider taking in the data center market?
Consolidation of complimentary market suppliers to add to the existing Schneider power and automation portfolio to develop more complete and integrated solutions; examples include: APC MGE Square D Pelco (video surveillance) TAC Power Measurement Inc. (PMI) Coordination of product development across historically disconnected businesses to optimize data center solutions Building management Power distribution IT whitespace racks, power, and cooling equipment Security Power management

12 Our vision for the data center business is simple
Schneider Electric will dramatically simplify the process of designing, deploying and operating the world's most predictable, dense and efficient data centers The best way to achieve our vision is to provide integrated, standardized, modular, scalable, data center solutions

13 What we’ve learned from our customers:
More efficient More reliable Higher density More predicable More cost effective More understandable Simpler experience We can’t get this: … by just making better COMPONENTS: (UPS, switchgear, controls, air conditioners, power distribution, etc) These improvements require standardization, integration of solutions, and an improved planning process

14 Our approach to the problem
Focus on the improvement of the system, not the components Standardization & Modularity are the key to improving the availability and agility of data center infrastructure while reducing total cost The data center project process is just as important as the equipment, and must be simplified Which brings us to the current challenge of modular vs monolithic architecture: APC’s disruptive approach to NCPI. It sounds good but how do we measure the business value achieved? Acquiring a data center will become more like buying a car and less like building a house

15 Typical Top Priorities
Customers typically classify data centers differently, with different priorities Data Center Type Typical Top Priorities Other Typical Goals Enterprise Availability Flexibility Efficiency Co-Location Scalability Standardization Cloud Computing Massive Power Levels High Density Supercomputing There is not a single approach to data center design that is best; standardization must recognize the different types

16 The goals of our strategy for the data center
Eliminate Oversizing Component-level specification process Unusable capacity Rework Surprises Raise Efficiency, power density Deployment speed Predictability (of availability, capacity, density) Aesthetics Reduce # of decisions / complexity # of providers (equipment, service) Operating costs One-time engineering On-site fabrication Maintenance Human error Create One-stop shop for physical infrastructure solutions Standardized reference designs Solution-level performance specifications Simple specification method Automated selection & design tools

17 Our data center strategy is supported by innovative technology
Real-time capacity management of cooling and power Predictable high-density modular cooling solutions Standardized process for concept-specification-design-deployment Standardized specifications for data center design Human factors and mistake-proofing engineered at the system level Automated tools for data center design Design-for-environment in products and processes Specialized professional services focused on density, capacity, availability, and efficiency assessment and planning

18 Standardization improves outcomes
STANDARDIZE Modularize Pre-test systems in the factory Hot-swappable components Pluggable power-cooling- rack subsystems Out-of-the-box management & diagnostics To Minimize … One-time engineering Unique training requirements On-site assembly On-site testing Custom programming These example system-level improvements reduce human error, reduce cycle time, and improve efficiency

19 The benefit of our solutions today
30% reduction in data center power consumption*, when compared with traditional designs Traditional PUE of 1.75 down to 1.22 or better Via row cooling, hi-E power system, VFD drives, and rightsizing Sustained predictable power densities of over 20kW per rack**, with no loss of efficiency 50% or more reductions in whitespace plumbing and wiring work Ability to create pods of high density and/or high redundancy Simplified data center layout and planning process Ability to manage capacity of cooling, power, and rack space down to the rack level*** *126 White papers **130 ***150

20 Solving data center problems requires collaboration
Key industry groups Development of industry standards IT partners Collaborative development of solutions Regulators Advising on emerging environmental and safety standards

21 Schneider Electric has a comprehensive offer in the data center
Racks Assessment services Maintenance services Project management services Critical power distribution Installation services Computer room air conditioners User training services Genset Automatic transfer switch Data center power & cooling capacity management Static transfer switch UPS Energy management Power metering Switchgear Building management

22 A sample of our products, software, and services that work together to make data centers better
Real-time power metering Modular whitespace Ultra-high efficiency modular UPS InRow™ Cooling Assessment Services Data center design tools Data center management tools Modular row-based power distribution

23 Recognized by industry experts
“By advancing the progress of data center solutions in efficiency, design and scalability, while continuing to exceed the latest application requirements, they are a true leader and a worthy recipient of the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Data Center Solutions Company of the Year Award.”

24 Business overview Summary
Schneider has the broadest offer in the data center From power to cooling to racks to security to management, Schneider has the broadest offer focused on the data center. Schneider has the right strategy Standardized, modular, scalable, manageable solutions are the future of data centers according to all industry analysts. Schneider introduced most of these concepts to the industry and leads in bringing next generation data center infrastructure to the market. Schneider is committed to the data center business No other company in the industry has invested more in the data center infrastructure business from a capital or R&D standpoint

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