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TAC - Intelligent Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency.

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1 TAC - Intelligent Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency

2 TAC EnergyEdge Schneider Electric - Experience and Expertise You Can Trust  Global leader in electrical management and automation solutions with many well-known brand names such as SquareD.  Sales: $16.5 billion  Employees: 85 thousand worldwide  130 countries  TAC is a Schneider Electric subsidiary that acquired Andover Controls in 2004  Fastest growing building automation company in the industry  Provides complete, integrated building solutions, including HVAC, power, access control and security, lighting, performance contracting and fire & life safety.

3 TAC EnergyEdge TAC  The Local Office Providing Integrated Building Control –Project Development –Project Design/Engineering –Project Installation –Project Commissioning –Service and Support  TAC can Implement Any Proposed Energy Related Projects  Large TAC System Installation at MIT –56 Building Installations –83 I/P Controllers –Elaborate Secure VPN NetworkSecure –19 Local and Portable Workstations –Web Client Accessibility –21,375 Hard Wired Inputs –13,411 Hard Wired Outputs –104,225 Programmed Numeric Points

4 TAC EnergyEdge Typical Control Components in an Occupied Space  Typical Today - 4 –Temperature Sensor –Device to Measure air flow –Motor to drive airflow damper for cooling –Valve and motor to drive heating device  Future for Optimizing Occupant Space Conditions- 9 –Same 4 points –Occupancy sensor –Lighting level sensor –Dimmable ballast –Indoor air quality Sensor –Motor for shades and blinds

5 TAC EnergyEdge Where are the costs associated with a Control System installation  Historical Costs –Hardware - 45% –Labor Hours - 25% System Design Programming Testing Check-out and commissioning –Electrical Installation Labor – 30%  Today’s Cost –Hardware - 25% –Labor Hours - 30% System Design Programming Testing Check-out and commissioning –Electrical Installation Labor – 45% Technology Improvements have driven the hardware costs of a control system down, while the cost of Labor has increased.

6 TAC EnergyEdge Control Industry Challenges Related to Energy Optimization  Need for additional instrumentation drives up the cost of a control system –Drives up hardware costs  Each added sensor or controlled device requires additional labor –Electrical installation –Field Check-out and Commissioning Business decisions are driven by a cost benefit analysis. Added Control System Cost Annual Energy Saved = Acceptable Payback

7 TAC EnergyEdge Is Energy Savings a Good Investment?  Can industry reduce the cost of control installation. –Reduce Hardware Cost –Reduce Installation Cost Energy Cost Keep Rising Can Internet 0 help reduce installation costs?

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