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presented by:Dr Madhu Teotia Addl Director(Education)

SCHOOL WELFARE COMMITTEE Including BaLA Funds Under Bhagidari Cell of Office of the CM Since 2003 PLAN Fund PWF :9TH TO 12TH only after RTE 2009

3 AIM To provide learning that is joyful, interesting and meaningful
To make schools centers of excellence by ensuring optimum use of available resources and infrastructure.

4 FEATURES Similar to RKS; 650 VKS
An asset of Rs 2,00,000+Rs 2,00,000 per VKS Approx. Rs 26 Crore/yr Last guidelines on 23 Oct 2007 ie >5 yrs ago, New guidelines/revision due RMSA Fund can be spent through VKS till SMDCs are formed

5 Maintain quotation file,vouchers file,bill file, stock registers,meeting minutes register
Work should be awarded to genuine & recognised agencies Handover all VKS record to successor/ co-convenor Financial yr ending:proper stock verification of articles purchased out of VKS fund & entries made in stock register


7 One VKS in each school building
RPVVs not covered Equal women participation Convenor(female HOS)..similar to Secy…backbone…issues ID Cards to VKS members with his sign with prominent mention of validity period(sample?)

8 Co-convenor…all Admnve functions other than financial powers of convenor in absence/vacancy of convenor, PTA (5+1), Students(6), RWA (Chairperson & Vice Chairperson),Govt Nominees by MLA(2), NGO(1), JE (ex-officio,no voting right)= 17 Quorum is 60% = 9 Majority for decision= 5

9 If no Chairman/VC nominee…EO/DEO shall chair… elect a member
TERM: One yr extendable by one more yr If any member doesnot attend 3 continuous VKS meetings, re-nominate someone else Frequency: atleast monthly,1st Saturday, b/w11am to 3pm

10 Dist Nodal officer(DDE/EO/DEO): atleast one quaterly meeting with all Chairman of VKS
If sanitation outsourced, no expenditure out of VKS for cleaning Emergent situation,5% expenditure allowed by Convenor,ex-post facto approval required by VKS Best VKS awarded almost every yr

11 Special Audits by Audit branch of DOE
Illustrative list of 60 works No member including Chairman to use name of VKS in their visiting cards/ letterheads Photos mandatory for works => Rs 5000 1 Almirah & 6 covered dustbins for sanitary napkins/ kishori yojana since March 2012 Half yearly reports by 10 Oct !

12 List of works Replacement/Repairing of Dual Desks
Equipments of Home Science Labs Repair of Boundary Wall of School Work of Horticulture Minor Electrical work Improvement in Basic amenities

13 Civil/electrical repair work > Rs 50,000 should be through PWD / DSIIDC only
No permanent/ part time employee out of VKS fund Obsolete,surplus,unserviceable stores can be disposed off upto Rs 5000 at a time Major furniture repair > Rs15,000 out of separate Non-Plan Fund

14 Conveners are authorized to incur expenditure up to Rs
Conveners are authorized to incur expenditure up to Rs. 15,000/- per item at a time without calling quotations however the approval of VKS is required and a Certificate on the bills is to be given

15 An expenditure is excess of Rs
An expenditure is excess of Rs. 15,000/- per item at a time would be incurred only after observing codal formalities as per GFR.

16 Sanction for more than Rs
Sanction for more than Rs. 15,000/- has to be issued with the certificate that DDE’s approval has been taken Electrical and Electronic items to have ISI Mark.

17 Replacement/Purchase of Black Board/Book Shelves/Text Book Storage/ Teachers-Table & chairs and Science Lab Equipment will not exceed Rs. 15,000/- per year totally for all items taken together

18 Purchase of publications, books, journal and periodical shall not exceed Rs. 2,000/- of the funds allocated for the year. Expenditure on printing and binding (Library Books) will not exceed Rs. 5,000/- per annum.

19 Replacement/Purchase of Ceiling Fans/Exhaust Fans/Flood Lights will not exceed Rs. 15,000/- per year totally for all items taken together. Expenditure on glass fittings/window panes shall not exceed Rs. 10,000/- of total funds allocated in a year. Imprest Money of Rs. 5,000/- will be maintained by the Convener

20 OBSERVATIONS VKS fund should be proportional to student enrollment as allocation of same amount to each school is not justified( students) VKS formation should be in time every yr Monthly meetings not held;<6 meetings/yr with no recorded reasons Quarterly exp. Not evenly distributed throughout the yr Issues other than those involving exp.rarely discussed Audit at any level rarely conducted

21 SUGGESTIONS Imprest money should be at the disposal of all HOS
Fund should reach Convenor in time ie by April

22 Building as Learning Aid
BaLA FUND Building as Learning Aid Rs 2,00,000 / school building Vinyas Organisation Kabir Vajpayee

23 It is an innovative way to look at the relationship of a child with the school space.

24 BaLA fund has been stopped since 2010-11 till further orders.









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