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FILE PROCESSING AND OFFICE MANUAL Chitra Gupta Principal S.K.V. No.2, Zeenat Mahal, Lal Kuan.

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1 FILE PROCESSING AND OFFICE MANUAL Chitra Gupta Principal S.K.V. No.2, Zeenat Mahal, Lal Kuan

2 Areas to be dealt with by H.O.S. Admission & Withdrawal Examination School Welfare Committee Parent Teacher Association Transfer and Posting Regularization & Confirmation Purchase Procedure Period Allotment Pay Scale and Fixation Leave entitlement Confidential Reports MACP Auditing of School Accounts Pension and Counting of past services Medical facility Mid Day Meal Leave Travel Concession G.P.F. / C.P.F. And others…

3 H.O.S. has financial power Uniform subsidy Text book Educationally backward minority scheme Stationery Kishori Yojna Sanitation and security Midday meal Lal Bahadur Shastri Scheme Merit scholarship

4 Competent Authoritys Approval Required YUVA- Annual Day, Printing of Magazine, Yuva Club, Outstation and Local Tour Promotion of Sports and Games Procurement of Science articles EVGC Medical Bills LTC/ Home Tour E.O.R. (Extra Ordinary Repair) N.O.C. for Passport & Going Abroad MACP

5 Procedure For Tenders (Purchase) Prepare Tender Notice with detailed specification. Send by Speed Post to at least 8-10 dealers Receive Tenders To be opened by three Heads of Schools Prepare comparative statement Select the lowest bidder Track and dispatch files on File Track Module Seek A/A & E/S from the competent authority Send Order Notice for purchase Receive Goods as per specifications Enter in Stock Register Send bills to PAO

6 Annual Day A. Note Sheet for Proposed Expenditure Prize 40-50% of the Total Amount Tent + Mike System Flowers Costumes Musicians Miscellaneous B. Gross Report (Plan Scheme) C. Student Enrollment as on MIS

7 PRINTING OF SCHOOL MAGAZINE Proposal on note sheet with attachments Copy of speed post (tender notice) Copy of tender notice Tenders as received (in original) Comparative statement Gross report (plan) Students enrollment as on MIS

8 YUVA CLUB PROPOSED EXPENDITURE ON NOTE SHEET (as per cir no. F-31/DE/78/VKS/2007-08)dt 18/01/2008) Attachments Gross Report (Plan) List of activities to be carried out Dt. Of Yuva Function. Circular copy regarding Yuva Expenditure

9 Educational Tour: Outstation Get invoice and itinerary from the Tour Operator Proposal on Note Sheet and with following attachments Invoice Itinerary with tentative dates Students list (ID, name, father's name, address, ph.) List of accompanying teachers (name, desig., phone) Accompanying parents details with consent Certificate by HOS that NOC from parents obtained Gross report (Plan) Tour Operators Name, Address, and phone no.

10 Educational Tour: Local Proposal on Note Sheet with following attachments : Invoice from the Tour Operator No. of Students of each class going on tour Certificate by HOS that NOC from parents obtained Date & Time of departure and arrival Route & Venues to be visited List of Teachers accompanying the students Tour operators name, address and phone no. Gross Report (plan) Student Enrollment as on MIS

11 File track module

12 File dispatch module

13 Common errors found in Service Book Home Town Declaration Details of Family Nomination for GPF/ CPF, CGHIS Entry of character & antecedents Medical Fitness Verification of service Joining & Relieving on transfer Photograph & finger impressions

14 Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) MACP Proforma Copies of qualifications Appointment order/ joining Vigilance Clearance at school & district Level ACR copies of the last five year ACR review Work & Conduct report Integrity Report E.O.L Certificate

15 Extra Ordinary Repairs (E.O.R.) Fix visit of Education Officer & PWD Engineer Send requisition online on E.O.R. module Receive estimate from PWD Send Estimate to the competent authority with following attachments Estimate as received Copy of requisition sent online Copy of the visit by officials E.O.R. track at school level Receive A/A & E/S Send Sanction letter to PWD

16 Thank you

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